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View Poll Results: Please vote for the playlist you like the most
LJT 6 31.58%
Screwtape2 13 68.42%
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Desert Island IV Album Game: Round 3, Match 2

Please vote for the tracklisting you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the second match of the third round of the Interference Desert Island Game IV! The premise of this game is that all of the Interferencers have been stranded on a desert island and we can only take up to 160 minutes of music with us (either as a continuous iPod playlist or two 80 minute CDs or any other format of our choosing). The object is to see which forum member can fit the most musical goodness into these 160 minutes.

For every win, each player will receive three points. If there is a tie, each player gets two points. If a player loses a match but is within three votes of the winner, that player will earn a single point.

At the beginning of each round, I will include the updated standings. Remember, the top two from each group moves on to the quarterfinals.

For Round 2, Match 6, the tourist squeaked by major_panic, 11-10. major_panic will receive one vote for the close finish.

Our second match of this round features LJT and Screwtape2. Below are their playlists.

If you don't know the songs, or wish to hear how each tracklisting flows, feel free to check out the Desert Island website.

Forum name: LJT

Auntie Annie's/ Katy Daly's

It's quite a loose concept that I went with. It's based on probably the two places I frequent the most in Belfast. Auntie Annie's being quite electro, random music, while Katy Daly's the bar inbetween my two other regular haunts, just seems to play the most obscure and random music. The first half is therefore to groove/ dance to (well probably aprt from the first song) with the second half being quite obscure and random. Overall I think i've enjoyed this playlist more than any of the others I've created so I hope you folk have a good time listening.

Auntie Annie's

01. The Wildhearts- "Rooting for the Bad Guy"- The Wildhearts (8.57)
02. Battles- "Leyendecker"- Mirrored (2.48)
03. The Aliens- "Rox"- Astronomy for Dogs (6.15)
04. Menomena- "Weird"- Friend and Foe (3.05)
05. Simian Mobile Disco- "I Believe"- Attack Decay Sustain Release (3.18)
06. Roisin Murphy- "Overpowered"- Overpowered (5.08)
07. Of Montreal- "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal"- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? (11.53)
08. Tracey Thorn- "Raise the Roof"- Out of the Woods (4.02)
09. Rooney- "I Should Have Been After You"- Calling the World (4.24)
10. Blonde Redhead- "The Dress"- 23 (4.00)
11. The Knife- "HeartBeats"- Deep Cuts (3.51)
12. LCD Soundsystem- "Tribulations"- LCD Soundsystem (4.59)
13. Metric- "Hustle Rose"- Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (5.33)
14. Silversun Pickups- "Future Foe Scenarios"- Carnavas (5.20)
15. Flaming Lips- "Buggin'"- The Soft Bulletin (3.16)
16. Neon Neon- "I Told Her On Alderaan"- Stainless Style (3.43)
17. Vitalic- "My Friend Dario"- OK Cowboy (3.37)

Katy Daly's

18. Alcest- "Les Iris"- Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde (7.41)
19. Aerogramme- "Barriers"- My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go (4.55)
20. Patrick Watson- "Luscious Life"- Close To Paradise (3.09)
21. Nine Black Alps- "Behind Your Eyes"- Everything Is (2.51)
22. Charlotte Hatherley- "Behave"- The Deep Blue (4.02)
23. Bat For Lashes- "Prescilla"- Fur and Gold (3.34)
24. The Hold Steady- Chillout Tent"- Boys and Girls in America (3.43)
25. Patrick Cleandenim- "Rocket to the Moon"- Baby Come Home (3.06)
26. Tegan & Sara- "Back In Your Head"- The Con (3.00)
27. The Open- "Lost"- The Silent Hours (6.01)
28. Taken By Trees- "The Legend"- Open Field (3.53)
29. Tiny Dancers- "Ashes and Diamonds"- Free School Milk (4.21)
30. The Lilac Time- "The Lost Girl in the Midnight Sun"- Paradise Circus (3.59)
31. Final Fantasy- "I'm Afraid of Japan"- He Poos Clouds (3.56)
32. St. Vincent- "Paris Is Burning"- Marry Me (4.20)
33. Paris Motel- "Three Steps"- In the Salpêtrière (4.45)
34. Anthony Reynolds- "Where the Dead Live"- British Ballads (7.07)

Forum name: Screwtape2

The Romantic Warrior

With this tracklist I wanted to take everyone on another journey. I also wanted to leave more to the imagination. The story begins with a romantic warrior. A man deemed insane by the world whose romantic ideas are misunderstood. This man is forced to deal with an encroaching world and draws from within. We are all star stuff. The cosmos in him begins to expand and he shines like a falling star wandering the Earth. He searches the Earth looking for someone to give his love to. Everywhere he goes though he is seen as the alien. His words betray him. In looking out for so many people, he begins to collect pain and terror. He descends into the nightlife. There he accepts who and what he is. A war begins in him as to his beliefs. This is illustrated by Supper's Ready.

