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View Poll Results: Please vote for the playlist you like the most.
KhanadaRhodes 6 30.00%
LMP 14 70.00%
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Old 06-02-2009, 01:14 PM   #1
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Desert Island VI Album Game: Round 1, Match 4

Please vote for the playlist you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the fourth match of the first round for Interference Desert Island VI! The premise of this game is that all of the Interferencers have been stranded on a desert island and we can only take up to 160 minutes of music with us (either as a continuous iPod playlist or two 80 minute CDs or any other format of our choosing). The object is to see which forum member can fit the most musical goodness into these 160 minutes.

For every win, each player will receive three points. If there is a tie, each player gets two points. If a player loses a match but is within three votes of the winner, that player will earn a single point.

At the beginning of each round, I will include the updated standings. Remember, the top two from each group moves on to the quarterfinals.

If you haven't listened to all the playlists, and you don't think you'll have time to get through them, I would urge everyone to at least review how each playlist is structured and, if possible, to check out the sequencing and flow of the songs. I'd also take the time to listen to a song by an artist you are unfamiliar with, or any song by an artist you usually dislike, as sometimes you may hear something you never thought you would have from that artist.

Salome took the second match over LemonMelon by the score of 13-3.

For Match 4, KhanadaRhodes and LMP battle it out. Below are their playlists.

Forum name: KhanadaRhodes

Inaccessible (Desert) Island II

Since my last installment did so well, i figured i should just do it again! Actually, this was originally part of a playlist I was going to use for the worst playlist ever. Then I realized I had enough crappy music to fill two DI competitions so I split them up! So this is the second (and final?) installment.

1. Crowded House - "Recurring Dream" - Afterglow (3:25)
2. Toto - "Africa" - Toto IV (4:56)
3. Tim Finn - "Not Even Close" - Tim Finn (4:19)
4. Midnight Oil - "Beds Are Burning" - Diesel And Dust (4:16)
5. Steve Miller Band - "Jet Airliner" - Book Of Dreams (4:26)
6. The Hollies - "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" - Distant Light (3:15)
7. Sparks - "Tips For Teens" - Whomp That Sucker (3:34)
8. Paul Simon - "Late In The Evening" - One Trick Pony (4:03)
9. The Raconteurs - "Consoler Of The Lonely" - Consolers Of The Lonely (3:26)
10. The Lovin' Spoonful - "Summer In The City" - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful (2:40)
11. R.E.M. - "Bang And Blame" - Monster (5:26)
12. The Police - "Bring On The Night" - Reggatta De Blanc (4:16)
13. Roxy Music - "Same Old Scene" - Flesh + Blood (3:57)
14. Prince - "U Got The Look" - Sign 'O' The Times (3:48)
15. Edwin Starr - "War" - War & Peace (3:27)
16. Michael Jackson - "Off The Wall" - Off The Wall (4:06)
17. Kool & The Gang - "Hollywood Swinging" - Wild And Peaceful (4:40)
18. Chic - "Good Times" - Risqué (8:09)
19. Heatwave - "Boogie Nights" - Too Hot To Handle (5:04)
20. Gang Of Four - "I Love A Man In Uniform" - Songs Of The Free (4:08)
21. The Jacksons - "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground" - Destiny (7:57)
22. Boz Scaggs - "Lowdown" - Silk Degrees (5:20)
23. Culture Club - "Move Away" - From Luxury To Heartache (4:22)
24. Yazoo - "Don't Go" - Upstairs At Eric's (3:11)
25. New Order - "The Perfect Kiss" - Low-Life (4:49)
26. U2 - "Mofo" - Pop (5:49)
27. Duran Duran - "Skin Divers" - Red Carpet Massacre (4:25)
28. Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - "The Message" - The Message (7:13)
29. Stereo MC's - "Connected" - Connected (5:14)
30. Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" - 808s & Heartbreak (4:33)
31. Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" - To The Extreme (4:31)
32. Huey Lewis And The News - "Heart And Soul" - Sports (4:16)
33. Radiohead - "In Limbo" - Kid A (3:32)
34. The Human League - "Morale... / You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" - Reproduction (9:39)

Total runtime: 2:39:56

Forum Name: LMP

The Last Waltz

Part I: Business Time

1. The Pixies - “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)” - Pixies at the BBC (1:51)
2. Elbow - “Grounds for Divorce” - The Seldom Seen Kid (3:39)
3. Pearl Jam - “Porch (Remixed)” - Ten (3:30)
4. The Velvet Underground - “Sister Ray (Film Edit)” - Brick [Soundtrack] (4:34)
5. The Ramones - “Judy Is a Punk” - Ramones (1:32)
6. The Who - “Bell Boy” - Quadrophenia (4:55)
7. U2 - “Breathe” - No Line on the Horizon (5:00)
8. Spoon - “Don’t Make Me a Target” - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (3:56)
9. Smash Mouth - “Satellite” - Astro Lounge (3:40)
10. Flight of the Conchords - “Business Time” - Flight of the Conchords (4:05)
11. Broken Social Scene - “Pacific Theme” - You Forgot It in People (5:09)
12. Arcade Fire - “Brazil” - Cold Wind [Single] (3:55)
13. Tom Waits - “I’m Still Here” - Alice (1:50)

