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(chatrooms) - How far have YOU gotten, with chat????

Yea, how far have YOU gotten, not necessarily with U2 chatroom, any other is fine.......or what was your first time like?

Heres me and my mate............(the one with me in that picture)

Me - First time I ever found a room was mad........Lisa said they were a good laugh and that I should try one out......so I did, and my very first conversation was along the lines of this:

***I went in and all these pple were talking to this 'Puck' (like Puck from The Real World - Seattle) like creature.....anyway........he was talkin about underwear and their designs and I asked what was on his....and he replied 'little brown spot (or patch) on back, little yellow spot on front...'
After that I was grossed out.........then I asked where any U2 fans in there - out of the 72 there, only 1 answered.....
Then I got more and more hooked which was crazy.......stupid......addiction. I had an old pic of me up in black and white, and someone commented I looked like the girl from 'Gone in 60 Seconds' - he meant that 'moody look' - and as I didnt have a clue who or what he was talking about I bit his neck off, tinkin he met someone from 'Gone With The Wind'......or rather I thought it was a film or program about farts/flatulance!!!!!!!....
Anyway got as far as someone from England ringing me, with another girl from England ringin me, then in touch with someone from Turkey in England, then another wee bloke from London and finally someone from Scotland - all fine at the time - but always talkin to pple over the phone.......big mistake..........it becomes a landmine for bitterness, bitterness that you dont know each other in person, fully visable to the eye...............it became that after time I realised the stupidity of it all, and refuse to do it again................meeting pple in chat and phoning them.........to me it became an embarrassment.......you dont know each other at all.........big big biggest mistake of my life...........thankfully those numbers were not abused.....I was lucky.

Sure enough u all prob tink Im a big spoon-bag-of-dumb for doin that, and I am.........but now Ive been there...would never go there again....I needed the experience....

Then I quit that.....the board here, is a lot easier.......sometimes real-live chat with pple DOESNT work.....very little can be said making it awkward as such.

I discovered that in the U2 chat.......so quit that too. In fact that place scares me.....its almost like you gotta fight to be heard, if you're not in the 'group'....well thats what I got..

So now I've quit, I wont be going anywhere near them rooms again........

***Lisa - Lisa got her son through chat - basically. She started mailin, chattin, phonin and he ditto. He was from England. Then he came to NI to see her and she went there to see him......when I met him, at least a month or so before she moved over to be with him, UNDER a year of 'knowin each other through chat and email and phone, etc,' , I wasn't that impressed by him......he seemed to 'talk down to you', but really was fairly friendly.
Then I stayed with her in May '00 and had a terrible time.......they were fighting and he was basically being an arrogant arsehole...............of course she was preggers then with his kid, and told me 2 weeks later when home.....and he was being a sneaky basterd sayin to me on my phone by text he'd packed all her stuff and thrown her out home, and she was saying to me she was confused as to why he packed all her stuff and had her home.....................nowadays she lives in Peterborough................and Im gonna go visit her soon and have a mad day or two in London.........shes got his kid, the most adorable little man I've ever seen, hes so cute - but regrets him being the father as now shes alone...............she says most men there are arrogant and all, yet shes livin there cause her dream was to live near London........so really, tahts as far as she got with a Chatroom, but its helped given her a whole new start on life.............

funny that..........

any stories with u lot?


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I met drgn in a chat room originally. Well, I was in high school, and my parents had strict rules about me giving out my phone number to anybody on the Net. But John and I had been chatting for months, and I was dying to hear his voice. The assistant manager at work often closed on nights with me, and she was really nice, so I asked her if I could have him call me at work. She said it was fine, so John began calling me at night when I was at work so my parents wouldn't know. Then John sent me flowers at school one day, so my parents knew he knew my full name and what town I lived in, and they got royally pissed. My dad called the flower shop where they came from, got his name, and hunted him down at his place of employment by phone to make sure John wasn't a weirdo! *lol*

I used to not have Net access at home and would go to the local library. There was a nearby pay phone, so I took the number off of that and gave it to some people so they could call me. Also, when people were being perverts to me, I'd give them the phone number for the Time & Temperature recording of a nearby town and ask them to call me later.

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I used to be big on the AO-Hell chat rooms years and years ago when I had it, but then it got to the point were sickos were IMing me with "what are you wearing?" type questions

I used to go to PLEBA chat every night.....but now it's a place I don't recognize anymore

I've only given my address to a couple of people I know pretty well on this board for cds, but they never sent me anything
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