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Old 01-26-2003, 03:54 AM   #31
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three words, stephan:


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Sizzlin' Sicilian
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Re: Re: Thank you

Originally posted by theSoulfulMofo
And yes, I have a pretty pessemistic view on life... but not because of my own doing.
Actually, I disagree with that completely (and now you've brought out a rant in me). The only person who truly determines how YOU look at life is YOU. It might sound cliché but it's absolutely true. Sure people might beat you down or give you cause to worry or feel bad, but it's not what someone's done to you or what's happened to you, but how you take your mistakes and misfortunes and use them to better yourself. Everyone has had misfortunes and bad times in their life.

Some might say "this time will pass" and I would agree, BUT only if you let it. Dwelling on an issue for too long will only lengthen the problems and worries caused by that issue. Trust me I know all too well. There comes a time you just need to let go and move on with your life. Otherwise you just might make your pessimistic predictions come true. If you're convinced now that you're going to live out the rest of your life without believing in anything or going after anything, then that should be a wake up call right there that something has to CHANGE in your life. And don't just wait for that change to happen. You've got to take the first step. It took me a while to realize this stuff myself, but believe me, if you don't change your ways then you might as well resign yourself to your predictions. Do you want to live out those predictions, or do you want something better? The choice is yours, and yours alone to make.

And if you honestly don't want anything in life and don't want to change your ways to avoid your pessimistic outcome, than perhaps some sort of professional counseling or therapy might help. I'm not saying that as a dismissal of your problems, but in all honesty, if you really feel as stuck in life as your posts suggest, then it might help to get a fresh perspective from someone who is professionaly trained to help you.
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Oh, don´t worry, Sicy. We´re just quarrelling a little, I guess. It will be fine again soon, she has a stormy mind

I hope.
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The Fly
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I am taking the liberty to abuse my powers and erase vicious lies

: D
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Old 01-26-2003, 10:12 AM   #36
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of course, we're not together yet. but we will be if I have anything to do with it.
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Old 01-26-2003, 11:08 AM   #37
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*runs away into corner, crawls into fetal position and weeps hard*
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Besides my husband, I've been in love 4 times. Two of them were and the other two were but I have no regrets...

Well, that's a lie, I do have regrets but what's done is done
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Originally posted by Lilly

*runs away into corner, crawls into fetal position and weeps hard*
Awww Lily I know how hard it is when you can't be with the one you love

I am with the love of my life. There was one unrequited love before him, but maybe that can't even be considered love since it was one-sided. Oh well, his loss
bonosloveslave [at] interference.com
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It's the most beautiful and painful thing to experience all at once, but it makes you feel like you can do absolutely anything.
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Yes I am currently in love.

I was once before, but I lost my identity in that love/relationship. I guess it was still love. This time though..
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No im only 17 though plenty of time

My parents are in love they are Too old for that
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Originally posted by Bono's American Wife
Well, that's a lie, I do have regrets but what's done is done
i agree. i lied, it's been three times for me.

#1 i screwed up majorly, #2 i wish would've never happened, and #3 was when i finally got it right. i wish #1 and 2 had never happened.
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Hmmm...you mean just liking someone or the feelings being mutual?

If it's only "liking someone", then yes. Erm 5 times, (not counting seeing random strangers and thinking they're cute) one of them right now. (I think...)

If you mean "feelings mutual", then no. Not yet.
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Old 01-26-2003, 02:15 PM   #45
Sizzlin' Sicilian
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"liking someone" is not being in love girly

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