Runtime: 47:32

Part II: The Love Below

14. Sigur Rós - “Hoppípolla” - Takk... (4:29)
15. Nina Simone - “Wild Is the Wind” - Wild Is the Wind (7:00)
16. OutKast - “The Love Below (Intro)” - Speakerboxxx / The Love Below (1:28)
17. Kanye West - “Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)” - Graduation (3:58)
18. Lupe Fiasco - “Kick, Push” - Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor (4:14)
19. David Bowie - “Young Americans” - Young Americans (5:12)
20. The Budos Band - “Ride or Die” - The Budos Band II (3:36)
21. Public Enemy - “Can’t Truss It” - Apocalypse ’91 - The Enemy Strikes Back (4:53)
22. M.I.A. - “Paper Planes” - Kala (3:25)
23. The Flaming Lips - “The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)” - At War with the Mystics (3:45)
24. Animal Collective - “Daily Routine” - Merriweather Post Pavilion (5:48)
25. TV on the Radio - “DLZ” - Dear Science, (3:49)
26. Radiohead - “A Wolf at the Door (It Girl. Rag Doll.)” - Hail to the Thief (3:29)

Runtime: 54:57

Part III: When You Go

27. Pink Floyd - “Sheep” - Animals (10:20)
28. The Shins - “Caring Is Creepy” - Oh, Inverted World (3:20)
29. Pavement - “Harness Your Hopes” - Spit on a Stranger [EP] (3:27)
30. The Beatles - “For No One” - Revolver (2:02)
31. The Beach Boys - “God Only Knows” - Pet Sounds (2:53)
32. Cat Stevens - “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” - Harold and Maude [Soundtrack] (2:47)
33. Bob Dylan - “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” - Blood on the Tracks (2:56)
34. Fleet Foxes - “Ragged Wood” - Fleet Foxes (5:07)
35. Warren Zevon - “Mr. Bad Example” - Mr. Bad Example (3:22)
36. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - “For You” - Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. (4:40)
37. Elton John - “Amoreena” - Tumbleweed Connection (5:02)
38. The Rolling Stones - “Loving Cup” - Exile on Main St. (4:26)
39. Derek & The Dominoes - “Layla” - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (7:04)

Runtime: 57:20

Total Runtime: 2:39:49

UP NEXT: AtomicBono vs. coolian2

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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Old 06-02-2009, 01:20 PM   #2
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Despite her claims that her list is inaccessible, I obviously enjoy quite a bit of Khan's.

Unfortunately for her, she goes against LMP here, who has one of the best playlist in the tournament.

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YLB hits it out of the park again.
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Yep, Lumpy. Khan's list just ain't my bag, baby.
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I vote for LMP here, a great playlist (except for the hip hop section which I didn't enjoy!). Plus, it has a song called Brazil. Sorry, Khan!
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Going with LMP here too. He had more stuff that I'm into, and it even got me to enjoy a song from HTTT. Still working on getting into that album...anyway, great job.
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Old 06-02-2009, 03:45 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by phanan View Post
Unfortunately for her, she goes against LMP here, who has one of the best playlist in the tournament.
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YLB's playlist was fucking fantastic, I think his best yet.
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Khan really had it rolling for me for the first hour or so, then she really did mean it when she said she was pulling out the worst list ever Not that I dislike disco, but 8 minutes of "Good Times by Chic and another 8 from the Jacksons "Shake your body, down to the ground" amongst a few others brought the skids to the proceedings. Even Mofo and The Message couldn't rescue it since they were wrapped in Ice Ice Baby, Huey Lewis and the Human League singing you've lost that loving feeling. But it was quite a hoot though, battling through it

LMP is all over the place usually, and this list was no different. Fortunately, he has pretty good taste (in this old guy's opinion), and though I'd like to see a bit deeper cuts from the old timers, I know that takes time to discover. Still, no complaints on the songs chosen, and working in Tom Waits and "If you wanna sing out" sure works for me.

Had a slightly tough time with all the hippity hoppity in the middle. But an overall good job LMP. No doubt, good moods for moderns.

I'm voting for Khan. She needs my vote, I dug her first half, and the 'good times' that followed made us laugh
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i honestly wasn't expecting anyone but ian and me to vote for mine!

lmp put together another amazing playlist.
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Originally Posted by KhanadaRhodes View Post
lmp put together another amazing playlist.

Wait a second...

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desert island

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