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Old 02-12-2003, 04:34 PM   #46
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For those of you who want to know what Meggy is refering to. I think this may have something to do with it. Some of this I did not need to read about to know about, because it affects me. Like the last paragraph.


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Originally posted by Flag Pole Pear
does anyone even remember what life was like before all the shit started on 9/11?
no shit.

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Old 02-12-2003, 04:58 PM   #48
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Originally posted by Flag Pole Pear
does anyone even remember what life was like before all the shit started on 9/11?
...and this gives the terrorist a mark in the "victory" column.
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Old 02-12-2003, 05:00 PM   #49
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Originally posted by Flag Pole Pear
ok meeganie, forgive me for asking but...

whats going on? i know dc is under a huge threat right now, but out of curiousity is this why your leaving? i mean it may sound stupid to hear me asking this, but i dont really understand whats going on.

your job sucks, your fiance lives in england (right?) and you have absolutely no reason to be in dc other than to get a paycheque?

sounds like a good reason to me. cant you get a work visa in england?

where does your family live, if i may ask?

i think if my family didnt live in dc, and i were in the same position as you, id leave too.
The article gheto posted gives some insight into the situation here, and there are a few other things that have been heard around here becasue the members of Congress were briefed this morning about a specific threat to the Capitol complex (the Capitol building and the office buildings surrounding it -- they're all attached by a lot of tunnels in the basement). A friend of a friend works for the DC police and he told her not to come into work on Friday. Several offices have talked about closing.

It's not a fear of dying or anything like that. I might very well die on the plane flying over there. But at least I'd feel like I'm doing something. Nothing I want is in DC. The only thing keeping me here is the income. My dad and stepmom live in North Carolina, my mom and brother live in Indiana, and the rest of my family lives in southern Virginia. I only see them once or twice a year as it is.

I was talking to my coworkers about it and one of them put it pretty well, I think. He compared it to waiting in airport. I know where I'm going, but I'm just sitting here waiting for it. I have to decide where I'd be happier. There might never be another time when I can do something like this. I have nothing tying me down apart from the money. I have enough to get there and live for several months, and hopefully I'd find a job by then. My lease is month to month now, so even that's not an issue (though it would be REALLY mean to abandon my roommate).

Someone also mentioned that if we go to war, there's a possibility it'll be difficult for me to leave in September. I don't know what's going to happen and my life is there, not here, so I don't know if it's worth risking just to hope nothing happens and I can keep working through August and fly out as planned.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I'll be recovering on Friday, so I'll have a five-day weekend. If nothing happens this weekend, I can make a decision, get my stuff together, and be out of here by the middle of next week, probably. So now I just have to think on it.
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I've been telling everyone that I don't want to hear the latest on the war or anything about terrorists anymore, it's a waste of my time and I don't agree with any of it, I don't live and wasn't born to live in fear of other people that hate their lives so they feel the need to destory and kill what doesn't belong to them. But if something does happen I know that won't be the end.

I wish there were more unexplored places on Earth, the way it used to be centuries ago (not that they were any better back then) so there'd be more to do and less "leaders" sitting on their asses telling lies and starting wars for selfish reasons like trying to make the economy better. It all makes me sick!
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Old 02-12-2003, 05:12 PM   #51
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Originally posted by HelloAngel
I'm not sitting here in fear either - I'm scared for what might happen - but that doesn't mean I'm changing my life, or shaking or being melodramatic.

