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Anyone Listen to Phil Hendrie???

File under comic genius. I got hooked on this guy a few years back. He has a radio call in show that usually features unusual guests that take even more unusual postions on the issues of the day. But there is a secret to his show!

Anyone else listen to Phil??

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I used to be a regular listener but I stopped a few years ago. I was SO mad when I found out the secret...I felt like I was duped!

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Margret Gray got me for the longest time. I couldn't figure out why she was always on the show....
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The first time I listened he had on a member from "Americans for Responsible Drinking”.

They had a van that would go to the grade schools and park next to the school grounds.

The van had a working bar where the kids could order virgin drinks. (non alcoholic).

The purpose was for the children to properly order the drink, consume it, and after about two drinks say “No thank you, I think I have had enough.”

If you got the children young enough (7,8,9 year olds) they could be trained to drink responsibly.

Well, some parents called and were outraged. The spokesperson said they were within their rights because they were on a public street and the children could choose to learn to be responsible drinkers or not.
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Old 05-13-2003, 07:57 PM   #5
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he sounds interesting. give me more information.
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Chris Norton: After Dark Escort
Real Audio - 18:18 mins.
Chris Norton from "After Dark Escort" joins the program to talk about the services he provides as a male escort to unmarried women. Chris sets the rates per customer, that's why he charges more for older women!

Don Parsley: Ozzie took a crap on stage
Real Audio - 27:14 mins.
Don Parsley is a dad who finds fault with the Osborne show because he believes it shows wrong parenting. Sure Don has his own personal problems but at least he doesn't walk around like a retard and shoot smack between his toes!!

RC Collins: Backstreet Boys are hardcore!
Real Audio - 26:32 mins.
In another episode of "Teen Talk", RC Collins joins the program to point out that it's not the Limp Biscuits or Blink 182's that teenage boys are listening to... it's groups like NSYNC that speak to the teenage male youth in America today.

Harvey Wireman: Fearing Alzheimer's
Real Audio - 18:05 mins.
Harvey Wireman fears he's in the beginning phase of Alzheimer's. From July 2000.

Jay Santos: Mountain Trash
Real Audio - 26:30 mins.
Jay santos of Citizens Auxiliary police explains why we need to be suspicious of people who live in the mountains. Featuring a special appearance by Major Elvis Newton! From May 2001.

Lloyd Bonafide: Killing off Pandas
Real Audio - 25:58 mins.
Korean war veteran Lloyd Bonafide suggests that the US should send a message to the Chinese after an incident regarding a U.S. spy plane… by killing off Pandas!

David G. Hall - Judge Judy
Real Audio - 25:03 mins.
VP David Hall wants Phil to do his show more like Judge Judy, by humiliating his callers and calling them names, like "whores" and "pieces of crap".

Harvey Wireman & Jeff Dowder - Christmas Tree Debate
Real Audio - 30:21 mins.
Attorney Harvey Wireman and Jeff Dowder join the program to debate real Christmas trees Vs. fake Christmas trees. From December 1998.

Roland Schwinn: Camp Bountiful
Real Audio - 20:01 mins.
Camp Bountiful director Roland Schwinn joins the program to discuss why he thinks it's okay for a kids to have a 5 egg omlette for breakfast!

Ted Bell: Relax Tiger Woods
Real Audio - 19:21 mins.
Ted Bell thinks it'd only be fair if Tiger Woods won "a little less often". from March 2000.

Dave Oliva: No Onion Dip
Real Audio - 18:10 mins.
While preparing for a Superbowl party, Dave gets into an argument with his girlfriend over serving onion dip because he feels it compromises his culture. from January 2000.

Bud Dickman: Malcolm X
Real Audio - 3:39 mins.
Phil's discussion revolving around the nation of Islam and Malcolm X is interrupted by intern Bud Dickman playing Irish music!! from January 2000.

Steve Bosell: Master of the Ween
Real Audio - 25:29 mins.
During a family trip to the local Roller Skating Rink, Steve Bosell was trying to show off in front of his kids by wearing in-line skates. After falling on his ass, his 12 year old son called him a wienie... now he wants to sue! from January 2000.

Dr.Jim Sadler: Cats are Evil!
Real Audio - 3:48 mins.
According to veterinarian Dr. Jim Sadler, cats hate humans and wouldn't give you "the sweat off their balls" if you were dying of thirst. from August 2001.

Bob Green: Table to Table Service
Real Audio - 22:04 mins.
Bob Greene, manager of "Windows on the Boulevard" restaurant has an revolutionary new idea, serving the leftovers from other tables for 1/3 of the price! from November 1999.

