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Best pranks you ever pulled?

So now that its almost halloween...what are some of the best pranks that you've ever pulled?

Once when I was on a cruise ship with some friends and my best friends parents, they had fallen asleep before the ship took off and missed the "life vest drill" so about 2 hours after the drill when everybody had settled in we got on out life vests and ran by their room telling them to get on their life vests and head out to the deck and that we'd meet them there...about 15 minutes later we saw the only 2 people on the ship still wearing a life vest running around in confusion about where they were supposed to be, drinks in hand we called up to them laughed, and got a one finger salute in return.

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haha, good one. i bet they loved being stuck on the ship with for the cruise after that.

don't know about "all time best," but most recent best owes a thank you to someone on this board...

a month or so ago there was a thread about pranking co-workers...

someone contributed one about using a computer screen capture to replace someone's desktop (after hiding all their icons in a folder somewhere)

i've got a co-worker who's a chronic jokester and repeats the same pranks over and over... (basically hiding somewhere then jumping out at you)... i pulled the desktop one on her last week during her lunch break and had her stressed and confused for a good fifteen minutes when she got back. she feigned confidence as usual, but after one re-boot i could tell she had no idea what was going on. haha, this is a really good one, problem is you can really only use it once in a great while if you want to brag about it afterwards..

i would've liked to drag it out longer, but i had to go to lunch so i could get back, and didn't want her to have to get IT involved...


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We had a prankster co worker once who stopped pranking after we got him with a fake birthday cake! I covered a piece of foam rubber in a cake shape with frosting and decorated it on a plate and stuck candles into it, we had the staff singing Happy Birthday and Ward blew out the candles, made his wish then took the knife to cut a piece and it took a while for him to realize it was a phoney cake!!! OMG we laffed till we all pissed ourselves it was so funny. He admitted we'd gotten him but good and that is pretty much where the office pranks ended.
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I had buddies that were taking their driver's tests about two weeks apart. The first one to go failed his, and pretty much said to the other guy, "I'll only feel bad if you pass yours, but I'm sure you'll fail too, so I'm not too worried." So, when the second buddy went to his test, he passed it, and we both decided that we'd tell the first guy that the second guy failed too. So, he was all happy for a couple of days, and then one day when he was in his driveway playing basketball, we drove past him, honked the horn, waved, and drove off.
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I used to work at a women's clothing store, and I loved prank calling my boss. I once called in as a little old lady who had a gift card that she wanted to use to buy her husband stuff, so she was wondering if any of our clothes would be appropriate for a man. I went on and on arguing with her, and she took the call so seriously...she was being very polite and nice. She didn't realize it had been a prank until I walked into work later that day, looked at a shirt, and declared in my old lady voice, "You liar! This would look great on my husband!"

I called her another time, all fired up and demanding to speak to a manager to complain about an employee. I started describing what the employee looked like...which, of course, was my boss. I named off a whole list of complaints and told her I was gonna take it to the corporate office. I could tell she was really freaking out. I didn't want to drag out her misery too much, so I finally just added something like, "Oh, yeah...and she really smelled bad too, it was awful," and then I started laughing. At that point, she knew it was just me.
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I pulled the best prank ever last year...but I'd rather not post it publicly

Let me just say I earned the title and legendary status of the Condom Queen...and that RAs on campus have been warned about me
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Originally posted by U2democrat
I pulled the best prank ever last year...but I'd rather not post it publicly

Let me just say I earned the title and legendary status of the Condom Queen...and that RAs on campus have been warned about me
You know when you run for president big posters of you will suddenly pop up with "Can We Trust The CONDOM QUEEN To Run This Country?" on them.
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When I was a kid, we had a flagpole outside. When it was windy, the chain would flip around it and clang againt the pole twice--always twice. So when I was telling ghost stories to my younger brothers, I would throw in that if the flagpole clanged three times one of them would die. For the longest time, when the wind picked up, they'd start counting and they'd be terrified waiting for that third clang--which of course never came.

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