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Originally posted by Axver

Aww, now we're back to disagreeing. Ounsworth does not have the vocal qualities of a busted lawnmower - he has the vocal qualities of a busted lawnmower remixed to include nails on a chalkboard! And the end product sounds like it's being played through a fan.
At least this guy agrees with your take on their production style:

Originally posted by Some Hobo At

26 of 43 people found the following review helpful:

i want my money back, January 31, 2007

i'm really, really confused. i keep reading about how this album is awesome, but i just don't get it. there is so much distortion on my copy (on purpose?) that it detracts from the songs to such a point that the songs are unbearable. perhaps my copy is defective? if not, i'm afraid that CYHSY are a bit too pretentious for their own good. i like the songs. in fact, i really like the songs. but i find their production a bit absurd. if i wanted to shell out money for songs that sound as if they were broadcast over a radio station full of static...

screw it. don't buy this. wait for a different master. it isn't cool for a band to allow their music to be aurally destroyed, even if that was the intention. and i was so looking forward to this release.

i'm sure that i'll be ripped apart for my opinions, but i'm brave enough to take my lumps. for christ's sake, i think lou reed's "metal machine music" is less of a career suicide than this.

is alec ounsworth out of his mind? perhaps he is delighted by my speculation.

perhaps i shouldn't have expected much more from him.

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Not sure how overrated they are as they're hardly rated in some circles so I can't really say, but I don't like them. The music on the first album had promise, but I can't stand that singer's voice.

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