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The Fly
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If you're not much of a city person, I'd suggest St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) a bit further north in Antigonish, NS. I took non-science courses there, but I do know their science programs are rigorous and demanding, which is important for med school.

If you're also really into student life and that, you really can't go wrong with X. The university is the town, basically.

And if don't take my word for it...Rick Mercer did a hilarious piece for Monday Report on X, which should still be on the CBC website.

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Originally posted by DaveC
Please come to Dal...
If I go to Acadia (which I most probably will...I even filled out an application tonight) I probably will end up going to Dal.

And thanks for all of the other suggestions, everyone! UBC sounds quite good... I visted their website the other day, and it definitely looks like it would be a good choice. The only drawback is that it's on the other side of Canada.

Originally posted by anitram
As for med school, if you want my advice (as somebody who went through the whole science thing), go do your undergrad and open your eyes and don't just go in there thinking "I'm going to med school and that is it." There are so many things you could learn and love and at 17 or 18 years old, you are a completely different person than you will be at 22 or 25. Give yourself a chance to try a bit of this and a bit of that, and if medicine is what you really want, you'll end up there anyway.
That is very good advice. Science has always been the subject I've been most interested in throughout my school years, but there are so many more possibilities offered at all of these universities. The nice thing about going to medical school is that I can get in with an undergrad degree in anything. A Dal representative who came to my school not too long ago knew a guy who had got in with a degree in music history. So I can pretty much try whatever I want and see what grabs my fancy...

Thanks again, everyone!

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love, blood, life
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Edit Grr, damn edit button being too close to the quote button...
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the thing with the undergrad degree, gibson girl, isn't what you study, but how well you do. my undergrad is in history, which is somewhat useless by itself, but it got me into law school. study what you enjoy and you'll do well, and you'll have a great building block for higher education.

good luck with the applications!

*edited to add: macleans just came out with its university rankings issue, you might want to check that out for a nice overview of what's out there.
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I'm going to mcmaster right now. I got into queens and western and all them fancy places, but mcmaster gave me more scholarship and wasn't where i lived. the programs i'm in aren't spectacular, but it's pretty good nonetheless.. I think wherever you go will end up being great. there's lots of cool people everywhere. then again i'm an arts major so what do i know?

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