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Originally posted by Bonochick
Ya know what?? I have a good life, I always have. Sure, I'm not rich and famous, but I've always had a place to call home, clothes to wear, food to eat, and a family who loves me. However, I still struggled with depression for years which also involved self-destructive behavior and a suicide attempt that almost was successful. Considering that my life has overall been what many would consider to be nice, I can see how it wouldn't make sense. But until you've actually experienced it, you won't understand. For people to say that Britney brought this on herself and she's just a spoiled rich girl is insulting and cruel. You don't understand. I'm not saying I understand what's going on either, but I wouldn't be so harsh in passing judgement on her.

Bonochick!! It takes quite an amazingly strong person to speak of such personal things. We are glad the path you took was the right one..

As far as celebrity (i.e. someone so much money we wouldn't know what to do with) or the average joe blow on the street. Money has nothing to do with self-destructive behavior.. It's what that person is going through in their lives and how they handle it. You could be poor living in the projects and being going through the very same thing..

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Britney Spears is a hottie. Britney Spears knows she is a hottie. Because Britney Spears is a hottie, Britney Spears can go clubbing and partying. Clubs and parties are full of hotties, sex, drugs and alcohol. Therefore, Britney Spears indulges in sex, drugs and alcohol as much as she can, just like all the other hotties.

So that's my theory as to why Britney Spears is fucked up.

So in conclusion, it's good to be a hottie, with so much sex, drugs and alcohol to indulge.

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NM! You are not worth the aggravation.
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I remember Britney Spears at the 2002 Grammy Awards, giving U2 an award. She had her hair (extensions?) pulled back in a cascade of long pretty curls, and was wearing a simple red dress that looked just perfect on her. She looked so lovely that evening, so sophisticated, so grown-up. And I thought this was an indicator of the direction she was going to go in with her career--a more grown-up, sophisticated style that would appeal to an older audience as well as her fans.

Well. Things didn't turn out that way. And I am so very, very sad for this young woman, for she obviously is a deeply troubled soul who is in desperate need of help.

I don't know why I am following this story as I am...visiting Dlisted and Perez several times a day, buying the tabloids (Star & Us Weekly today). I don't know why I care about this young woman's welfare. I've known several people who were fans of hers. But I think some of it might have to do with that glimpse of the woman she was when she handed U2 an award five years ago. It was going to be so exciting to hear her new sound, to watch her grow up and lead her fans into new musical adventures. Maybe that woman was a mirage. Maybe she never really existed, and what we see now is who she was all along.

I hope Britney gets well, for the sake of her boys. They are what is important to her now.
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Originally posted by U2Man

yes, its perfectly normal to attack a car like that.
Paparazzi 24/7? Abuse 24/7? People reporting on and watching you 24/7?

I think it would take the most incredible amount of strength for me not to lash out like that.

I think people are too conditioned to think that it is perfectly normal, or perfectly okay, or is a part of the life they ask for therefore they should just put up with it.

Or is it just because you demand to see it, and without them you wouldn't be able to?

Have you ever spend any considerable time around a celebrity, or seen a paparazzi pack in action?
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this thread is over.

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