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The quote about imagining all the great artists without their substances was a good one. Yeah, they died...but its like they're remembered as the modern Shakesperean tragic heroes of art, in all its beautiful forms. Good or bad? Pointless debate. Thats just the way it is.
Personally, Im not a druggy. Ive never done anything beyond smoking pot, and if you consider that bad just cause its illegal then you are most likely a boring person whose opinion I couldnt give a rats ass for anyway. As a musician myself, my greatest joy comes in playing music and listening to it. But, on the every-now-and-then, pot opens doors of perception and you can experience music in a totally different, better way.
There is great validity to the argument that it can f*ck you up, and that its dangerous. I dont consider pot to be dangerous. You just gotta be careful, and honest with yourself as well.

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Originally posted by bonosgirl84

"we were very fortunate to have a little time in history when LSD was still legal and we were able to experiment with drugs just like we wre doing with our music" -jerry garcia

In defense of BG84, I do agree with her that drugs did enhance the creativity of the musicians she mentioned. Regarding the Grateful Dead and Jerry's above quote. Have any of you ever heard of the "Acid Tests"??? The Dead would play for hours upon hours all the while tripping. Some of the music that came out of them was unbelievable!

And stereotype me if you will, but I find that listening to music, particulary something along the vein of the Grateful Dead, while high ABSOLUTELY enhances it.

And for the record I am NOT a druggie, I do not drink alcohol (anymore) and have stopped smoking pot. But from my past experiences I can tell you....going to see a band or going out dancing at a club is way more fun while you are under the influence. This, of course, is just my opinon.

As far as present day I prefer to listen to my music on my headphones. I love to hear every nook and cranny.

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When I was younger and much more adventurous I used to listen to music stoned, and believed that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, it did do some funky things to what I was listening to, but what I discovered after sobering up and quit smoking for good, was that a lot of the music I thought was so great was no longer as interesting. Maybe that's a personal opinion, but I've heard it from other people. Interestingly enough, I had a friend who had no interest in pot or the band Phish when I was a pot head. I sobered up, he started smoking, and immediately he became really into Phish while I drifted away from their music. Interesting I think.

I went to one concert stoned, and spent the entire time staring at the lights. I barely remember the music. I find that sad.

I think that drugs has damaged the music business tremendously. We've lost some amazing musicians because of drugs and alcohol. The only thing I think drugs contribute to the music process is that it makes people let down their guard, but I'm a firm believer that this can be done sober.

Substances in small doses are okay (as in, maybe once or twice a year in moderate amounts). But the musician that gets boozed up or stoned before every set, every recording session, every time they write lyrics. I'm guessing that more could be accomplished if they were sober. I think that so many musicians turn to substances because they lack self esteem.

Some one listed all the famous musicians that are dead because of drugs and alcohol. Imagine what they could have been. Personally, I think they burned out too quickly, and if they did last longer and didn't end up doing much, then I guess you could ask: were they really that great?

And just look at all the musicians that have sobered up. Anyone want to argue that Adam was a better basist when he was drunk? As far as I'm concerned, Adam's playing has become much much much much more exciting since he sobered up.

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