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Old 03-21-2007, 12:06 AM   #271
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Originally posted by Sicy

Sanjaya should have been gone eons ago. My ears HURT.
My eyes hurt!!

Ashley....oh my goodness gracious!!!!! I can't tell you how many times my mom and I rewound to watch her during Sanjaya's performance!!! I was in tears!!!!! what a night!!! I was doing that lame laugh where you're laughing so hard that nothing comes out....

And Sanjaya.......ya can't dance!

Blake was awesome though and same with Jordin and Melinda.

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Originally posted by kellyahern

Ah, that would be Ashley. She represents all that is wrong with the world. She is all powerful. She power votes her little fingers off. Fear her. Fear Ashley.
Now that I've seen the show, I have to say ...
Best quote of the day!

We have TiVo (well, it's Moxie, but same idea). We kept pausing and rewinding and watching Ashley on the screen. Maddy & I laughed so hard there were tears I do believe.

I thought Blake was the best tonight. I didn't know some of these songs were really in the 'British Invasion' theme. I don't think I even heard of some of them before.

I wonder what Lakisha would have sounded like singing the song that Lulu recommended. Still thought she was good, but not her best performance.

Jordin & Melinda were great, and liked Chris S. As Allegra said, this may have been the best episode of the season.

As for Sanjaya... Please America. Make. him. go. away. That performance was HORRIBLE. The best part of it was pausing the screen to see Ashley's facial expressions. For the love of God, please send him packing. I will even contribute to the fund to send him home.

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Originally posted by Lila64


Love this smilie!
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Okay, the crying girl made me cry as well. With laughter. There's just no way she was for real. Blonde, pigtails, braces... You've got to be kidding me!
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The mini fahs made me mute the television while Sanjaya was singing

And then the 7 year old mini fah said "I think that girl is crying because he is so bad ~ I know I want to cry"
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AI Recaps-March 20th
The Top 11 Perform

This performance night is British Invasion Night. Now to my Generation X self, the British Invasion included Duran Duran, Culture Club, Depeche Mode, and the Eurhythmics, and other MTV luminaries (back when MTV showed videos-yes, kids, videos, not reality shows featuring snotty girls and their sweet 16 parties). Actually this is the British Invasion of the 1960s. Rock bands like the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, and singers like Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark started a youthful revolution and anything British became fab.

British singers Peter Noone and Lulu guide our American Idol contestants through the British invasion songbook. Peter worked with the guys, and Lulu worked with the girls.

Haley (Tell Him)-Well, who knew Haley could bring some spice to the sugar? I’ve often complained that Haley is too much of a Disney princess for my liking, but tonight she got really saucy and had fun with the song. She seems to be getting more comfortable on stage, and I liked the vocals. She finally got more aggressive with her performing. And if I had legs like her, I’d wear hot pants too. This was a great way to start the show.

Chris R (Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying)-I’ve been harsh on Chris R in the past. He really isn’t one of my favorite contestants, but I thought he did a good job with this song. He didn’t sound as nasally as in the past, and I liked that he didn’t leap all over the stage (then again, the song doesn’t really require it). He delivered the song straight and showed a very controlled and soulful side to him. Plus, he made the song more current.

Stephanie (You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me)-Stephanie claims the hardest part about getting ready for an AI performance is choosing a song. Well, I’m not sure if Stephanie chose the right song. I don’t think this was her best performance. She seemed off-pitch in parts and she didn’t seem to connect with the lyrics. But then again, who can sing this better than the late Dusty Springfield?

Blake (Time of the Season)-If Blake is beat boxing, then it must be Tuesday night. I really liked the tone of his voice during this song. He made it very current with a slightly edgy vibe. This performance was lots of fun and I think quite memorable. But somewhere a golfer is missing his pants.

LaKisha (Diamonds are Forever)-Outfitted in an emerald gown and millions of dollars of bling (lucky girl), LaKisha sings this Bond movie classic. She gave a decent vocal and I loved her power belting in the end, but it didn’t have something. I thought it wasn’t contemporary enough and I was hoping for more oomph from LaKisha. I’ve preferred her in early weeks.

Phil (Tobacco Road)-Well who knew Phil had a rocker side? I liked Phil’s energy during the song and his upper register sounded top-notch. But Simon was right in that Phil lacked grit for this song. He needs more of a bad boy vibe, and he just doesn’t have it. Remember when the season 5 guys sang this song during the finale? That was awesome.

Jordin (I, Who Have Nothing)-Jordin claims the song that best describes her is “I’m so Excited.” Well, I’m so excited after seeing Jordin’s performance. I was afraid this song would be too mature for her, but she belied her years by truly understanding the lyrics. She understood them, felt them, and emoted them. And her voice sounded superb. I got goosebumps. Amazing. AMAZING!!!!

