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Originally posted by The_Sweetest_Thing
Same thing in Uni. UofT NEVER closes. And 90% of students commute. Meanwhile, McMaster, like 80% live on campus, and they close at least twice a winter.
UT closes their boonie campuses but not downtown.

When I was in my second year, I still remember a huge snow storm the day of my BIO250 exam, and they let us write it whenever we showed up, so long as it was before noon (it was originally scheduled for 9 am). I got up at 6 in the morning that day. Bah.

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The town I very first lived in cancelled school quite often (which is weird, 'cause my parents tell me stories about how, when they were kids and they went to school in that town, cancellations were extremely rare-there could be a foot of snow on the ground and they'd still go). It was either that, or we got let out early (heh, I still remember one snowstorm when I was in elementary school-we got let out, like, 15 minutes before we would've gotten out for the day anyway because of a huge snowstorm that was coming. Well, it hit as we were coming home, and I was riding on the bus, and if you looked out the windows, you saw nothing but white. Needless to say, school was cancelled the next day. And then there was the huge Halloween icestorm of '91 that we got).

The last town I lived in, the guy in charge of school closings was a little more stingy about closing school (although 11th grade was an exception-from about two weeks before Christmas up through to mid-March of that year, there wasn't a single week in that entire time frame where we went to school all day, every day for the week. We either had vacations, or we had snow days, or we had late starts or early outs). I remember days where we'd come to school and kids would be complaining about all the other towns around us and the kids in those towns not having to go to school, and yet we did. But they forgot to take into account that a lot of those towns were rural ones, and the snowplows took a longer time getting to those towns than to ours.

It did irritate me one day, though-travel was not advised in our town 'cause of snow, and there were stories of kids getting into car accident on the way to school, 'cause it was so icy (luckily, everyone was okay, but still...), and yet there wasn't even a delay. The guy who was in charge of this stuff had a car that could handle that kind of weather...he forgot that most kids didn't. And I thought that school should've at least been delayed, if not cancelled.

As for this town...according to my dad, school closings and delays are extremely rare, simply because we're in a warmer part of Nebraska (...), and it's just not that common to get big blizzards here (although, from what I've heard, we do get icestorms on occasion, which is not a good thing for a town that's extremely hilly, as this one is-and whose hills are rather steep ones, too).


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