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It's time for Jason to go home :Pray:

David C. was great - enjoyed both his performances. I even replayed Baba O'Reilly! Syesha has sure stepped it up the last few weeks. Good for her. She deserves to be there more than Jason does as this stage of the game. David A's vocals were fine, I'm just not seeing him as an "American Idol". Maybe more of a talent show winner than an American Idol.

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Originally posted by corianderstem

I'm with you. But she's really stepped it up recently, so good for her.

I wouldn't worry about David Cook. If he doesn't make the final two, I admit I'll be peeved, but he is going to be fine, and probably better off for not winning.

Winning doesn't mean jack squat anymore, not in the past few years anyway.
Nah, I agree. But I'm one of those people who's picked "Bring It On Home to Me" for the first dance at her wedding, despite being single, so I've no idea how reasonable I'm being here. You don't fuck with Cooke (or, in this case, Lou Rawls).

I just have to keep reminding myself of one thing: Cook v. Archuleta will sell albums. Cook (or Archuleta) v. Castro will sell albums. Anything else will not sell albums, so I don't think D. Cook is going anywhere. But I'm still worried, because I don't think David Dook is going the same Daughtry-route as a few years ago. D. Cook is better than the standard top-40 rock route (if his original music is any indication), so I'm worried about him being shoved into a Nickleback-style box.

And I've officially put too much stock in this stupid TV show, if I'm talking like this.

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I loved David Cook!

Jason...yikes. Syesha's first song was pretty good, I missed most of her second song. David A. singing "Stand By Me" was the first time I wasn't completely bored by him. It wasn't making me jump up and down, but it was nice.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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American Idol-Top Four Perform

Hear that people? Ryan says, “You must vote!” Really, Ryan? Or what? You’ll steal our lunch money and make us cry? It’s performance night, and this week’s theme is rock and roll. Will we get a rock and roll hall of fame or a rock and roll hall of shame? After a brief history of rock and roll-hey, it’s Les Paul-the contestants are ready to rock...or schlock.

David Cook sings Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.” I was a big Duranie back in the day (shut up, don’t judge me. John Taylor was smokin’ hot.), so I’m interested in how David will sing one of the most iconic song of the video era. Well, this is not one of his best performances, but I’m not exactly cringing either. David gives this song a slight heavy metal vibe, which is entertaining, but for the most part he doesn’t stray too far from the original. This is a passable effort, but I’m hoping David’s next performance kicks things up a few notches.

Syesha is really excited about the upcoming tour because she thinks she won’t be judged. Oh, you will be judged, Syesha, oh yes you will. She sings Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” Syesha makes this song very Up With People. She just doesn’t bring any grit. She’s not so much Tina Turner as she is Tina Yothers. Still, she seemed to have fun during her performance and her voice was very strong. She’s hardly my favorite, but I know lots of people find her appealing.

Jason sings Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” Of course, he does. I’m not thrilled with Jason’s “frat boy at the coffee shop does reggae” style. His performance did not knock my socks off. There are 500 songs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and this is Jason’s pick? Not a good pick, Castro. Plus, I didn’t like the arrangement. The horns seemed too intrusive and overwhelmed Jason’s restrained vocals.

The Boy Who Would Be Idol, David A sings Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” Ah, yes, another inspirational song from the puppies and rainbows kid. David’s voice does sound lovely, but I can’t get into his High School Musical performance. To me, it’s immediately forgettable. Of course, the judges give David a tongue bath and I’m sure the tweeners can’t wait to text in their votes (and plaster their bedroom walls with posters of David).

Now it’s time for round two....

David C sings the Who’s “Baba O’Riley.” Though the song loses a bit of something being cut down to 1 1/2 minutes, I think David’s second performance far surpassed his first one. He gave the beginning a slightly soul-feel and then he fully rocked it out! And it’s good to see him with his Les Paul. Furthermore, he seemed to get into this song a lot more than his first one. He’ll make it to next week.

Syesha sings Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” Did she just compare her experience on AI with the Civil Rights movement? Not surprisingly, Syesha gives one of the most potent soul songs a very pageant-like vibe. I just zone out and think of other past Idol contestants who could have sung this song better than Syesha. Fantasia and Melinda Doolittle come to mind. I know they’d connect with the song. But Syesha just looks pretty. And her tears have no effect on me. I guess I have ice water in my veins.

For his second song, Jason sings Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man.” A folk song is a better choice for Jason. Too bad he messed up the lyrics. I think Jason’s at the point where he just doesn’t care and he’s not giving it his all. He’s not truly Idol material; he’s a niche artist. Simon is right. Jason needs to pack up the bongs because he’s not long for this show. He’s on precarious ground.

Not surprisingly, the chosen one gets the pimp spot of the evening. David A sings Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender.” Did you expect the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen?” David sounds fine, if a bit overwrought and seriously lacking stage presence. However, he’s probably the best off winning this show because he’s so clean cut, inoffensive and easily malleable-the perfect Idol winner. He makes Josh Groban look like Iggy Pop.

Well, performance night was a heaping bowl of ho-hum. All the great songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and this is what we got stuck with? It didn’t make me rock but it did make me roll my eyes. At this point of the game I expect so much more and I’m not getting it.
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GOOD LORD!!! Jason sucks SO BAD!!

He has to go home, my god.
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^^I know! I was looking at the screen with my left eyebrow stretched to the limit with my jaw hanging on the floor.

I've got a bad feeling that Jason is going to hang in there tonight and Syesha is going home. At this stage of the competition I've never seen Simon, and Randy, be that outspoken about someone's performance. Kind of says a lot on Jason's lack of ability or drive compared to the others. Is he dumb or stoned or what for having bad song choices?

I think DA has this thing won, which is fine with me, as it will be better for Cook anyway. Broadway is probably where DA will end up like Clay and Fantasia. Which isn't a bad thing, it's a job and I'm sure they enjoy it.

Are the judges ever going to say anything about D2s crap stage presence?
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Originally posted by Sicy
GOOD LORD!!! Jason sucks SO BAD!!

He has to go home, my god.
I still can't believe he wasn't gone weeks ago. UGH! As a Duran fan, I have to admit it was cool to see David Cook choose one of their songs, but I didn't think it was that great of a performance. (His Music of the night version was my favorite, I downloaded it on itunes!) Baba O'Reilly however, was great.

I think my cell phone gave out after my 100th vote for DC. last night
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I agree with the judges never saying anything about David's stage presence. It sucks bad and nothing is ever said.

I agree Jason needs to go. I find it funny that the judges were "shocked" that he forgot the lyrics. Uhhhh. You basically just ripped him a new one a few minutes ago. Of course he forgot the lyrics. I don' think I would have even been able to perform a second song after that. Too bad it had to end on such a bad note for him. I really liked the sound of his voice.
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Can I take it as a good sign that 2 minutes after the show ended on the east coast, no one is here ranting and raving about who got voted out?

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I only watched the last 5 min. Literally turned it on when whatsisname started announcing who was going home.
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Originally posted by Sicy
GOOD LORD!!! Jason sucks SO BAD!!

He has to go home, my god.

personally that has been my opinion for like ever about Jason Castro, the only reason he is still around is because of all the teen girl votes
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and then there were three.....
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Is Syesha still here? She has no grit to her voice at all, and is nothing unique.

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She's still in. Jason was sent home

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american idol

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