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How about The Beatles.

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i'd have to agree that oasis takes the cake on this one.
but the verve had a good run, specifically their b-sides from 'a northern soul'

from the 'This is music' single:
'Let the Damage Begin' - fiery, growling guitar rocker, as good as anything on the album
'you and me' - lilting acoustic ditty. sweet

'On Your Own' single:
'I see the door' - beautiful, familiar ballad, neat guitar bits, great melody
'Little Gem' - what the title says. another lovely ballad - they all seem companion pieces to the single. a neat off time drum beat sparks the tune
'Dance On Your Bones' - meandering jam. not sure if it goes anywhere, but is an interesting listen from time to time

'History' Single - released in 2 parts
Part I
'Back on My Feet again' - slowly unwinding piano based epic tune. the payoff is worth the buildup
'On your Own (acoustic)' - piano and 12 string acoustic arrangement of the prior single. GREAT.
'Monkey Magic' - psychedilic reinvention of an already psychedlic tune 'brainstorm interlude'. nonessential
Part II
'Grey Skies' - FANTASTIC slow building ballad. A prelude to the best of what richard would offer as a solo artist.
'Life's Not a Rehearsal' - another remix, this time of 'Life's an Ocean'.

Throw in the tunes from their best of that were recorded at that time - 'Monte Carlo' (shuffling, intense modern sound) and 'This Could Be My Moment' (Soaring pop anthem), and you've got a helluva bunch of tunes...

so there's some pure filler in there, no doubt. but the best tracks can be cobbled together into a heck of a mini album - 'let the damage begin' - 'This Could Be My Moment' - 'on your own (acoustic)' - 'i see the door' - 'little gem' - 'back on my feet again' - 'grey skies' - 'Monte Carlo' - 'you and me'

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It's gotta be Pearl Jam.
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for b-sides its radiohead

for general unreleased tracks I go with Bruce Springsteen
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permanent daylight
gagging order
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Originally posted by I'm Ready

for general unreleased tracks I go with Bruce Springsteen
Yeah, if it was for best unreleased tracks, it would definitely be Springsteen.
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Originally posted by phanan
Listen Up..
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Nick Cave
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Question to original poster: Which album would Forever fit on? It was first played after Seventeen Seconds, and I don't think it would work on Faith. And by the time Pornography came out, they dropped Forever for All Mine.
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Porcupine Tree.

Proof: the compilation Recordings, a collection of b-sides stronger and more cohesive than most bands' best albums.

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Originally posted by liamcool
Question to original poster: Which album would Forever fit on? It was first played after Seventeen Seconds, and I don't think it would work on Faith. And by the time Pornography came out, they dropped Forever for All Mine.
I might be wrong, but wasn't it composed during the Seventeen Seconds sessions? It would fit perfectly into that album.
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Oasis, especially the B-sides from the Morning Glory era.
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pearl jam by a country mile.

what other band not only has such great b-sides, but will play any of 'em at any given moment, play 4 or 5 of 'em in a single concert, and have every single person in the crowd not only know the song, but sing along.

hard to imagine
dirty frank
don't gimmie no lip
yellow ledbetter

gotta be pearl jam.

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