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Old 07-12-2004, 12:25 PM   #31
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Thank you.

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Old 07-14-2004, 01:00 AM   #32
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1. Muse -- not sure...there's something about them i really can't stand though.

2. Matchbox 20 -- a few years ago i would have stood by 'yourself and (or?) someone like you' but i've noticed that it's not too good...i like 'real world' still, but that's it.

3. Fatboy Slim -- never been a fan, never will be a fan

4. The Foo Fighters -- i'm probably the one person who thought that the album i can't remember the name of was actually not as good as 'there is nothing left to lose'. i love the pre-nothing left...stuff. that 'darling nicky' song isn't one of my favorites, to say the least...

5. Tears For Fears -- i still stay away from most 80s music

6. 30 Seconds to Mars -- never heard of it

7. Audioslave -- good. i expected better, but it's a hell of a lot better than 99.9% of the music being played on mainstream rock radio.

8. The Beach Boys -- classic. even if i'm not a huge fan...classic.

9. The Eagles -- i loathe and despise the eagles.
10. Steve Miller Band -- see above thoughts on the eagles
11. Blur -- good stuff.
12. Madness -- more good stuff.
13. Jars of Clay -- crap.
14. Sting -- steaming pile of crap.
15. STXY -- massive steaming pile of crap
16. Eiffel 65 -- annoying
17. Jet -- only know that one song...but it sounds way too much like ac/dc...which confuses me and means i can't figure out if i like it because it sounds like ac/dc or i hate it for the same exact reason.
18. Journey -- see comments on styx
19. Nickelback -- one of the worst bands ever
20. Hoobastank -- rivals nickelback

And I've never heard of the bands IWasBored shared, so...
awww come on...they weren't obscure!! they really weren't!! i'm serious.

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Old 07-19-2004, 09:45 AM   #33
The Fly
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1. Apollo Four Forty-have'nt heard of them
2. Hall & Oats-yes
3. Incubus-I liked "Drive" the first 5000 times I heard it, but that's it.
4. The Offspring-"Pretty Fly For A White Guy" was funny, but other than that-no
5. Simply Red-yes
6. E.L.O.-some of their stuff, and say what you will but the Xanadu soundtrack is cool.

7. Jimmy Eat World-no
8. Weezer-they're ok
9. Collective Soul-no
10. Live-yes
11. Ben Folds-yes
12. Guster-kind of
13. Vertical Horizon-harmless enough that I would'nt change the radio if they came on, but I would'nt buy any of their records either.
14. Jamiroquoi-yes
15. Cake-yes
16. Lenny Kravitz-he's ok
17. 311-I love " Amber "-have'nt heard much else
18. Bon Jovi-no
19. The Cars-yes, except "Shake It Up"-there's something about that song that makes me want to hurl myself out of a 30 story building.
20. Our Lady Peace-no
21. Jim Brickman-heard of him, but have'nt heard him
22. New Order-yes
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Old 07-19-2004, 09:53 AM   #34
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Originally posted by alia612
Actually... I really like Matchbox Twenty. They were one of the first groups I ever liked, back when I was about ten. Now I realise that they aren't nearly as good as, say, U2, or R.E.M., or The Cure, but I haven't the heart to get rid of them.

I don't really like any of the other bands you mentioned, though I do have a certain fondness for the Beach Boys...
I'm not really a fan of Matchbox 20, but I have to admit that the performance they did on VHI Big in 03 of " Bright Lights " was really good.

Plus Rob Thomas is

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