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Old 03-22-2006, 06:50 AM   #121
I serve MacPhisto
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Originally posted by Sly Stallone
being lame is not exactly a quirk Sly--nor is it a funny one.
instead, you might want to refer to what you have as a disability or handicap.

just some friendly advice

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I have to do things in odd number increments. Doing things in even numbered increments makes me think I'm cancelling the previous one out. If I eat one chip, I have to eat 3, or 5 or 7. Can't eat 2,4,6 etc. That would be like not eating at all.

I need 3 pillows to sleep, but I only actually put my head on the corner of one.

I sleep with a fan all year round. I need white noise to sleep.

I won't get out of bed if the clock is on certain times (like if it's 6:13, I'll lay there til 6:15. 6:14 is too close to 6:13 for me. What is the clocks a minute off?)

I shake my leg all the time. Don't even know I'm doing it.

I save my favorite part of the meal for last. If I'm not sure which is my favorite, I sample everything, classify, and then eat in order of least fav to most fav.

I used to eat all my freis before touching thr burger, but I've since broken myself of that habit. But guarenteed the last bite will be the burger.

I get mad when people don't fold their pizza.

I have to check to make sure everything is turned off at least 3 times. I've gotten out of bed more than once in a 5 minute span to make sure doors are locked, electric heat is off, etc.

I like to pretend I have a light saber and I can cut through things. This was fine when I was 6, kind of weird now that I'm 31.

I just counted the list to see how many I listed to make sure it was safe to post. There were 10, this is 11. All is fine. I find it amazing I can go through life a normal citizen.

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Originally posted by Carek1230
My mugs and glasses are upside down in my cabinet so no bugs can get into them.
i thought everyone did that

and i also check the locks at least 3 times when i stay at home by myself. when someone is there with me i don't even think about locking the door.

also when staying home alone i sleep with my bedroom door closed and my back to the door so that if someone came in to kill me i wouldn't see them cause i'd be too scared. this way i'd probably be dead before i notice they were there.
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Old 03-23-2006, 12:41 AM   #124
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Originally posted by Dismantled
eggs and ketchup
eggs and hot sauce
eggs and cheese
eggs and maple syrup
eggs with ketchup, hot sauce, cheese AND maple syrup....PRICELESS
please dont be offended, but that is the vilest thing i've ever heard of!

Sly, shall we start on some of your strange habits?
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Old 03-23-2006, 12:52 AM   #125
I serve MacPhisto
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oh, i seem to have forgot one:

creating voodoo dolls of members of the Interference community who offend & annoy the crap out of me
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ooohhh Quirks!

lets see...

I have a routine when I fall asleep, I have to roll over a certain amount of times first and when I finally do get into position, i have to be on my right side with my left arm up under my pillow and my left leg bent. My Right leg is straight and my right arm is bent behind me... Rather hard to explain - think of walking like an Egyptian

I am terrified of snakes, the whole idea of them gives me the willies... Have you ever seen them EAT something??!! I’m making myself sick just thinking about it...

I have a weird phobia of heights, I'm only terrified of "small" heights. Like if I stand on a chair I will get terrible vertigo (insert song here) but if I'm on top of a 30 storey building I don't have a problem. Its like my brain thinks if I fall off the building it's all over anyway but if I fall of the chair I could get hurt...

Oooh, I can't stand ink on my skin, if I'm writing and I get some on my hands I have to drop everything and wash may hands repeatedly. This makes the idea of a tattoo very unappealing - the thought if ink under my skin....

Other than that my wife has two weird quirks I find amusing: She is creaped out by any groupings of really small things... Strange, I know. Like pictures of cells at high magnification or blood platelets drive her nuts...

And speaking of nuts, the woman loves chocolate, she loves almonds but she can't stand chocolate covered almonds. What’s up with that?

Anyhow, I've rambled enough for now...
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When I sit at my computer chair I never sit on it properly. I have to have my feet on the chair with me and rest my chin on my knees whilst looking at the computer monitor.

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