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No, it doesn't have any effect on me. But I usually leave the show with a headache, which probably has more to do with the presence of unbathed hippies.


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Bama I'm gonna sit out side your place in a tee-pee and a smoke a peace pipe, now stick that in your hat

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Originally posted by The Wanderer
I smoke a few cigarettes on ocassion (when I'm at the bar usually), but I would always prefer a rich, full-bodied cigar any day over the chain-smoking of cigarettes that goes on... give me a good, deep draw on a fine cigar every minute or so complimented by a savory brandy or scotch... mmmm... but no place allows this because of all the whiners who proceed to smoke 30 cigarettes each over the stretch of a few hours
Hahha.a. Yes.. Beautiful.. I like your style..

Yah.. If I'm ever told that people can't smoke in the nightclub/bar I'm going to build... Oh geez.. That's like telling these teenage girls they can't wear halter tops.

Ah yes... The secondary High... I remember my days at a Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Concert.. I was up off the floor and you could see this Haze about thirty feet off the ground.. Hahhaa.. It was quite a sight.. Andyes, It's very sweet.. Also.. I went to this movie.. Romeo Must Die... and I'm just chilling there and this black guy sits down in front of me and my friends and is like.. "Youngblood, You mind If Liiiight Up".. and of course to sound cool... we're like 'Aw Naw Man.. Go Ahead'.. So he proceeds to roll up from a sliced philly wrapper and just leans his head back and blows these amazing smoke rings.. After a while I thought they looked like Picassos.

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I smoke cigs on a reg basis. I smoke cigars on the an often occasion, and an older friend of mine that is really cool smokes a pipe and he lets me have some all the time that I am around and he is smoking it. Out of all the smells, I like the pipe the most. When ever I do smell a pipe it reminds me of my Uncle. He always smells like vanilla or some other flavor pipe smoke. aahhhh the memories of home and youth. *sigh*

EDITED for sentence correction.
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Old 06-14-2002, 09:00 AM   #21
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Well, I've smoked for 15 years and I finally quit August 28, 2001 and have remained smoke free since then. (Sorry to boast, it's just that I've never gone so long without smoking and am proud of myself. *pats self on back*).

Now, I'll admit, I am one of those hypocrite non-smoking preachers. Even though I smoked for all those years, I CANNOT stand the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. Pipe smoke is actually a pleasant smell for me, I love it. But cigarettes and cigars

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