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Old 07-10-2002, 10:08 PM   #1
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Aussies and Ozzy..........Osbourne????

So guys what do you all think of the show the Osbournes????? after two episodes those of you who watched it must have a bit of an idea on whether you like or not like- me, well I love it, I think that whole family is just wonderful and Ozzy just cracks me up- having grown up listening to Black Sabbath from my Dad- I was always aware of Ozzy but this show just makes me look at him in an entirely new light- he sure is one cool guy


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lol Oz. Black Sabbath were never big on my playlist back in the days, so I dont know a great deal about him.
I think I missed the point with ozzy anyway as I cant see the appeal in some has been trying vainly to hang onto fame by parading his dysfunctional family in reality tv. I have to admit, I kind of thought this was a bit of bandwagon jumping at 1st. Now everyone's an Ozzy fan kind of thing. I am probably wrong, it sounds like there are more fans than I thought.
Got a question though, why do the nearly grown kids need a nanny? Are the parents that unstable?

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One thing to bear in mind....Ozzy tells the tale of the Black Sabbath days in America when the house was just crawling with people he didn't know and every coffee table was piled high with cocaine. It's amazing he's even alive . And I think I have heard someone who knows a lot of metal history say Sharon that was rather despised by the other band members and industry people. They felt she had too much control of Ozzy or something. But I get the impression they are seriously in love...still!!! and that she is what has kept him alive....SHARON, where's my shoes Sharon??!!!!!!
I don't know, only episode 2 and I'm about to bail...the son likes the warmth of his own urine?...ewwwww gross. I am not sure of the ages of the Osbourne kids... maybe not so much a nanny, more a warden?The parents would be away from home quite a bit, they would want one person they could rely on and offer some form of stability and normalacy to the kids. Goodness, trying to explain the's beyond me.

I have soft spot for the song "paranoid" of my sons early attempts to play guitar. He is really into Zakk Wilde at the moment, who apparently played guitar for Ozzy for some time. He has been d/ling some very melodic stuff....

A side note that made me laugh today. My son tells me Zakk Wilde and wife just had a baby with "a great big long name" ( like someone else we know) This baby carries the names of famous guitarists. My son couldn't recall them all but the baby is
Hendrix something something something Rhodes Wilde

and one of the people he will be meeting real Ozzy. I have a feeling after the initial shock, the baby would like him. Ozzy seems to spend a lot of time on the couch, he can hold the baby.
I remember Geezer telling the story of getting the band together...another note on a board..."Wanted -Singer" All sorts of people auditioned and then this guy appeared at the door, big coat, popped in between jobs as a chimney sweep..."Hi , my name's Ozzy..." Geezer shook his head and chuckled at the memory, if nothing else ozzy makes an impression.

"I'm not the kind of person you think I am...."
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Really enjoying it.
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