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Old 06-16-2003, 03:35 AM   #106
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im underwhelmed by all the cumutatived volunteered garble

thank u

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Originally posted by diamond
im whelmed by garble

thank u

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I really do believe that guys and girls can be just friends...and yet it has never happened that way for me!! All of my very close male friends have inevitably wanted more from me. I just could not see myself with any of them. Only in one instance have we been able to stay friends, but it's turned distant and shallow compared to what it once was.

Actually, right now I have several male friends and we are just fine. We hang out, it's not awkward. One of them is engaged, so I guess he doesn't count?

But you want stories, oh do I have stories.

The most recent and ugly was a friend at school--who confesses midway that he had considered asking me out when we first met. So there was a weird vibe there, but I felt we had moved to just being friends and thought he was comfortable about that since he didn't push or ask for anything else. But it got to where he was constantly wanting to me to go out, especially to places where his friends and coworkers would see us together. I started to feel like I was unconsciously dating him. And it moved into his becoming very possessive and jealous if I talked about any other guys and would send me drunk e-mails demanding to know why he wasn't good enough. So, that "friendship" ended pretty quickly. There were other problems but that was an underlying factor. Even now, it feels like we *did* date-- he won't even speak to me when he sees me at school.
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Old 06-18-2003, 07:32 PM   #109
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Originally posted by Diemen
Yeah, it looks like you jumped the gun a little bit there, Nate, but I completely understand where you're coming from (though I'd personally never go so far as calling my friend an idiot). Still, you should find a nice way to give her a sincere apology, even if she still doesn't accept it immediately.

Last year my friend managed to drop the news on me that she and her boyfriend of (then) 6 weeks were already talking engagement. It came as a shock and I was concerned, but she mistook the concern for jealousy (I didn't lash out or anything, I just asked if she was sure and she mistook it as me trying to plant a seed of doubt ).

Anyway, they've been dating for about 8 months now, they're taking their time and he's thankfully a really cool, truly nice, honest guy so I'm really happy she's found someone worthwhile.

geez. I feel like this should be a private journal entry. Anyway, yeah, apologize to her, if she means as much to you as a friend as my friend does to me, then just hang in there, be patient, and let time run it's course...
It appears right now that our friendship is over. She called me today, told me I was the only one of her friends who wasn't supportive, to in no way contact her, and that she is basically fed up with me. Obviously my heart feels as if has been torn from my chest right now. She has been one of my best, if not my best, friend for a shade under a decade. She is getting married on July 11th. I am in shock to the events of the past 4 days. She, only two months ago, was completely untrusting of men after her boyfriend of two years left her.Now she's marrying a completely different one. I was there for her when she was down and hurt. Now I am the odd man out, the enemy. I feel miserable, and there is no way she'd listen to anything I have to say to her(although I did apologize). I have absolutely no hope right now that it can be fixed. Sorry to ramble........

As for the question posed in this thread....I change my answer to "no"
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So sorry to hear that, Nate.
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didn't read to all the replies

I just know that my best friend is male
(we've been best friends since 3 years)

in the beginning he was in love wit hme.. now we ar elike brother and sister and have our bf/ gf
works for us perfectly fine

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