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Old 05-13-2002, 04:54 PM   #46
love, blood, life
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i will now take you down, point by point, to prove my excellency over you.

after you initially attempted to slander my name, you also attempted at insinuating that i was making fun of your looks. get over yourself. i was talking about your appearance at this board. i dont give two shits about what you look like.

was i jerking off when i wrote that last post? no. would you like me to next time?

your bit about being a dj and what not is marvelous, and congratulations on that great job of yours.

just say no to drugs?

you are no to the drugs.

you insinuated i had a lobotomy?

nice turnaround around there. you used what i thought of you, to work against me. clever.

say "you cannot escape me" to your face?

why? cant i just type it on here instead? its far more fun to make a spectacle of things and get more exposure.

i didnt insinuate that rush relies strictly on guitar driven rock either. ive heard lots of lameass organ which makes them sound rediculous. dont get me wrong, organ and keyboards are awesome, but if you dont know what your doin with them, i say leave them alone.

and finally, you were the first one to bash anyone. you called me a piece of shit before i even made any mention of you. you cannot expect to waltz in here and act like the king without expecting some retribution.

if this doesnt get cleared up soon between you and i, either you or i or both of us will get banned. regardless i win.

oh and by the way, im very proud of my 2000 + rediculous posts. all of them have been brilliant and better than anyone elses ever of all time infinity 1000 mega times.

after years of waiting, nothing came.

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Sizzlin' Sicilian
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I'm sorry to say this.. but gabriel, most of the posts I've seen from you since you first came here have been rather rude and negative. Starting in FYM and pretty much in a few of the other forums. And as far as not agreeing with someone, that's fine but throwing insults is not necessary. Not cool.

Chill out.

Threads like these irritate me.

Move along.

Sexy poshin' sugar snarlin' rock and roll ...
My Lair

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Old 05-14-2002, 02:26 AM   #48
Ghost of Love
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I'm gonna play along here. But dont take offense, I mean all of the following with the greenest grain of salt. :P

Originally posted by Zoomerang96:
gabriel, allow me to point out one crucial element of your existance: your a newbie. you dont count, and your opinions are worth even less than your appearance.
Excuse me for one moment while I break out in uncontrollable laughter...bwhahahhahahahahahahah...hey Zoom or whatever the f*** your real name is, do I give a flying f*** about what you think? Are you having fun amusing only yourself? You're a pathetic little wanker. If you think the fact that you've posted over 2000 completely worthless pieces of drivel on this forum qualifies you to say something so completely stupid, then by all means pacify yourself with that foolishness...considering you've never met me, your *attempt* at attacking my looks is just plain pathetic.


let me make myself very clear - you will never outwit, outperform or outclass me. i excel over you in every imaginable way.
Were you jerking off when you wrote that? You're absolutely right, I'll never be able to masturbate as well as you, I've just never had the practice you have!


the very fact that you like rush disturbs me to no end, and that you would go on to say that techno is shit, clearly shows you have no idea whats going on around you.
Again, hilarious. Considering I was buying and playing techno live as a dj before it was even known as techno, as also long before you even knew what the fuck techno was, I think I can call whatever I want 'shit'. In the early days techno was decent, that was when the original house influences were still audible. Nowadays most techno is that, pop shit. The fact that you consider it more musically advanced than Rush just shows how little your opinion on what is good music counts. :vomit:


your walls are bleeding.

your eyes are oozing puss.
Ok here is where you stopped your hand and turned to look in the mirror, right? Three words: Just Say No. To drugs, that is.


i will remind you that anywhere you turn ill be there. open up your skull, i will be there.
OH MY GOD!!! Whatever will I do?? Im devastated, really I am. How will I ever be able to live in peace? Wasn't planning on a lobotomy anytime soon, can you tell us what it's like from your own personal experience?


you cannot escape me.
Say that to my face you wanker.


btw, there are 12 powerchords, weve had 20+ years of them, dont you think its time to move on? any band that relies solely on guitar driven rock ALONE cannot, imo be classified as prog.
Finally! In this comment Zoom reveals truthfully just how little of Rush's music he has actually listened to. Rush relies on guitar driven rock alone??? Wow, your unsurpassable knowledge on the topic just floors me.

This was fun. I haven't had a good excuse to tell someone to fuck off in a long time...thanks for giving me that opportunity.

Enjoy your techno 'music' where's that smilie for puke...


PS...Basstrap, can you please edit your original invitation to read: "What is Your Favorite Band - Post up Your favorites so ignorant fools who clearly have never even listened to them can try and trash you"??Thanks, it would explain alot of this argument...apparently I was under the impression that we were posting bands we liked, not dissing the ones we didnt like.

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