Beaten and broken from his inner conflict he rests upon a hillside. He looks to Jupiter and past that into Europa. He can see a reflection of Earth in the ice. Someone else is looking to Europa. Both observers feel the need to find the other. As the romantic warrior's body starts to fade away. He finds himself falling through the cosmos. There is no good and evil. There is only love. He loses consciousness. He awakes on the hillside. The plains are swaying and pointing him north. To the ice.

Sometime later we find our hero wandering through the Arctic Circle searching for the other watcher. He comes to a large open of ice. In the middle lies a woman. She is brushing the snow off the ice. He lays down next to her. They can feel the cosmos above and below them. Star stuff dances about the Arctic Circle. The ice below them reflects the stars. The moon, the sun, everything has a place. The two kiss. As they freeze, the two make a choice. Fade into the cosmos or together become something more. They turn away from the cosmos above and below them. They stare into the other's eyes. Here they create a rare element in the universe. A special energy found only on Earth. Two lovers into one. The truth is the meaning of life is in your eyes. The truth is there. In your eyes.

Disc One: The Romantic Warrior

1. Pink Floyd - "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5" - Echoes (17:32)
2. Porcupine Tree - "Moon Touches Your Shoulder" - The Sky Moves Sideways (5:40)
3. The Police - "Secret Journey" - Ghost In The Machine (3:33)
4. Sigur Ros - "Myrkur" - Von (6:14)
5. The Smiths - "Bigmouth Strikes Again" - The Queen Is Dead (3:14)
6. David Bowie - "The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)" - Outside (4:21)
7. U2 - "Lady With The Spinning Head [Extended Dance Mix]" - The Best Of 1990-2000 & B-Sides (6:08)
8. Queen - "Princes Of The Universe" - Platinum Collection (3:37)
9. Pure Reason Revolution - "Apprentice Of The Universe" - The Dark Third (3:59)
10. Genesis - "Supper's Ready" - Foxtrot (22:50)
Total Time: 1:17:08

Disc Two: The Arctic Circle

1. Tori Amos - "Hey Jupiter [Dakota Version]" - Hey Jupiter (6:05)
2. St. Vincent - "Apocalypse Song" - Marry Me (3:47)
3. Akira Ifukube - "Prayer For Peace" - Godzilla 50th Anniversary Soundtrack (2:48)
4. Clytus Gottwold - "Lux Aeterna" - 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack (6:02)
5. The Cure - "Plainsong" - Disintegration (5:15)
6. Jurgen Knieper - "Urstromtal (The Glacial Valley)" - Wings Of Desire: Original Soundtrack (4:04)
7. The Edge - "Heroine" - Captive (4:27)
8. DeVotchKa - "This Place Is Haunted" - How It Ends (3:19)
9. Passengers - "Always Forever Now" - Original Soundtracks 1 (6:23)
10. Kate Bush - "Aerial" - Aerial (7:52)
11. Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit (Redux) - Beehives (7:33)
12. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - "Falling Slowly" - Once (4:04)
13. Todd Rundgren - "If I Have To Be Alone" - 2nd Wind (3:52)
14. Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes" - Secret World Live (11:34)
Total Time: 1:17:05

Tracklist Total Time: 2:34:13

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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Screwtape's is a fine list, but I prefer the great musical experience on LJT's.
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Close call, as Screwtape's first part is truly great. But overall, I prefer LJT's as a whole.
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I dug LJT's list, but I find myself re-visiting Screwy's more.
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Screwy's first disc is one of the best discs in the game.
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Most definitely.

I just wish the second one was better.
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The 2nd disc starts out really well, but really slows down when it hits the instrumental soundtrack songs.
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Going with Screwtape here.
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The first two matches have the exact score so far.

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Screwtape again, my favourite from his group.
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desert island

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