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Desert Island IV Album Game: Round 5, Match 5

Please vote for the tracklisting you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the fifth match of the fifth round of the Interference Desert Island Game IV! The premise of this game is that all of the Interferencers have been stranded on a desert island and we can only take up to 160 minutes of music with us (either as a continuous iPod playlist or two 80 minute CDs or any other format of our choosing). The object is to see which forum member can fit the most musical goodness into these 160 minutes.

For every win, each player will receive three points. If there is a tie, each player gets two points. If a player loses a match but is within three votes of the winner, that player will earn a single point.

At the beginning of each round, I will include the updated standings. Remember, the top two from each group moves on to the quarterfinals.

The first match of the final round went to LJT, who defeated bono_212, 11-7.

We're down to the last matches before the quarterfinals begin, and we've got some key battles lined up, starting with Match 5, as AtomicBono looks to win Group 3 by going up against DaveC. Below are the tracklistings.

If you don't know the songs, or wish to hear how each tracklisting flows, feel free to check out the Desert Island website.

Forum name: AtomicBono

This playlist was made with the following in mind:
1. What I've been listening to lately.
2. Introducing some music many may not have heard before.
3. Creating a journey of sorts, with each song flowing into the next.

This is not a specific story, more of just a very loose narrative, easily adapted to whatever story you want to tell. I thought of it as a romance, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that. Part I is about hope - the wonder that is potential. Part II is the world either standing still or spinning much too fast - sometimes it seems like everything is so perfect that nothing could go wrong..but then it does. Part III is getting in too deep - obsession, depression, anger, insanity. Part IV is a bittersweet ending - everything's gonna be alright, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, or that it all turned out the way it should have. Even though I divided the playlist up, it's best listened to as one cohesive list. The divisions just represent a general change in the mood, and make it easier for people who don't have time to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. Plus it gives me the license to come up with long awesome titles for all of them.

A Beginning And All That Follows

I. This Could Be An Opportunity (When I Awoke, You Were Standing There)

1. Maserati - "12 16" - Inventions for the New Season (5:46)
2. Minus the Bear - "Knights" - Planet of Ice (3:40)
3. M83 - "Couleurs" - Couleurs EP (8:35)
4. Interpol - "Take You on a Cruise" - Antics (4:54)
5. Maps - "Elouise" - We Can Create (5:23)
6. Neutral Milk Hotel - "The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three" - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (3:06)

II. It's All Wrong, It's All Right (Complacency and Uncertainty - If
That's The Way It Is, Then...)

7. We Vs. Death - "City Council Cosmos" - The Message Is (8:07)
8. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - "How Near How Far" - Source Tags & Codes (4:00)
9. Sunny Day Real Estate - "In Circles" - Diary (4:59)
10. Levenova - "The Warrior" - Riot on the Sunset Vol. 4 (4:13)
11. Broken Social Scene - "7/4 (Shoreline)" - Broken Social Scene (4:53)
12. Bloc Party - "Blue Light" - Silent Alarm (2:47)
13. Radiohead - "All I Need" - In Rainbows (3:49)
14. Pixies - "Where Is My Mind?" - Surfer Rosa (3:53)
15. U2 - "Gone" - Pop (4:27)

III. A Guilty Conscience Grows... (Alert! Alert!)

16. Muse - "Sunburn" - Showbiz (3:54)
17. Thrice - "Like Moths to Flame" - Vheissu (4:27)
18. Tool - "The Patient" - Lateralus (7:14)
19. Long Distance Calling - "Horizon" - Satellite Bay (5:54)
20. The Mars Volta - "Eria Tarka" - De-Loused In The Comatorium (6:21)
21. The Fall of Troy - "What Sound Does a Mastadon Make?" - The Fall of Troy (7:13)

IV. I Don't Know Just Where I'm Going, But Someday Maybe I'll Get There (I Guess Possibilities Are Always Greater Than What Actually Happens)

