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Old 02-26-2007, 03:14 PM   #16
love, blood, life
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Originally posted by Pinball Wizard
Even though I am more partial to U2, I found TOOL's performance during the Lateralus tour to be superior to the Elevation tour (of which I saw one show) and the bootleg/proper live releases of shows that I have heard dating back to Boy.

It surprised me too.
Tool... I'd kill to see Tool

So far the only band that has come close is Green Day. they're really energetic live and do a lot of crowd participation and stuff. but so far no one has beat out U2 for me. We'll see how good Bloc Party and Arcade Fire are.

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To me the only band that has come close live was Muse. Though it's a completely different "spirit", the emotion I felt was close to a U2 concert.

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Old 02-26-2007, 04:47 PM   #18
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Neil Young (circa 1993 w/Pearl Jam, Soundgraden and Blues Traveller) at the CNE Stadium Toronto, Canada.
R.E.M. St. Paul, Minnesota 1987
The Clash St. Paul, Minnesota 1982
The Who Winnipeg, Canada 1976
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Old 02-26-2007, 05:58 PM   #19
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I'd say tied for me with Bruce (especially with E Street), but sometimes I have enjoyed a Bruce show more and thought he was better. There are other influential factors such as annoying fans, etc.
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Old 02-26-2007, 06:05 PM   #20
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U2 is number 1 for me, Pearl Jam and David Bowie are second.
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Old 02-26-2007, 06:11 PM   #21
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arcade fire
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The last My Morning Jacket show I saw just about blew the ceiling off my best evers.

But there have been too many to name, really, and it all depends on too many factors.

I'll never forget the Fugazi/Op Ivy double bill I saw in the Bay Area in 89.

And then, I've been to underground shows of people you've never heard of that were pure shamanic ecstasy.

The RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam triple bill in the early 90s was over-the-top.

My first Dead show at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin in 1987 helped me 'get it' about jam bands and psychedelics.

Butthole Surfers/Scratch Acid in 85 was such adrenaline, such raw raw.

Then, of course, getting drunk with the Pogues is crazy, or practically burning down the venue with Crash Worship, what can top that?

I prefer to view these things horizontally, not vertically. Rock and roll is just great, you know?
Stand up to rock stars!
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Old 02-26-2007, 06:17 PM   #23
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radiohead, arcade fire, wilco, and broken social scene have all come very close.

as much as i slag off their recent studio material, u2 have always been a top notch live show.
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Old 02-26-2007, 07:14 PM   #24
love, blood, life
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Roger Waters in 2006 stamped all over U2 in 2005. 99% of the songs performed at Roger's show were favourites of mine (can't say the same about U2 with all the HTDAAB in there.) The overall production was clearly superior (massive video screen with mind boggling visuals, fireworks, pyro, an inflatable astronaut and an inflatable pig vs. low resolution lightbulbs.) The show was much longer as well. I sat in about the same area for both shows - same venue, lower bowl, almost directly opposite the stage. At the U2 show, it looked like the people on the floor and in the ellipse were the ones having all the fun. Everyone was dead where I was sitting, despite me trying to enjoy it. At the Roger Waters show, however, there was barely a single person who wasn't into it. Everyone was singing, everyone was having a good time...regardless of where they were in the arena. The fact that the inflatables hovered right overhead in the seated sections off the floor sort of made you feel closer to the action, whereas with U2, all the action was directly in front of the stage.
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Old 02-26-2007, 08:43 PM   #25
Neon Zebra
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if i had a choice to see only one or the other for the rest of my life - fiona apple or u2 - i would gladly never see u2 again.
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One from a bit left of field, but Michael Franti & Spearhead generate an energy and feeling in the crowd very naturally that U2 seem to pull more through theatrics. That's not a slight on U2, just a massive compliment to Franti.

For just a pure fun night out: Scissor Sisters are fantastic.
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Old 02-26-2007, 10:42 PM   #27
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Radiohead pwn U2 live....IMO
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Old 02-26-2007, 10:45 PM   #28
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Kiss just because of the stage show..

the stones put on amazing show..

poison was fun...

and aerosmith
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I think Muse were better than U2 when I saw them twice at Festival Hall this year, though it's a bit of a different league to what U2 are in.
Roger Waters was absolutely amazing in concert too.

Evanescence, or rather Amy Lee and her band aren't too shabby live either!

Edit: Oh yes, Green Day...saw them twice in stadium, one arena show...the arena show is the only concert i've left with my ears ringing, awesome!
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Old 02-27-2007, 01:33 AM   #30
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I've seen some pretty cool live shows, but Arcade Fire was the only show that compared to U2's. No one touches U2 live for me yet and I'll be amazed if they ever do.

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