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Old 12-13-2002, 12:04 AM   #1
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Alright I did it... I gave in... I'm now paying for radio.

Anyone else give in and pay for one of these radio things? Wether it be musicmatch, radio "free" virgin, or any of those satellite providers? It's sad that in order to get any sort of good radio these days I actually have to pay for it, but what the hey... MusicMatch has this new little feature caleld Artist on Demand... plays nothing but the artist you select. I think they said they got 136 U2 tracks in their system... so I got a few hours of random stuff before they start repeating... it's pretty cool actually. Jumped from In God's Country to Red Light to Wake Up Dead Man to Stories for Boys to Pride to Wild Honey.

Anyhoo... I was just wondering if there were any others out there who've given in to these corporate schmo's and are now, as Tom Petty puts it on The Last DJ, "paying for what they used to get for free."

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My radio is my 9770 (and always increasing) mp3s on shuffle. way more than most radio stations have on their playlists probably.

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I tried a free trial of Rhapsody by and it was pretty cool... I was tempted to subscribe, but it's like 15 bucks a month

Perhaps once I get my bills straightened out I'll get it.
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Old 12-13-2002, 04:49 AM   #4
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how about that new XM Radio system? Or is tthat what y'all are talking about? I guess you can get anadapter for your car radio but you also have to pay a subscription fee on top of that. Some how it just doesnt seem worthwhile to me.
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Old 12-13-2002, 12:46 PM   #5
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Well, I get DMX music with my cable system. I'd have to check my bill, but I believe it comes free with the digital cable package, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as "paying for what I used to get for free" since I was going to order digital cable anyway. Even if it did cost me extra I wouldn't mind paying for it because it is infinitely better than commercial radio ever was (let's face it, most commercial radio stations sucked long before ClearChannel came along). There are NO commercials, no stupid DJ chatter, just solid music in almost any genre you can imagine. I can listen to the Progressive/Adult Alternative channel all day long and not get tired of it - and even if I do, there's lots of other interesting channels I can switch to.
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uh, if that isnt a waste of money, i really dont know what is.
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Originally posted by Zoomerang96
uh, if that isnt a waste of money, i really dont know what is.
A subscription to That's right. You're paying money to look at digitized television ads.


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