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Old 06-10-2003, 03:58 PM   #31
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Also, I want to add that when I said that my bloodwork over the years was normal, I should say that it was normal according to all of my traditional allopathic physicians. Even though certain things were definitely on the low end of normal, they'd smile and say, "your bloodwork looks good!" My nutritionist is trained to look at bloodwork with a much different eye. He sees something within 'normal range' but on the very low end and sees a crisis waiting to happen. A regular doctor sees 'normal.'

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I hardly ever eat any vegetables at all, unless they come on a salad. Even then, I'm sure to pick off the tomatos (they make me break out) and I'm not too fond of the onions either.

I'd say vegetation makes up less than 5% of my diet. Chocolate, in contrast, makes up about 1/4 of it

The remaining 70% is probably 2/3 meat, 1/3 starch.

I guess I'd never make a good vegetarian

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I don't understand why people associate "Vegetarian" with "just eating vegetables"

Mind you, I will eat meat. I love a good burger, or turkey on a sandwhich, and I like chicken. For the most part, I live and eat vegetarian.
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Old 06-11-2003, 11:05 AM   #34
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I agree Zoney. I could go days without eating vegetables. It's not the greatest way to go because that means I've mainly had carbs and nothing else, but still, I don't always have just fruit and vegetables and that's it. That would be boring.
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I myself am now a vegan. It's just easier since i'm lactose intolerant and hate the taste of eggs. For a very long time, though, I was a vegetarian and the most common question I was asked is
"since you're a vegetarian do you eat animal crackers?"

anyway, if you ever find a Wild Oats health food grocery store, they have the best Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies ever created
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I'm vegetarian for approx. 10-15 years now. I didn't like the taste of animal crackers before that so i never thought about eating them when i became vegetarian

But anyway, it's pretty easy - read what's inside and you know if it's vegetarian or not. The dissadvantage of reading is that even if it is vegetarian you sometimes don't want to eat that junk-stuff you hold in your hands


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