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Old 01-17-2002, 08:04 PM   #1
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fantastic dreams, ever have any?

alright, well ive had some great dreams over the years. i hear we all dream every night, but we just dont remember most of them. well the best one ive ever had has to be one that i had a few months ago, in september or october i do believe...

the latest magnificent dream i had could have come out of a movie. i was in a bar, lounge or whatever and i was chasing or being chased by someone, and i fell through the floor into a room. the room had four perfect walls but soon i fell into a trance. what next proceded was the most fascinating concept.

all i could see were numbers and a few letters scrolling up and down, in different dimensions (the ones nearest to me, were scrolling like tv credits, and in the background was the same code-like letter structure. this kept going on and on, and all of it was happening very fast. after about half way, there were screams from the person who was chasing me. finally i snapped out of it to see myself still in the room but there was one door to get out. as i left, i saw the person after me stuck, formless and in the same trance i was having. as soon as i shut the door on my way out, the person came too and tried getting out. well, he didnt. he then continued on with his torchored screaming and he remaind trapped in his room.

well, i backed away from the room, to see myself in what looked to be a dungeon...only a little bit different. at this time i was so perplexed as to why

1) some idiot was chasing me.
2) i fell into some room.
3) the trance, it was like nothing youve ever witnessed, unless youve been on drugs i imagine.
4) the screaming sounded so awful and torchured.

i then woke up. there are so many ways to "interpret" this dream, but i remember feeling incredibly pumped about it. THIS was far cooler than anything i had ever read or seen on tv.

imaginations are the most incredible tool we all have.

any of you have inredible dreams?

-Balls McCone
-Cloyd (again)
-Box Bran-Delle

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Wow what an intense dream. We've talked about this before but I have dream powers.

I always have dreams about dogs chasing me. I dont know why. Most of the time they dont catch me but its scary as shit anyway. Luckily most of the time if I'm in danger or I fear death is near I will make myself wake up from the dream. Then there's the falling dreams but lots of people have those.

I cant remember right now a specific dream that I had that was extrodinary, but if there is something I really want to dream about I will make myself dream about it. I can concentrate really hard about what I want to dream about right before I go to sleep. I can continue a dream if I am awakened and want to keep dreaming about whatever it was I was dreaming about.

I have had dreams about U2 that have been odd. Around the times of the concerts I kept having dreams that U2 was near me. Once they were on my driveway and I wanted to take pictures with them but I never seem to have my camera, or film in it. I had a few dreams about them being in my vicinity or me actually talking to them but not being able to take any pictures.

There's also been times where in my dream I realize that I'm dreaming and tell myself, ~hey, I'm dreaming, I can do whatever the hell I want!~ Now that is a cool thing.

Hey balls thanks for sharing your dream!

My Lair

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Old 01-17-2002, 10:48 PM   #3
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Great thread! Incredible dream death bear!

I have the funniest/most inappropriate stories revolving around dreams. I could go into detail, but I'll give you the two most significant factors I've encountered with dreams.

1: I admit I was on an anti-depressant for the last year, it was a mistake at the time for me. It made my emotions plateau - I could notice that. No more bad times, but no more particularly great either. When I was on that medication I had only one dream that sticks out. I honestly never got dreams while I was on it. When I came clean this past December, I received an overdose of dreams. May be strange to hear, but I honestly got about 14 dreams in one night that I could separate in thought the next day. They were extremely fast and completely different. It was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I dunno why I never got dreams while on the meds, I suppose just cause of the "plateau" effect. Which leads to the second most interesting dream-effect I've had.

2.Last May I attempted to pull myself off the meds cold-turkey, I couldn't do it. However, during that time, I had an incredible dream. If you believed the first part I wrote, you may have even more trouble believing this. I had a finale/sequel to an old dream I had 5 to 6 years ago. I remember back in sixth grade having a dream that was very dynamic and colorful, but ended out of nowhere. Then this past May I finish the dream, everything completely in detail from all those years back. The dream picked up right where I had left off, and it finally ended. I woke up amazed.

I look/think back on these two events nd still am weirded out. And I do receive dreams all of the time now. Every night I get several dreams that I can later consiously decipher.
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I say people who can actually remember their dreams (i struggle to) should write them down and send them into bands as concept ideas for music love to see someone do that.
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I find the idea of sequels to dreams, is not as weird as it sounds. For most of my life, at intervals, I have had dreams which take place in this strange cramped little country house on a hill somewhere, except it seems to have more hidden nooks and crannies than you could imagine.

