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I've been a casual dabbler in astrology for many years now. The funny thing about this is, I tend NOT to believe in supernatural, psychic or new-agey stuff. This being the case, you would think that I would totally discount astrology as well, but I've noticed too many tendencies in myself and others that seem to correlate with their astrological signs.

I know that daily horoscopes in newspapers are mainly for entertainment purposes. They're just too general and vague to apply to that many people. I'm far less skeptical about personalized charts, though. I've done the chart thing on free websites, but have never paid to have it done.

Has anyone ever had their chart done? If so, what did you think? Or do you think the whole thing is a load of crap? Are there any good astrological websites you can recommend?

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I'm a scorpio and I do believe that we have certain characteristics that distinguish us from the other signs. So I used to read the weekly horroscope pretty regularly. But over the last few years I've completely lost interest and don't really believe in it too much.

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I've never had it done but I'm always interested in that kind of stuff

And I'm sure it's a load of crap but my monthly/weekly horoscopes are usually eerily accurate
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Horoscopes are pretty irrelevant to me. Bu t I thinking finding your birth chart can be cool, and reveal some thingsabout you.

That's just me though
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My grandmother is an astrologer,she actually made quite a living out of it back in the 70's doing peoples birth charts, she used to record her findings on tapes!

I definately believe in the stars but i also agree with my grandmother who says " Astrology is just like a train table, some things are late, some things are early, some don't turn up at all!"
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never had a chart done, don't follow the papers and such. Used to read it when I was MUCH younger...
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I am into Numerology and have done readings for people long long ago.....

I have spoken to a psychic (she was wrong wrong on several accounts)

During the Vegas U2 shows I had a tarot card reading and my palm read at the Palms Hotel. THAT was really eerie and interesting in a very good way. The lady was extremely intuitive and dead on about things no one else knew.
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Old 01-15-2006, 01:49 AM   #8
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Over the years I've found that there are just far to many similarties between astrological signs and personality traits to simply dismiss it as some crazy coincidences. I see it in myself, and many of my friends. Hardly a representative sampling, but it's enough to make you wonder.
One intersting discussion I once had was about whether our signs influence us, or if we are influenced by our signs. The idea that we are endowed with certain traits versus the possibility that we aquire certain traits because we are 'supposed' to have them.
Also, there is some evidence that the world around us does have some effect on who we become. Such a the fact that the time of conception seems to be an important influence on one's gender.

As for horoscopes...
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my mom went to a psychic when my brother and I were born. she told me that I was probably seven months old while my brother was a year and half old..

supposedly the psychic said:
- my brother would be very intelligent and successful in his future
- he would marry an unattractive woman but he would live a fulfilled life
- I would marry late but things would happen to me during my twenties and I should take 'caution' in college
- I would fall in love too soon, and find love in my later years
- I would live a happy life rather than a successful one

.. and a bit more, but those were the 'important stuff' that my mom told me.
she actually still has the tape recording. she recorded the whole meeting with the psychic. and I heard it too.. and it was a bit strange.

well my brother and I are in our teens right now, and it kinda shows that the psychics stuff was a bit true.. my brother is very smart, etc. and my goal is to live happily rather than successfully

personally, I find it to be either too coincidental or just odd. but to clear up any confusion of any sorts, my mom is a devout Christian, but she went to the psychic because my grandmother (who's Buddhist) recommended it.

it's really interesting though. I can't help but be curious about my charts..
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I'm a Capricorn and the description of it sticks to me almost perfectly. Charts a little complex and long but the few times I've decided to get one for me (free, of course), they fitted me.

I've got here a website I like. There are no charts, just simple description of the signs that I like.
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Originally posted by sami0201
I've never had it done but I'm always interested in that kind of stuff

me too!

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