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Old 07-08-2004, 06:17 PM   #1
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Be careful of what you write in a forum or...


Fans Slam George Michael in Chat
Jul 8, 7:14 AM EST

The Associated Press

LONDON -- Pop singer George Michael might have expected some praise from adoring fans when he set up a chat room on his Web site.

Instead, contributors complained the 41-year-old looked old and overweight and criticized his recent music, prompting the singer to announce Thursday he is shutting down the forum.

In a message posted on his site, Michael said the negativity was bad for him, his fans and his music.

"There are plenty of places to read people slagging each other off, but I wasn't trying to create one in opening the forum," he wrote.

"Those of you that want to carry on the media's work will have to do it somewhere else I suppose."

He signed off: "Sorry guys, but that's the way it goes... Peace and Love...or nothing at all."

The decision prompted a flurry of postings, mostly from supportive fans asking the singer to reconsider.

However, a few deemed the decision unfair and George a "control freak."

"It's a fans' forum, it's freedom of speech and I don't think it's down to George to take his ball home and say `I'm not playing any more,'" one fan wrote[/q]

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Old 07-08-2004, 07:27 PM   #2
The Flower
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Touchy, touchy George!

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Old 07-08-2004, 07:32 PM   #3
The Fly
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You never know who's reading!
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Old 07-08-2004, 07:49 PM   #4
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.....yes, never know who is reading....

have I mentioned lately how the members of U2 look great and their music just keeps getting better and better over time???
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Old 07-08-2004, 08:32 PM   #5
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I guess he took my easy on the eyes, heavy on the heart comment completely out of context...
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Old 07-08-2004, 08:44 PM   #6
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very touchy guy ....

muggs and B real (cypress hill guys) are always reading what we write in their forums, and sometimes they join us and we have a blast when they are around... sometimes the girls get very heavy with our posts, but those guys know to handle that, they are very fun people
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Old 07-08-2004, 09:15 PM   #7
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"Peace and Love...or nothing at all"

Wasn't "Peace and Love or Else" a rumoured U2 song title...?
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Old 07-08-2004, 09:20 PM   #8
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George wasnt kidding when he sang, "I dont want your freedom" (of speech)

....or something

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Old 07-08-2004, 09:22 PM   #9
love, blood, life
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Well that sucks.....
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Old 07-08-2004, 10:16 PM   #10
love, blood, life
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i got quoted (by user name) in a canadian website/article about sarah mclachlan. i sounded like a jackass. it freaks me out sometimes that so many people check in on this place.
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Old 07-08-2004, 11:52 PM   #11
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If he only surrounds himself with "yes men" he will be in worse shape in the long run.
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Old 07-08-2004, 11:56 PM   #12
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I was quoted in a family history newsletter email that goes out to thousands of people - RootsWeb Review. They had lifted something I had typed in a thread to about 10 people, pasted into their newsletter email along with my name and email address.

I then had a tonne of grannies emailing me to either say "thank you for the help" or "can you explain a bit more". I started answering my own emails with "sorry, Im away at the moment" etc. Until it all cooled down.

So yes, you never know whos reading what you say.
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Old 07-09-2004, 12:11 AM   #13
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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During early days of AOL, musicians would set up chat rooms under an alias.
They wanted to know how the "fans" felt about their music and stuff.
Pretty sure Ted Nugent did this and others.
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Old 07-09-2004, 01:02 AM   #14
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i think i'm going to go troll at the George Michael forum now. thanks for the heads up.
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Old 07-09-2004, 02:36 AM   #15
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Re: Be careful of what you write in a forum or...

Originally posted by Justified

"It's a fans' forum, it's freedom of speech and I don't think it's down to George to take his ball home and say `I'm not playing any more,'" one fan wrote[/q]
Well, since it he set it up on his website, it is down to him IMO.

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