In my dream I see this house in great detail, although it does not, and never has, existed. It is a figment of my imagination, but I've been dreaming about it for close on 20 years now.
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Old 01-17-2002, 11:48 PM   #6
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I have had some 'muy fantastico' dreams in the past, some so amazing, that even now, 20 years later, I can still remember every color, every person, every emotion in one particular dream....I've had probably 6 in the last 10 years that have really rocked my world (and my sleep), but I find that as I've gotten older, they've become less frequent and less "vivid." (blargh) Why is that anyway???

When I was little, I had dreams of falling, and that the milkman's truck was chasing me over the roofs of houses in my neighborhood. Whatever THAT means.
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Old 01-18-2002, 02:44 AM   #7
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Yeah, I'm all alone, rolling a big donut and then this snake wearing a vest.....
no, just kidding, that was pee wee herman's dream not mine.

I just had a really cool dream this morning about a house in Newport Beach, CA that I have a history with. A little beach shack that was built in the 1920's it was the last of it's kind, surrounded by expensive condos. This house had so much character, even if it was falling apart, it was like an old friend. It was one block away from the beach and at night when the traffic died down you could hear the sound of the crashing waves. The house was sold recently and I am sure that the new owners intend to bulldoze it down and build another expensive condo in it's place
In my dream I was walking down the street that this house is on and when I got to the house I could see that it was empty, like it had died. All the life was gone from it, an empty shell. I sat on the front steps as I had so many times before over the years and looked up at the sky. I thought to myself that this is the last time I will see this house standing. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend or perhaps saying goodbye to an era of my life. The strange thing about the dream is that it was so realistic. I could almost believe that I really was standing right in front of the house instead of miles away.

Remember the goul.

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no, i just have nightmares

although about 10 years ago i dreamt i was walking through a shopping mall carrying the back end of a 40 ft long baguette and had to deliver it to a shop with a golden sugar bowl.

It was so vivid i remember it to this day.

In the stillness of the evening
When the sun has had its day
I heard your voice whispering...
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For some reason, the only dreams that interest me are my own. Guess it's cos I can't relate. Anyway, from childhood til now, I get nightmares of vampires: you name the type, I've dreamt it.

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Dreams are amazing. I swear I dream every single night and almost every night I can remember what it is I dreamt about, even if it's just a fraction of the dream. I tend to have a lot of nightmares too, but I think that just comes down to stress, and me not being an overly relaxed person.
I have had some really interesting experiences with dreams. Some people say that when you dream about someone who has died, that it is actually their spirit visiting you. I am sure a lot of you will laugh at this, but I believe it. I won't say much more about that, because it's personal, but I take solace in believing it to be true, because the times I do dream about a particular person who is gone from my life, I have needed them very much.

I have had a revelation in a dream before, to the point that it's utterly freaky. Sometimes your unconscious mind can make more sense than your conscious mind. I had a dream recently about a past love. Someone that I never fully got over, someone I never believed I would ever get over... and there he was in my dream, all mine to have and I didn't want him. The feeling had past and I rejected him. When I woke up, it was such an incredible feeling to have made such progress asleep, that I hadn't been able to make while awake. I am still over him, and it's thx to that dream. Maybe too much information, but an example of the power of dreams.

My most unbelievable dream (other than my U2 dreams, but those are for me alone ), is a reoccurring dream I have had since University. It's always the same- final exams are upon me and I haven't gone to my classes all term. I had missed a midterm exam, a term paper and I had 7 days to get it all done or I wouldn't graduate. Major stress! Evertime I had the dream, I came closer and closer to completing this pretty unrealistic task. The last time I had the dream, I managed it all. I worked it out through out the years of having this dream to the point that I beat it! I solved it! and I have yet to have that dream again. It's all to do with our psyche alot of the time and what makes us who we are. I was able to relax, look at the situation from a better viewpoint and come to a solution.
Sometimes dreams are just plain dribble, but sometimes we can learn a lot from our dreams.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I just thought it was an interesting topic. Thx bear!

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You disappeared from me
I gave you everything you ever wanted,
It wasn't what you wanted

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