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Customer Service Rant

Apparently I'm having a rough couple of days....

Let's talk about customer service, shall we?

My online banking has been frozen, as has my checking account. There was an innocent mistake with a deposit, but that's another story. I go through three different numbers, finally get a hold of someone... and he proceeds to be incredibly rude. He explains things in a confusing matter that made it sound as if I wasn't going to be able to undo it. So, I made the sarcastic reply of "So you're telling me I can never use my ATM card again." He went off about how that's NOT what he said, and if I had LISTENED to his explaination I would understand. It took me three more questions before I got "You have to do that inside your home branch..." How hard is it to say, "All you have to do is come into the bank." He was a complete asshole and I forgot to take down his name. But you better DAMN WELL Believe that I'm going to talk to a manager when I do go in. I've been a good customer, and he almost lost my account to his rudeness.

Why is it that all of a sudden, people in customer service positions (wait staff, phone operators, retail staff, etc) are starting to be incredibly rude and they can get away with it?

I know that customer service jobs aren't fun- I've had them. The point is, though, that you need to be nice or you break relationships. This morning, I wanted to take the ticketmaster lady home with me. She was efficient, she was helpful, and she was friendly. I will continue to use ticketmaster for my ticket needs.... I am, however, contimplating changing banks.

Am I the only one who feels this way? AAAARRRRGGGH!

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I know how you feel. Actually, my mom would know better. Three times she's asked our phone compnay to take off our second line charge, three times it's been on our monthly bill. She finally got a person last week who was efficient and helpful. I bet anyone a million dollars when we get our statement next month that charge is gone. She told her, "Lynn, I want to take you out for dinner and give you a big hug!"

Customer service sucks.

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for the most part they get paid and treated like utter crap.
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Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel
I know how you feel. Actually, my mom would know better. Three times she's asked our phone compnay to take off our second line charge, three times it's been on our monthly bill. She finally got a person last week who was efficient and helpful.
this has happened to me too. well, sort of. my mom and i have a cell phone plan where we have separate lines but share our minutes. since we now use the cell in place of using our house phone for long distance, she gets into these three hour phone conversations with her mom, dad, and my mother-in-law. so we keep upping our minutes per month (the dumb company just now got this nights and weekend minutes thing where you actually have more than 300 minutes to use for the whole month), and every time, wouldn't you know it, but they always forget to take off the old one. so we get this $2-300 phone bill. last month was the worst. for some reason, they charged us for the long distance calls like they weren't free! we didn't go over our minutes so it wasn't like that was the problem. but luckily, she talked to some really nice person and they took off everything and got our phone bill cut in half. now i get nervous whenever we talk about switching plans.

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