Chris Norton: Thanksgiving Dilemma
Real Audio - 16:14 mins.
Chris Norton calls the show for help with a moral dilemma: he wants to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his girls family, but he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea! from November 1999.

Margaret Gray: The Nouveau Rich
Real Audio - 23:28 mins.
Margaret Gray joins to program to speak about the incredibly awkward and embarrassing ways that people who fall into money spend it. from November 1999.


Steve Bosell: 5-Alarm Chili
Real Audio - 16:01 mins.
After attending a chili cook-off, Steve Bosell thinks his rival "crossed the line" by spiking his five-alarm chili with jalapeno and other peppers. from January 2000.

Ted Bell: Don't Touch the Sunshields
Real Audio - 27:16 mins.
Ted Bell can't understand why his wife is upset that he told her he wanted to get a divorce while wearing his Oakley sunglasses. from November 1999.

R.C. Collins: The T-Rex Theory
Real Audio - 7:14 mins.
After discussing masturbation and Brittany Spears being "pud pulling" material, R.C. explains his theory on why dinosaurs are extinct. from May 2000.

Bobbie Dooley: Is That Your Final Answer?
Real Audio - 29:24 mins.
Bobbie Dooley joins the program to suggest that if "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" made their questions a bit easier, maybe more women and blacks could participate. from November 1999.

Margaret Gray: The Dog Show
Real Audio - 14:56 mins.
Reporting live from the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show, Margaret Gray is offended by the strange behavior she's observed from several of the dog owners. from February 2000.

Bud Dickman: Top 10 Head Wounds
Real Audio - 3:23 mins.
The Phil Hendrie Show presents... "Bud Dickman's Top 10 Head Injuries"! from February 2000.

Jeff Dowder: Sandwich Artists
Real Audio - 24:34 mins.
In the aftermath of a double killing of two Subway employees, Jeff Dowder theorizes that the kids committed suicide because they were distraught over the daily pressures of being a "Sandwich Artist". from February 2000.

Mavis Leonard: The Fortune Teller (part 2)
Real Audio - 13:42 / 14:55 mins.
After a psychic predicts that Phil will die in an airport within 12 months, Mavis Leonard and callers phone in with some spiritual guidance for Phil. From January 2000.

Brad Rifkin: Should have used a Michelin!
Real Audio - 17:29 mins.
Advertiser Brad Rifkin was recently fired over a proposed campaign for Michelin Tires... He wanted to show Elian Gonzales drifting in the Atlantic saying his mother wouldn't have drowned if she had been floating in a Michelin! from April 2000.

Bobbie: The Vaseline Workshop
Real Audio - 17:40 mins.
Bobbie and Steve are sending their son to a Christian camp that focuses on overcoming homosexuality after he was suspended in school for drawing a picture of a "tinkle". from March 2000.

Ted Bell: Diorama Kids
Real Audio - 26:48 mins.
Ted Bell has an idea for his new Beverly Hills Children's Museum: he wants parents of dead children to donate their kids' bodies to the museum, where they will be stuffed, mounted, and put on display in dioramas. from February 2000.

Steve Bosell: Keep that Astroglide away
Real Audio - 17:23 mins.
Steve Bosell believes that his wife of 16 years is being unfaithful because she's suddenly become skilled in bed.

Meg: Women Aren't Funny
Real Audio - 30:27 mins.
After a recent report that quoted comedian Jerry Lewis as saying "Women aren't funny", Phil takes a call from a woman named Meg who agrees with Jerry statement. She backs it up by saying that comic actresses in movies and TV are only "funny" because they're reading a line that a man wrote!! from February 2000.

Bobbie Dooley: Real Tame Stuff
Real Audio - 19:41 mins.
Bobbie Dooley recently received some private information about a local school teacher after reviewing her credit application at Western Estates… she runs a porn site with her husband!! Bobbie presented her findings at a PTO meeting but explains she was merely trying to defend her. After all, what's the big deal… it was just all real standard piledriver and doggystyle stuff!! from January 2000.

David G. Hall: Buy My Sperm!
Real Audio - 17:57 mins.
Program Director David Hall, an exceptional, accomplished man, joins the program today to sell his sperm live on the air. from January 2000.

Roland Schwinn: Eating In Church
Real Audio - 15:21 mins.
Tonight Phil brings on the line guest Roland Schwinn, who says that there's nothing wrong with eating a nice snack in the middle of church… after all, isn't a enjoying a thick rich stew just like praying to Jesus?

Margaret Grey: Say No to Seatbelts
Real Audio - 22:47 mins.
Margaret Grey joins the program to discuss her child actor son, Jason J. Delmonico. Although Margaret recently received a ticket for driving without her son in a seatbelt, she is contesting it because she believes her son transcends the seatbelt law.

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