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Old 01-03-2007, 08:53 PM   #16
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You know what I said? Yeah, if working at BB&B is moving up in the world, what does that say about him as boss, huh? Yeah, he SUCKS that's what

Yeah and he dates that kid who looks 12 (she might as well be 12 since she's tiny and they've had her at the gym since she was a tot).

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My boss and his boss and HIS Boss (the president of our company) are ALL A1 top notch glorified assholes.

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My old boss was a total ass. He yelled at me and made me do all kinds of shit that I really don't think was part of my job (I was just a bagger...). like involving full garbage bags twice my size full of rotten meat that had a tendency to break. And he was just anal and an idiot, and made just really rude comments. quite a few people ended up quitting and having blow out arguments with him right before leaving. not just teenagers but full grown adults who realized what an ass he was.

it was funny, my mom said she went shopping recently and he was doing the whole manager routine, carried out her groceries for her. she said when she mentioned that her daughter used to work there, the look on his face was priceless. apparently he realizes what an ass he is and probably wondered what I'd told her about him.
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don't know if this counts, but my old lead (she sure wishes she was actually the boss) in a department i worked in several months ago was a total bitch.

the job wasn't really that demanding, just answering phones. however, some people in the department found the work to be too demanding and would ignore the phones, leaving one or two people to answer all incoming calls. so, they started taking away priviledges. now, that doesn't piss me off so much as the fact that these people who weren't working never really got a talking to. they'd get yelled at, but it was all empty threats. no write ups or anything like that.

she'd lord over you and pace back and forth while you were on the phone to make sure you were doing your job. she'd bitch if the phones were ringing. well, if she got her ass back in her chair and helped answer calls, we wouldn't have been busy.

after i transferred out though, it got even worse. a friend of mine who still worked over in that department told me they were fucking around with people's schedules, making them work swing one night, grave the next, then day shift the next day. she'd take away people's set days off to cater to people she preferred, and not allow anyone to have weekends off, i guess because they told her the leads couldn't be off on weekends anymore. (of course since they made the schedule, you know they gave themselves exactly what they wanted.) so not only could no one have weekends off, think about it too how busy it'd be, having to try to cram everyone's days off during the week.

there was all kinds of crazy shit going on, and my friend had to go the union so many times, and eventually transferred to another department. as far as i know the lead is still there. it's fucked up though that she's basically untouchable. i doubt they'd ever fire her, she's been with the company for a while so they consider her some kind of asset.

the second one was my boss. she was a workaholic and expected everyone to be one too. the difference was, i didn't get paid like she did, plus i was hourly. it's like, hello, you can't say no overtime and then get pissed when we work just 40 hours! i think she was just pissed that she had to work all that extra time.

the thing i remember the most was after i had my car accident. i told her well in advance there was one day i couldn't come in because i had no transportation, so i didn't know what to do. she suggested i call a taxi. riiiiiiight. it's not like i didn't take the job seriously, but call a taxi? i lived about 30 minutes away. and i didn't see her or anyone else in my department offering to give me rides.

plus, i got nothing but hassle from her about my doctor's orders. they instructed i be able to get up and stretch every hour. (we're talking i stand up at my desk and walk around for a minute) no can do. they instructed i needed a headset because it was too much of a strain on my neck to put the phone on my shoulder. i got a bunch of excuses. when i finally gave in and went "fuck it, i'll just talk to my doctor about going on disability" they didn't like that either. they seriously expected me to be 100% back to normal after less than a week.

there's a lot more about that bitch i could probably talk about, stuff even not related to health issues but i can't think of any right now.
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Ah memories...

One of my 'bosses' could not remember anyones name so he called everyone 'Buddy'.

When he left I was in charge of his goodbye card ~ I made sure that everyone signed it 'Buddy'.

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Originally posted by fah
When he left I was in charge of his goodbye card ~ I made sure that everyone signed it 'Buddy'.

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