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Originally posted by Mr. BAW

Bowl Subdivision Polls
AP Top 25
1. LSU (60)
2. Georgia (3)
3. USC (1)
4. Missouri
5. Ohio State
6. West Virginia
7. Kansas (1)
8. Oklahoma
9. Virginia Tech
10. Boston College
10. Texas
12. Tennessee
13. Florida
14. Brigham Young
15. Auburn
16. Arizona State
17. Cincinnati
18. Michigan
19. Hawaii
20. Illinois
21. Clemson
22. Texas Tech
23. Oregon
24. Wisconsin
25. Oregon State
View complete poll

Tue Jan 8, 2008

USA Today
1. LSU (60)
2. USC
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Missouri
6. West Virginia
7. Kansas
8. Oklahoma
9. Virginia Tech
10. Texas
11. Boston College
12. Tennessee
13. Arizona State
14. Brigham Young
14. Auburn
16. Florida
17. Hawaii
18. Illinois
19. Michigan
20. Cincinnati
21. Wisconsin
22. Clemson
23. Texas Tech
24. Oregon
25. Penn State
View complete poll

Tue Jan 8, 2008

Thanks for posting! Nice to see that at least VT is higher in the end than when they started. It'd be nice to see the Hokies win a BCS bowl game at some point though. But no more Royal Hyman.

Thanks for being consistent with posting the ranks Mr. B!

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there is no more over-rated conference in all of college sports than the big 10

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Big 10 did have a bad year. EVERY single conference has weaker years over others. (Yes, even the SEC, who I think gets overhyped a lot of the time). I think the Big East conference has been VERY overrated in the past and even this year (Other than West Virginia whose coach is now in the Big 10). Doesnt mean all the teams in it suck year in and year out. Buckeyes were overrated, I knew that going in. But considering how this season went there was no clear cut choice as to what two teams should be playing in the title game. So you cant blame OSU (cant believe I'm saying that LOL) or the rest of the Big 10. A couple of years I bet the the Big 10 is right back up there again, if not even next year. So much changes in college football from year to year. Chemistry and some luck (as far as injuries) play major roles.
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I've been drooling all week for the Senior Bowl (9 'SC Trojans) just to find out this morning that its on that freakin' NFL channel...:fuckerheads:

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