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Old 04-22-2006, 09:42 AM   #1
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Any hard-core indie music lovers?

i feel in love in indie music long time ago. So, there are many bands i like: the Killers, Keane, Snow patrol, Editors, Kaiser Chiefs. My question would be:is there more?Anyone like something new and good i didnt hear yet? I heard about Yea, Yea, Yeahs, but i listened just one song(Gold Lion). And how about Vines? I heard one song called "I feel it" and i dont know the name of the band, but it is brilliant(i thought it was Killers song Smile like you mean it, but it wasnt).
And my final, really hard question is: anyone knows song called Dress you up in the morning and name of the band?It is song about 10 years old. I never forget it. Thanks in advance

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Define hardcore and define indie, please?

I never really understood this term, indie. Yes, I know it came originally from those mid-Eighties British bands that were not signed to a major record company. But does that matter if such a band becomes hugely successful? I mean, were The Smiths, Depeche Mode and Primal Scream really indie? Was U2 indie (since Island Records was not a major)?

I think that many will disagree with your statement that The Killers, Keane, Snow Patrol, The Editors, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Vines are indie. But then, what is?

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The Kings Of Leon and The Rakes are both superb bands. Check them out
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Old 04-22-2006, 10:26 AM   #4
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^^Indie is very ambiguous.....uhh but as you say the bands that have been listed such as The Killers are far from being indie these days...The Smiths are definitely though, most indie kid types I hang about all treat mozza like their indie-God....

Hardcore indie I guess would be you loving bands that you are the only person who sings along with them at a gig because you are the only person who has ever heard of them, it is also a preference that the band themselves have never heard of their own band, in fact they should be barely aware of the fact that they are in a band

Basically if you can name 10 or so bands that no one else has heard of and act like if anyone else finds out about them it will be the end of your world because you love being the only person who has heard of them at their gigs then your hardcore indie Well in my limited understanding of the term, it is a stupid one anyway!
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Originally posted by Popmartijn
Define hardcore and define indie, please?
Indie means an artist or band signed to an independant record label, but that would make people like Eminem indie....
... I don't really get what defines "indie" anymore.

The Libertines are alright and so are Carl Barat's new band Dirty Pretty Things.
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The beautiful thing about being "Indie' is how the music can get around organically, without being force-fed to the public by huge corporations. The Arcade Fire, for example, didn't have the luxury of a mass media push, initially. It's great that something organic and original can still surface and change our preconceptions of how a successful artist should look or sound.

And, yes, there is that window of time when you can boast about uncovering a band few have noticed...there's a charm in that. It's probably like sharing mind-blowing drugs, without the side effects.
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Originally posted by angelordevil
The beautiful thing about being "Indie' is how the music can get around organically, without being force-fed to the public by huge corporations.
So The Arctic Monkeys would've been one of the best examples of being Indie then...

And in answer to your original question Girlhappy, I'd say that I like most of the bands you named in your original post And I've never heard of the song, sorry!
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I'm hardcore!
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Re: Any hard-core indie music lovers?

Originally posted by girlhappy
ithe Killers, Keane, Snow patrol, Editors, Kaiser Chiefs.
These are all more mainstream "indie" bands, though. Props on dropping the Editors though, as they haven't quite broken thru.

Try checking out groups like Neutral Milk Hotel (now defunct, obvs.), Fiery Furnaces, Decemberists, The Duke Spirit, CYHSY, etc...shit you have to read in-the-know music blogs and decent music mags to hear about, if you really want hardcore "indie" that the hipsters cream themselves to, and not just bands that end up on the soundtrack for The OC.
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mr. brau's gonna have a field day with this one...
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why would there be music fans here? isn't this a site about cooking?
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There is no indie anymore. Sure if you're on an indie lable you're indie but media has warped indie into a sound and has taken all the meaning out of it. The Killers, Snow Patrol, Keane... Indie bands? maybe but not really.
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Old 04-22-2006, 10:07 PM   #14
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this thread is hilarious
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Some 'indie' stuff I listen to:

Arcade Fire
Broken Social Scene
Wolf Parade
Sufjan Stevens
Andrew Bird
Animal Collective
Brendan Benson
Rilo Kiley

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