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I got my belly button pierced when I was 19. I'm allergic to practically every metal in the world owing to my excema and abundant skin allergies, so I had it done with a titanium bar, as that has a VERY low nickel content. I bathed it in Hydrogen Peroxide 3% every day, and never had any problems with it. That's a pretty big deal for me, as when I had my ears pierced, they swelled up so much that my ear closed up over the top of the studs and my ear is still a bit mis shapen now Didn't stop me getting my ears pierced 6 times though.............

I've still got the belly bar in now, and have still never had any issues with it.


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my anecdote about piercing:

i went through a whole "i wanna get as many piercings as a possibly can" phase during my teens. I had countless piercings in my ear, a navel ring, and eventually a small nose stud.

i got that out of my system by the time i entered college. with the exception of my navel, i wasn't left with any bad scarring when i let the holes close up.

just one word of advice: if you're physically active, especially if you engage in any contact sports, you might want to avoid a navel ring altogether or at least make sure you secure it to your body with an adhesive (otherwise OUCH!). . . that's how i myself received the keloid scar around my navel.

anyway, thank God i got rid of the majority of my piercings by the time i became a mother; only now do i understand why my mom reacted the way she did when i had all those piercings.

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i have my navel peirced, got it done on my 17th birthday , it got infected about a year later but has been fine since, i'm 24 now and its been fine all them years

i would post a pic of it but its kinda a lame pic as it has a stupid tattoo i drew on when i was bored. and well its just like any other peirced belly button really
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Thanks everyone for your replies!

If I get it done then I wont get it done soon. I just read that you cant go in swimming pools for 6 months after you get it done. Therefore, because summer is approaching, I will do it after that.
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I've worked as a body piercer. belly button piercings do take a long time to heal. Rather than the hydrogen peroxide (very harsh) I would advise either Lavender or Tea-tree essential oil. They work wonders and are far less harmfull.

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