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Beck is awesome.

So I've listened to 5 Beck albums straight through today (Well, technically just 4, I listened to Sea Change twice ) and I must say this man deserves 10 times as much recognition as he gets. It's a shame he doesn't get the praise he deserves.

So for curiosity's sake, how do you all rank his albums.

Mine's something like:

1. Sea Change
2. Midnight Vultures
3. Odelay
4. Mutations
5. Stereopathetic Soul Manure

I've only heard a little bit if Guero, and none of his latest album, so I'm not sure where they'd fit in this list. I'm pretty sure at least the top 2 spots are solid though.

Sea Change =

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Sea Change is one of my favorite albums ever. Probably in my top ten.

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1. One foot in the grave
2. Odelay
3. Stereopathetic soul manure
4. Mutations
5. Mellow Gold

Sea Change bores me at times
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Official albums only...?

1) Midnite Vultures

2) Stereopathetic Soulmanure

3) Odelay!

4) One Foot in the Grave

5) Mutations

6) Mellow Gold

At this point in the list, we reach the stuff which is so boring and predictable (or just plain unlistenable, in terms of maybe 90% of the earliest albums) that it hurts. The last time I listened to Sea Change from start to finish was in 2003. I tried, last year, but I fell asleep on account of those horrific string arrangement which David Campbell did...and which are the same on every single song he's ever arranged in his entire, worthless career. Still got some amazing songs on these albums, though...even The Information, which could prove career-ending, has some tight jams. Or two. Whatever. At least they're there.

7) Sea Change

8) Guero

9) The Information

10) Golden Feelings

11) A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight

It's a shame that many of the man's best songs aren't even on these albums, but you gotta take what you can get, sometimes. I'm satisfied enough with his output in the '80s and '90s to have a soft spot for him for the rest of my life. There was a time when I would've said he was the most talented songwriter on the planet, and I'll forever remember those days with a warm heart.
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