I enjoy being aware - my caution drives me to watch the news in the morning and at night to get updates. Other than that, I'm doing like the rest of you.
my sentiments exactly. i'm not going to go out and buy duct tape but i do certainly want to be aware of what's going on in the world.

and meggie - hang in there.
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Old 02-12-2003, 06:16 PM   #52
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You should just go meggie.
I'm sure you'd rather be poor and with your man than be stuck here worrying.
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Old 02-12-2003, 07:01 PM   #53
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I'm sorry you are feeling so anxious. Your original Q was about your furniture and what would become of it. I have sooooooo much sentimental attachments to objects and the thought of replacing it all is an ugly one..it wouldn't be possible. So I understand how you feel, let alone your fears about personal safety. My anxiety levels creep up on me if I don't take care of them.
I have watched so many news reports and documentaries about refugees...people that HAVE to just up and leave...leave EVERYTHING. So that kinda brings it in to perspective. Try to focus on what are the things of true value in your life.
The news reports here in the past couple of days have repeated a tape from Osama Bin Laden. He said something like "they are scared, the most scared we have ever made them in history" He and his ilk are loving this. It reminds me of the pyromaniac/arsonists here on Australia. They love all the publicity they get and the fear they create...BASTARDS!! Things have been sour for a long time in our region, so I understand a bit of how you feel.
What can you do? listen the advice of your good friends and loved one, stay informed, vote, write letters...I don't know really, I get so overwhelmed. The way people in this world are treated has to change. Our generation have been handed the challenge, it's in our hands.
I feel like telling you about "a night without fred hollows", there was such interesting discussion.....but my posts are too long as it is.
Good luck mate.
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Old 02-12-2003, 07:32 PM   #54
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Nothing has changed...

The Puritans were afraid of the Indians...

Southern plantation owners were afraid of their slaves...

The Cold War was all about fear of the Russians...

Fear! That's what this country is all about, and, honestly, our news media is most of the blame. Watch CBC or BBC news sometime if you can (a lot of PBS stations play BBC World News in the late evening), and pay attention to the different styles of reporting.

After studying this, I lost all respect for the American news media.

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Old 02-12-2003, 09:27 PM   #55
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yes, believe it or not the GOVERNMENT OWNED cbc and bbc are very good. i dont think melon is being sarcastic at all when he says that, i know im not.

meeganie, thanks for responding to my questions. best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

and thanks for the article gheto.
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I try not to worry about the things that I have no control over, but then again I live in the sticks, not in Washington DC.
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Old 02-12-2003, 11:04 PM   #57
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well i think i did the smart thing by postponing my england trip next month. these new threats are not sitting well with me at all. especially since i have to fly again next week and the following week and there on after for the next 6 weeks. i will have to say that i felt very safe at the Orlando and Atlanta airports yesterday and today.
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Old 02-12-2003, 11:07 PM   #58
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Originally posted by Flag Pole Pear
yes, believe it or not the GOVERNMENT OWNED cbc and bbc are very good. i dont think melon is being sarcastic at all when he says that, i know im not.
haha, it does sound ironic doesnt it...I guess the point is they're government owned/funded and dont have to pander to corporate suitors for sponsorship.

Fear can be such a paralysing force, but its all a matter of perspective, kudos to Sicy and melon for their comments.
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Old 02-13-2003, 12:31 AM   #59
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Originally posted by meegannie
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I'll be recovering on Friday, so I'll have a five-day weekend. If nothing happens this weekend, I can make a decision, get my stuff together, and be out of here by the middle of next week, probably. So now I just have to think on it.
best of luck
Do what you want to do, no regrets.
If I had more than $300 to my name and wasn't in the middle of college and $12,000 in debt I'd be gone.... I wish there was somewhere we could go to get away from all this shit.
It reminds me of Millenium by Ben Bova, only without the Soviets.
[peace on earth rant]
I wish people would just realize that we are all the same, we all have five fingers and toes, we all have the same basic DNA, the same number of chromosomes, and you could have just as easily been born in another country as the one you are in... I'd love to see all the world unite in a common goal, to better ourselves, but with the world being as it is now I get increasingly convinced that we'll blow ourselves up first. There's so much left in the universe (or multiverse?), on the planet, even in our own lives to be discovered, it brings me to tears that we are all too preoccupied with trivial differences to go out there and find it.
[/peace on earth rant]
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