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Originally posted by cass
and her latest project....Penguins!!! she knits coats for fairy penguins, they have to be kept warm when thay are rescued from the ever increasing oil slicks.

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I would love to learn to knit as I have this great idea to start a cottage industry knitting cat hair sweaters! I figure I have so much of it (2 longhair cats) and I need to find some way to put all that hair to use instead of clogging up my vaccuum cleaner!

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Originally posted by dizzy

Lara, you lucky dog! I would to get a black rose. I only see those on some cigarette print ads .... Benson & Hedges, I think it was.

Hey, I finally have an avatar...after 5 light years.
I dont see ur avatar- im the avatar master provider of meeganies BIP and jakyets avatars

I got a black rose for all of 2 mins
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I have the avatar option off hahahah thats y i cant see it *smacks head homer simpson stylee*
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Yes penguins!!!

I have a laugh every time I see your avatar meegannie....
When I was more involved with fund-raising, we quite often hosted "trivia nights"lotsa fun. One question that has become a long-running joke for us involved penguins.
"How often does a penguin have sex?"
My o my, some of the answers. I think my guess was for the penguins sake....365.
The guy who got it right, has never lived it down. We still call him "the penguin" and he does not like it. The following Christmas. my girlfreind gave me a penguin ornament that opens up into a jewel box. LMAO. I just have to saty the word "penguin " to her and she startes laughing.What is your connection with penguins?

Anyway, back to knitting. This a slightly vague, but for what it is ya go

Cass' Beanie
Materials; 3x25grams 5 ply equivalent

Tension: 13 and half stitches and 18 rows to 5.1cms (2inches) over stocking stitch on No9 needles or adjusted needle size to give correct tension

With a pair of No.11 needles, cast on 132 stitches.
Work in rib of Knit 1, Purl 1 until you have worked 7.5cms (3inches) ending on the right side. Place a marker at 4 centimetres from the lower edge.
Change to No.9 needles and work in stocking stitch. Continue until work measures 13 cms (5in) from marker.

To Shape Top.
Next row (Knit 10, knit 2 together) repeat until the end
Next row Purl
Next row (Knit 9, Knit 2 together) repeat to end

Continue in this way working one less stitch before each Knit 2 together on every 2nd row until the Knit 2 together repeat row. (this is not the best beanie in the world. i have made so many that just.... hmmm aren't quite right. This the bit I find tricky, the finishing it of. Might have to let you go a bit ad lib and trail and error here knitters....NOW she tells u!!! Well it's my mum who is the knitter from hell, not me)
So you should have about 10 stitches left on the needle. (with any luck) Break off a nice long piece of the wool to work with. Thread it through the remaining stitches. Draw up and fasten off . This is the bit I really don't enjoy. you have to pin the two edges together and stitch them as flatly and symmetrically as your knitting allows. Fold up the lower edge at marker.

Once you have the basic idea you can then experiment with length. The number of stitches you cast on adjusts for head size. I just keep knitting any size and eventually they find a head to love them. I tried to make Bob Marley style tamoshanters(spelling?) once with out a pattern. A head that it would fit does not exist.

ahh knitting....I hardly do it anymore. I used to have shares in some coloured sheep..don't get me started.I had this mad ram ages ago called Lammmmmmmbert, but he butted the kids so badly he had to go.Woops I started

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