Sanjaya (You Really Got Me)-No, Sanjaya, you really don’t got me. This song is supposed to be a bit dangerous in some fashion, and Sanjaya is a dangerous as the Snuggle fabric softener bear. Yes, he had a lot of energy in his performance, but his vocals were just meh to me. However, Ashley’s tears prove that Sanjaya is getting the Libby Lu vote. Well, he won’t get my Sephora vote.

Gina (Paint it Black)-Gina says AI has made her stronger. I was not happy with this performance at all. I’ve always loved this classic Stone’s song, but Gina truly disappointed me. She wasn’t always on the melody and I think her tongue stud is keeping her from enunciating the words. Plus, Gina didn’t come across as a rocker girl; she came across as a girl trying to be a rocker girl.

Chris S (She’s Not There)-Chris S enters from the audience, yet doesn’t really seem to relate with them. I thought Chris’ voice sounded great. He’s very consistent vocally week after week. But I thought he lacked a bit of energy. However, this performance was better than the travesty of “Endless Love” last week. But “Fro Patrol?” Could we try to be a bit more original, m’kay?

Melinda (As Long as He Needs Me)-Melinda initially felt out of her comfort zone singing a British invasion song. Yea, right. She can sing anything. Melinda made this song so sultry and torchy. Her vocals were stupendous and like Jordin she understood the lyrics, felt them, and emoted them. She really told a story with her performance, and that rarely seems to happen on AI. My hair stood on the back of my neck. This was yet another star-making performance from Melinda, and the perfect way to end the show.

In the end, the British invasion show went well. My favorites were Jordin and of course, Melinda. I was wonderfully surprised by Haley and Chris R. I was expecting more from Stephanie, Lakisha and Gina. And as for Sanjaya, the less said the better.
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Here is my segment with our local Fox channel that I was telling you about. Be nice to me okay
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Originally posted by Golightly Grrl
Here is my segment with our local Fox channel that I was telling you about. Be nice to me okay
Wow, that was great. You are so adorable, and your red hair is gorgeous. You have a beautiful voice too.

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All the guys are ass.

Sanjaya won't go tonight. He was too horrible to get the boot. It may sound stupid, but his performance was such a freak show that there's no way he'll get the least number of votes.
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Originally posted by Golightly Grrl
Here is my segment with our local Fox channel that I was telling you about. Be nice to me okay

OMG! That is so cool, little do they know your on here too! And your user name did they know where you got that from?

You looked stunning, you did a very nice job!
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Haley - Fun song...I enjoyed it. Holy smokin' outfit too!

Chris R. - Yuck. I think that was my least favorite performance of his.

Stephanie - Pretty good...solid performance.

Blake -

LaKisha - I found it kind of boring. She was still good, but it was my least favorite performance of hers.

Phil - I actually enjoyed it...but I still don't like him.

Jordin - This was the first time that one of her performances actually stood out to me. Wow.

Sanjaya - Pretty good...for Sanjaya. But's Sanjaya.

Gina -

Chris S. - He had me until Fro Patrol.

Melinda - Lovely.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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When I watched Blake last night he looked like Bono to me The nose, the mouth, the way he sings.

I didn't like LaKisha's performance at all

I liked the Chris sign that said bringing chubby back. I don't even know who that crying girl is, I must be really out of the loop. I saw the random shot of her crying during Melinda, I think it was Melinda. Why do they change her hairstyle every show?

Page Six

March 21, 2007 -- On Monday night's airing of "The Late Show With David Letterman," "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul revealed an unfortunate nickname for her colleague, Simon Cowell. When Letterman asked Abdul, "You honestly hate Simon, don't you? He's smug and he's arrogant. And he thinks you want to have sexual activities with him," Abdul responded, "You are right about that. But that will never happen - because his nickname is 'Small Ben.' "
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I admit to not watching for a few weeks, or at most catching a few minutes. but I watched last night.

Sanjaya, someone please send him home. please. his goofy dancing and trying to be a rocker just wasn't pleasant to watch. at all.

still like Blake and Melinda a whole lot.

didn't like Gina that much, and as someone mentioned, she wasn't enunciating the words from the song. Paint it black is a great song but she wasn't doing it justice. she has a good look but it's not translating into her singing.

I normally like Lakisha, but I did not like her performance last night at all. there was a certain tone to her voice when she sang the chorus and it just sounded off to me.

I think I zoned a little during some of the performances, but the above are what stood out, for better or for worse, for me.
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I loved Blake and Jordin gave me goosebumps - amazing that a 17 year old girl could make that song so believable. Chris R. isn't my favorite singer, but he looks so much like my 16 year old son that I have a bit of a soft spot for him.
I don't think Sanjaya is going anywhere anytime soon. This campaign to keep him on has grown bigger than any of us.
I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it.
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Originally posted by Golightly Grrl
Here is my segment with our local Fox channel that I was telling you about. Be nice to me okay
That is sooo cool

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