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Old 02-27-2008, 08:50 PM   #496
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ok I really like Amanda Overmyer... but tonite wasn't her nite and her look scareded me..

here's my interpretation:



Bride of Frankenstein...

similiarities.. yes... no...

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I truly think all the ladies scare me a bit and a bunch of them are slaughtering songs.

I think the winner this year is going to be a guy.

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Old 02-28-2008, 12:00 AM   #498
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Originally posted by corianderstem

Oh my god, you seriously have to.

70s Heart >>>>>>>> 80s Heart.

Ann Wilson= best female rock vocalist ever.
Let me know if one of them attacks 'Barracuda'.
I think the Irish chick might be able to sing it but the hack biker chick couldn't.

Ann Wilson is to the girls as Freddie Mercury is to the guys.

That is to say, don't take them on unless you have the goods.
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that boy Archuleta, damn can he sing!!!!!
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Old 02-28-2008, 02:56 AM   #501
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The girls were all pretty "meh" to me tonight. Ramiele was good but not great. The song or the performance lacked something, that ummpph. I thought Amanda was truly awful, and hope she goes home. Hopeless Devoted girl can go too. And anyone singing 'You're No Good' better be good. Damn, I can't even remember who sang it (after checking, it was Kristy).

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Old 02-28-2008, 07:01 AM   #502
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I liked Brooke, I think her voice is authentic and so is she.
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Old 02-28-2008, 07:05 AM   #503
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Maybe it's because I'm looking at this from a male perspective but I really dig the girls on this year's Idol. Elimination tonight will not be fun. At least one girl that I'm a fan of will be sent home. And I'm a little worried that it might be the beautiful Brooke.

These girls may not be the best singers in Idol history, but they're all pretty damn cute and seem to be genuinely sweet and down-to-earth. (Except for god everything about her last night was dry-heave inducing)

Carly impressed me big time last night and is by far the best singer of the bunch. I also read that she is a big Bono fan. Maybe we'll hear a U2 song on Idol this year

I wonder what would be a good U2 song for Carly, or anyone else, to sing on the show. It would probably have to be one of the hits. WOWY maybe?
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Old 02-28-2008, 07:38 AM   #504
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OK I usually wait awhile before starting to watch AI, because seeing the obviously crappy singers who are only there for their 15 minutes of fame annoys me, so this week is my first look at the guys (caught the girls last week).

These blondes are very boring. I can vaguely remember Brooke but the others all blend together for me.
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Old 02-28-2008, 08:58 AM   #505
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I hadn't seen any American Idol since the initial tryouts (It always falls on big news nights! ) Anyway, what I caught last night did not impress me. I definitely hope the women drastically improve otherwise it's going to be a painful season.

I haven't really heard the men yet.
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Old 02-28-2008, 09:31 AM   #506
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There's definitely going to be Beatles week this year!
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Originally posted by GirlsAloudFan

Carly impressed me big time last night and is by far the best singer of the bunch. I also read that she is a big Bono fan. Maybe we'll hear a U2 song on Idol this year

I wonder what would be a good U2 song for Carly, or anyone else, to sing on the show. It would probably have to be one of the hits. WOWY maybe?

Isnt Carly Irish? I think her story was that she had auditioned a few seasons ago (maybe last season) and made it to Hollywood boot camp but had to leave becasue of her immigrations status, since her visa had expried ...something like that..maybe someone else caught her story too
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"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at]
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Wow, there was a lot of assy singing last night.

Kady SLAUGHTERED that Heart song. She lowered the key so much it was unrecognizable. Carly did a decent job with Crazy On You, at least.

I think Carly and Brooke were my favorites last night. Ramiele was fine.

Amanda was horrid. Simon (or whichever judge was right) - she looked natural and fine in her video clip, but on stage she looks lke a 40-year old bar singer.

Asia'h, or however you spell it, was definitely not good enough to get that final song of the night.

Can we also please ban Hopelessly Devoted To You from this show? It should be sung only by high school girls in talent shows, karaoke singers, or if you're playing Sandy in Grease.
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Old 02-28-2008, 10:57 AM   #510
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American Idol-The Top 10 Girls Perform

The 1970s theme continues on AI. Tuesday night we were bored, I mean entertained, by the boys. Will the girls ramp things up and make the night memorable? Or will it be so bad we’ll be trying to forget it ever happened. However, we do learn that Randy wears size 13 1/2 shoes. Paula probably took 13 1/2 pills before the show started. And Ryan and Simon’s childish bickering gives them each a maturity age of 13 1/2.

But onto the singing. Like with the boys, we find out the super-duper secrets of the AI girls.

