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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
Bruce and the E Street Band
Second that....

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Originally posted by If you shout...

I totally have to second that...but, first, I have to go back in time at least 20 years.

There was indeed a time when The Boss & Co. not only matched U2's energy and such, but eclipsed it by miles upon miles upon miles. That's all in the now-distant past, of course, but so are U2's mega-awesome concert days. It's all relative, I guess. C'est la vie.

ummmm...not too sure about that..i saw Bruce hand upside down from his mike stand and then do a back flip off a piano about two years ago...He's about ten years older than Bono also...freakin unreal.

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bands that are better than u2 that i've seen for myself:

broken social scene
arcade fire
wolf parade

and i KNOW sigur ros, radiohead, wilco, etc. etc. are also way better than u2 live as well.

and by u2, i mean modern day u2.
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I've read the same "only a U2 concert is a religious experience" comments quite a bit on this board, and although I understand it is a U2 board so that is to be expected, I've found it's not exactly true. It indubitably is a religious experience for those who have made the comment, but many fans of other bands feel the same way about their bands too.

I'm a huge fan of (yes, we can all say this together) The Church and a few of their gigs have been akin to a religious experience for me. They were in small (sometimes tiny) venues with no high tech stage or light show, no running around or jumping around (by the band or the audience), no one got brought on stage, no band member went out into the audience, there were no pyrotechnics or fog machines (there was incense though ) -- none of the stuff that is usually added to create excitement.

And yet the shows (well, three of the five I saw -- the other two were good, but not quite transcendent) took my breath away. Absolutely mesmerising, intoxicating performances. Completely captivating. I'm actually not sure if I'd call it a religious experience as most of my religious experiences haven't been that powerful and fantastic. Orgasmic experience might be a more apt description.
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Religious experience or energy? They are two different things although U2 is the only band I can think of that manages to do both simultaneously. Zootv would be on my shortlist of Best ever concerts but I thought Popmart blended the spiritual with the energetic better, in a 60K plus outdoor stadium no less.

Other notable concert experiences:

The Who- This was the '80 tour infamous for the GA riot in Cincinnati in which 11 people died. It was all reserved seating by the time they got to my town and I somehow got 3rd row seats. I couldn't believe the way Pete could move and jump around with that 10 lb Les Paul strapped around him and not miss a note. Daltrey was the king of the mike cord twirls, a lost art since the advent of the wireless mike.

The Clash- '82 Combat Rock tour. The crowd was apeshit just for the fact that these guys came within 100 miles of our backwater burg (Williamsburg, va). It wasn't that hard to get too close either, just let the numbnuts punk in front of you climb up on stage to do his dive and get a police escort out.

Most energy with minimal effort- Muddy Waters opening for Eric Clapton. I can't remember exactly when I saw him but he just parked himself on a stool in front of the stage and proceeded to blow everyone away. I don't even remember Clapton's set. Come to think of it, that was also pretty much a religious experience.
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Originally posted by ljclary

ummmm...not too sure about that..i saw Bruce hand upside down from his mike stand and then do a back flip off a piano about two years ago...He's about ten years older than Bono also...freakin unreal.
Oh, he's totally still got the energy or whatever, but as your comment and even contemporary Bono so perfectly encapsulate (and I saw Bruce and The Gang on the same tour), there is a fine line between charisma and laugh-out-loud funny self-parody.

That's all I'll say about that so as to avoid bringing the lunatics out of the woodwork, but matter how you put it and no matter how pompous he too has become, Bruce is still the far, far, far superior frontman. I'm sorry to say it, but he always has been. Even when his music sucked/sucks.

Bono looks uncomfortable on a small stage. Bruce owns it much like he still semi-owns (or at least leases, long-term) the ginormous stadiums. I am sorry for rambling. Back to your regularly scheduled viewing, kids.
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Recent gigs with lots of 'energy' and 'intensity' : Pixies, Subways, Be Your Own Pet
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i've seen a lot of bands that put a lot more energy into a show than u2 does and that i've put a lot more energy into (ditto that not being able to walk for 2 days comment from IWasBored)
but i do get that special something out of a u2 show that i haven't got from anything else... whether it means there's actually something special there or whether it's a personal thing that i'm just getting out of it because of the fandom, i dont know

i'm talking specifically about Vertigo tour here though, i'd only ever seen 1 popmart show before that so i can't comment what they were like "back in the day"
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fuck u2. i just got back from seeing nine inch nails. THAT was a religious experience. compared to hurt, even songs like streets feel like a joke.

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