22. Explosions in the Sky - "Catastrophe and the Cure" - All of a
Sudden I Miss Everyone (7:56)
23. The Number 12 Looks Like You - "Rememberance Dialogue" - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear (7:02)
24. The Velvet Underground - "Heroin" - The Velvet Underground & Nico (7:13)
25. Wilco - "Poor Places" - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (5:18)
26. Bright Eyes - "Nothing Gets Crossed Out" - Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground (4:34)
27. Death Cab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending" - iTunes Originals - Death Cab for Cutie (4:19)
28. Dredg - "The Canyon Behind Her" - El Cielo (6:40)
29. John Williams - "Theme From Jurassic Park" - Jurassic Park (3:28)

Total Runtime: 2:33:49

Forum name: DaveC

I had originally planned to write up a long story to go along with this playlist, sort of like the movie that this would be the soundtrack to. I realized, though, that it’s a bit of a cheesy idea, and that the movie was already made (Cast Away, in case you haven’t figured it out). Besides, the songs are pretty literal when it comes to the plot, so it wouldn’t be tough to figure out with a little work anyways. So, instead of writing pages upon pages worth of story that likely won’t get read anyways, I’ll just let you know the basic plot.

The story starts where our hero buys a ticket for a cruise to a tropical destination (“Take You On a Cruise”). He’s excited, and says his goodbyes to friends and family (“Nice to Know You”) as the ship sails out of port. It’s all gravy, and he’s in a world of open seas and sunshine (“Riviera Paradise”), zipping around from island to island and generally having the time of his life. But soon the ship runs into a freak storm, and it’s getting thrown around (“The Tourist”) until finally the whole thing crashes against a reef and sinks in the open ocean (“Nautical Disaster”). Our hero has luckily managed to put his lifejacket on in time, and is himself tossed around in the open seas all night with no idea where he is, no imminent rescue on the way, and no real way to steer himself anywhere (“Third Stone From the Sun”). He wakes up the next morning on the beach of a small tropical island and decides to see if he can find any inhabitants or rescue in order to get himself out of there (“Cortez the Killer”). He’s confused and, at the same time, in awe of the natural beauty of this place. He soon comes to the realization, however, that he unluckily ended up on a completely uninhabited island. None of his fellow passengers are anywhere to be found, either, and once he figures this out, he gets into a deep, lonely funk (“Soma”). But moping around won’t get him off the island, and once he starts thinking of his girl (“Spanish Eyes”) he begins to think of ways to get home. He realizes how foolish building a raft and drifting into the open ocean would likely be, and so he tries various other methods to see if he can signal for help somehow. Nothing works, though, and he begins to realize he might be truly stuck (“It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”). Finally, the hero decides that he can either die on this island, or die in the ocean, and decides to at least try to make it home by building a makeshift raft out of logs and reeds (“Get Back”). He sets off into the water. The raft is being thrown around on the waves, and he’s holding on for dear life with absolutely no clue where he’s going or how to actually find rescue. Finally, the raft can’t hold on any longer and it breaks up in the violent swells (“Eight Miles High”). He’s not dead, though. He wakes up the next morning, hacking up seawater, on the very same beach of the very same island he left the day before. At this point, the hero realizes he is indeed stuck on the island until rescue comes, and he decides he’s going to try to survive long enough until it comes (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”).