Carly “Happy Homemaker” Smithson works at an Irish pub. She sings Heart’s “Crazy on You.” Carly is far more impressive this week than last week. Her voice is in fine form, and she’s got good energy. She really rocks the song out and she’s able to belt out the big notes without getting too screechy. However, I do find it disconcerting that she seems to be singing to only one side of the audience.

Syesha “Find Me a Beautiful Shell” Mercado has acted in commercials and can imitate a convincing and disturbing baby’s cry. Fortunately, she doesn’t make this part of her performance. Syesha sings Billy Paul’s “Me and Mrs. Jones” switching the gender to Mr. Jones. Hmm, keeping Mrs. Jones and bringing the hoyay would have made the night a bit more interesting even though that’s usually Danny Noreiga’s job. Syesha has mucho problems with the lower, softer notes but gets stronger when she belts. I think she would have done better with a different song.

Brooke “Beauty School Dropout” White brings her acoustic guitar and sings Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” Though at times her voice seems to go off in the lower parts of the song, for the most part it’s a solid effort from Brooke. And the guitar adds to the song; it doesn’t take anything away. Brooke has a good Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins vibe. And I think it’s a welcome change from the assembly line of pop princesses, diva queens and country cuties AI usually trots out.

Ramiele “Tiny (Polynesian) Dancer” Malubay starts “Don’t Leave Me This Way” in a bit of a slump but gains steam along the way. Still, Ramiele’s somewhat anemic effort isn’t even close to last week’s stunning performance. I think she needed to make a better song choice and she just didn’t grab me this time out. But I’ll allow her a small stumble. Hopefully, she’ll be safe to get back on track next week.

Kristy Lee Cook is the biggest tomboy and loves horses. And she stands on stage like she’s mounting a horse. She keeps doing this weird spread leg squat thing while performing. But her voice? Well, passable but dreadfully dull. Kristy is singing “You’re No Good” and I’m afraid the audience might answer with a resounding “And neither are you.” Still, she’s a wee better than last week, and I wonder how she would have sounded if she sang Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou.” That song has more of a country flavor. Oh well, too late now.

Amanda Overmyer is a total bookworm, which makes me warm up to her a slight bit, but her hairdo leaves me ice cold. She looks like a cross between Medusa and Cruella De Ville with a bit of Susan Sontag thrown in. She sings Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son.” I liked Amanda’s voice during the chorus but it seems to falter during the verse. It was kind of weirdly breathy. But I did like Amanda’s energy and her weird “rocking out” dancing. Perhaps this wasn’t the best song for her too sing but I don’t think it was as bad as the judges claimed (I've heard for worse). But since Heart seemed to be the band of the evening, I wonder how Amanda would have done with “Barracuda?”

Alaina Whitaker doesn’t like her any of her food to touch. She sings “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” She gives this song a slight country feel, which seems to work. I did notice a few bum notes but for the most part I thought Alaina sang this song fairly well. She may be a stealth contestant and go further than we expect. And I’m starting to think when Simon says she’s too old-fashioned what he really means is she isn’t skanky. Well, thank goodness for that!

Alexadrea “Poster Child” Lushington sings “If You Leave Me Now” and it’s a complete dirge. I found it totally dull, both in vocals and stage skills. Where is the girl that impressed me last week? This song did not show Alexandrea’s range and she was so inconsistent. I can understand her wanting to do a ballad and not something more up-tempo, but did she have to pick such a boring dated song? She may not last another week.

Kady Malloy sings opera in the bathroom, and after hearing her butcher “Magic Man” perhaps she should stay there. It was completely tuneless, and Kady gave rote, non-entity performance. She was barely there, and what was there was pretty bad. If Heart’s incomparable Ann Wilson had a grave, she’s be rolling in it. But wait. Simon never heard “Magic Man?” Just what is on the man’s iPod? He actually has a career in music?

Asia’h “I’ve Got the Spirit” Epperson used to be a cheerleader, but I won’t hold that against her. Asia’h sings Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” and after her tepid, pathetic performance, she might want to make that her mantra. This was not a performance to be shared with an audience. Ouch. This is not the easiest song to sing, and boy didn’t Asia’h prove it? It was rather tuneless and why did she smile during the song? Did she not read the lyrics? I expected better from her. What a waste of the spot of pimpage.

I thought top 10 boys’ night was pitiful, but top 10 girls’ night was far worse. I think the ghost of Amy Davis’ ghost was haunting the ladies because they couldn’t seem to find the notes. Plus, the 1970s was an excellent time for music, and these are the songs that got selected? Who stays and who leaves is anybody’s guess.

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