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I wansn't even going to go near the place, until October 28, 2001 when I saw U2 perform in New Jersey. They had just visited themselves the same day and when the names were scrolled up the screens during One I knew I was going to have to go and pay my respects. So instead of leaving the next morning we went into NYC and visited. I can truly say that seeing what I saw has changed my outlook on life greatly. I know that sounds cliche and Im using very few words to describe the emotions that swept thru me but they are and remain as real to me as if I had lived in NY, and will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Peace on earth, indeed.


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Originally posted by Ace Rimmer:
Since about December there has not been that much on TV about Ground Zero here in the UK, I was wondering what they are planning to do with the site? Are they planning some kind of memorial to all those that died?

I dont know if its the same in the US but here we are bombarded with news about a particular event for a period of time and then it suddenly stops and you are left wondering what happened next, such as that plane that crashed in the suberbs of New York not long after sept 11, Did they find out exactly why it crashed?

maybe I just need to check the news more....
they're not sure what they're going to do with the site just yet. the clean up is still going on, and probably will be for a while. they're going to have to use the land for office space, because it's too valuable to leave open. however, i am sure that there will be a memorial to those who lost their lives, as well as to the towers themselves.

the plane crash that happend on Long Island about 2 months after sept. 11th was mechanical failure of some sort- they think the tail was ripped off by turbulence from another aircraft (ie, the 2 planes took off too close together, and the one in the wake had a lot of turbulence).

and yes, the US media is exactly the same as you described...


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