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Old 06-21-2002, 09:12 PM   #16
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NO! You are not!
Ok I just meet u, but you are really cool

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Lilly, no one on earth no matter how hard they will try, could be worse at Math than me. In the 11 years or so that I studied Math (I got as far as calculus and trigo), I have driven the most patient and kind-hearted teachers ever into madness and anger. I still remember when I first learned (or tried to, har har) to multiply negative integers (wow, haven't heard that word in ages). Even then I enquired, "But why does it come out a positive number? Why? WHY? WHY?" My question was always the dreadful 'Why' because I simply could not advance further without understanding the fundamental things. Eventually, after 11 years (I am quick to react), I wanted to stop hearing people say 'Don't think, just do', and I dropped my maths subject 6 months before my major exam (equivalent of your SATs I think). Everyone, from family to teachers, said I was a quitter, but I had had enough. To this day, I have never had the need to differentiate a darn curve equation.

rant over. no advice whatsoever.


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TWIN!!! i can help you on this one...math was my highest act score. i took calc this year, and it sucked, but i think i can send you my math least the extra ones...i'd send 'em all, but i might need some if i didn't pass the ap test...*crosses fingers*...

*sends the math vibes*

so, got any extra english vibes?
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Old 06-22-2002, 12:04 AM   #19
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Originally posted by zonelistener
In the grander scheme of things....these tests will mean very little. A trip to Savers will cure all evil.

*does the savers happy dance*

what, you may ask, in the hell is the savers happy dance? well, i'll show you when we FINALLY GO TO SAVERS!
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Originally posted by Stories for Boys
so, got any extra english vibes?

*sends you summaries of over 42 novels*

exposition: background information on a character.

symbol: something that stands in for something else. see "the great gatsby" and the green light within it.

rising action: as the story progresses, more plot and character should be revealed, the period in which they intensify is the rising action.

climax: no, come on now! this is when all the action happens..oedipus kills his pa...romeo and juliet die...etc...

falling action: anything that happens after the climax.

uhh...i think i got PLENTY of english to spare. that and apricots, want one?
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Okay, if we want to talk about idiots.....

I dropped my cell phone into my drink tonight and now it's BROKEN!!!! Clearly I'm an idiot. I am soo angry with myself right now. gah! I have to go out and buy a new one tomorrow. All my phone numbers were stored in it and now I have to start all friggin over again. This is such a hassle. More money I'm wasting; I should just set fire to what I make and save myself the trouble. I am so aggrevated right now. It's okay not to know a lot of math but dropping a phone in a drink is beyond dumb.

PS. the math scores on my ACT and SAT brought my overall score way down. I feel your pain. but I was good at geometry, I guess that uses the other half of your brain....I too, had the "why??!!" problem. The thing is, I really like math, I like to work through the steps and get the right answer. The problem is I can't apply anything I learned. Oh well, I guess that's why I majored in History and Political Science.
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Old 06-22-2002, 12:44 AM   #22
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A good teacher does matter!! I suck at math too... I believe I'm quite smart () in other subjects, but when it comes to math... Hm... I almost fail in every tests/exams.

But last year when I was in secondary 4 (That's =grade 10 I think??), my math teacher was both a very great person and teacher... although I still failed in almost every math test, but at least I became interested in math and I actually like calculus!! (Yep foray... I love to differentiate a darn curve equation. ) And thanks to calculus, I got a pass in my math exam.
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Actually, I use math a TON in my work, but then, I'm a geeky scientist.

When I took the ACT's, a couple hundred years ago (when Shakespeare himself was able to tutor me in English), I recall doing very well in math - in the 30's. Oddly enough, I remember my science score being low - something like 19. The irony is that I'm a scientist. Therefore, don't let these silly tests bug you. What I recall of the test, the science part basically was just silly reading comprehension and didn't truly test one's science skills, which is why the test is bogus. I knew one guy who got high 20's and low 30's in English, Science and Social Science. But had a 0 in math. That's right - a 0! He retook the test but got a 4 in math. This was a bright guy, who clearly had a math phobia. I also knew a woman who had something like a 30 in science yet never took a single science class in her life. Worse, her overall ACT score was a 13! When I saw all of these results, I was convinced that the ACT test was invalid. Yet colleges still use it - hopefully it's better than when I took it so many years ago.

Regardless, don't worry about your math score and having to take this test. It will only boost your confidence and skills.

__________________ always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.
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