The second disc starts a month after the hero’s failed escape attempt. He’s been surviving, but barely. Food is scarce, but he has managed to figure out how to build a fire and a shelter, and there’s fresh water from a stream in the jungle. He’s getting by as best he can, but it’s lonely, boring, and very tough (“Velvet Morning”). Being alone for so long has started to wind up the hero’s mind. He’s going crazy from the loneliness, the boredom, and the hopelessness of it all (“Chest Fever”). Finally, he determines that he’s had enough, and that rescue is never coming. He goes to the top of a cliff and, in a moment of madness, he leaps off, hoping to dash his head open on the rocks below and end it all (“Careful With That Axe, Eugene”). Of course, he doesn’t succeed, and he wakes up on the beach once again with his mind unscrambled (“Embryonic Journey”) and determined yet again to survive until he dies or until rescue comes (“Insomnia”). But his current situation hasn’t changed, and so he begins to bring up past memories of his life to get him through (“They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”/“Memory Lane (Sittin’ in Da Park)”). The next two songs were going to be placed over a montage of the hero getting older and surviving on the island, looking determined, learning how to catch fish and small animals, etc. I never came up with anything else to go here (“Sunshine of Your Love”/“Everything is Everything”), so this would be the part where you all use your imaginations. The story rejoins the hero a year later, now looking considerably skinnier and hairier, lamenting his situation and how long he’s been gone (“You Don’t Know How it Feels”). He realizes he’s going crazy from the boredom and loneliness yet again (“I’m Waiting For the Man”). One particularly sad night, he finally decides he needs to do something about his situation, and this time it’s all or nothing. He sets fire to the trees in hopes of burning the entire island and drawing attention with the smoke. The entire island burns fiercely behind him as he sits on the beach hoping someone spots the fire or the smoke and comes to check it out. He spots a light on the horizon, and soon a small merchant ship comes into view. The hero is overjoyed and runs back to his shelter to grab the few possessions he wants to keep. Inside the shelter, he can hardly contain himself. But tragedy strikes, and a flaming tree branch crashes down onto the shelter, collapsing the whole thing on top of our hero and lighting his former home on fire. The whole island goes up, and takes the hero with it (the entire last paragraph is “Ten Years Gone”). The last shot of the film is the hero on the cruise ship, in paradise, once again peaceful, full, clean, and happy (“Into the Mystic”).

See, I told you it was cheesy. But the story is secondary, and hopefully you’ll find as much enjoyment from my playlist as I had putting it together.

Disc 1
1. Interpol – “Take You On a Cruise” – Antics (4:54)
2. Incubus – “Nice to Know You” – Morning View (4:45)
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Riviera Paradise” – In Step (8:50)
4. Radiohead – “The Tourist” – OK Computer (5:25)
5. The Tragically Hip – “Nautical Disaster” – Live Between Us (5:32)
6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Third Stone From the Sun” – Are You Experienced (6:44)
7. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Cortez the Killer” – Zuma (7:31)
8. Smashing Pumpkins – “Soma” – Siamese Dream (6:40)
9. U2 – “Spanish Eyes” – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (3:17)
10. Bob Dylan – “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” – Bringing it All Back Home (7:32)
11. The Beatles – “Get Back” – Let it Be (3:10)
12. The Byrds – “Eight Miles High” – Fifth Dimension (3:37)
13. The Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – Let it Bleed (7:33)

Disc 2
1. The Verve – “Velvet Morning” – Urban Hymns (4:57)
2. The Band – “Chest Fever” – Music from Big Pink (5:19)
3. Pink Floyd – “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” – Ummagumma (8:51)
4. Jefferson Airplane – “Embryonic Journey” – Surrealistic Pillow (1:51)
5. Wintersleep – “Insomnia” – Wintersleep (4:16)
6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” – Mecca & The Soul Brother (4:49)
7. Nas – “Memory Lane (Sittin’ in Da Park)” – Illmatic (4:08)
8. Cream – “Sunshine of Your Love” – Disraeli Gears (4:11)
9. Lauryn Hill – “Everything is Everything” – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (4:53)
10. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “You Don’t Know How it Feels” – Wildflowers (4:49)
11. The Velvet Underground – “I’m Waiting for the Man” – The Velvet Underground and Nico (4:48)
12. Led Zeppelin – “Ten Years Gone” – Presence (6:32)
13. Van Morrison – “Into the Mystic” – Moondance (3:30)

Total running time: 2:18:12

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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*clicks next to AtomicBono*

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Gonna have to go with AtomicBono again. One of my favorites.
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Voted this morning, declaring now: DaveC

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desert island

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