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Jesus Online
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Originally posted by meegannie

I posted the chicken picture because Angela Harlems post made me want to have babies (I was making a reference to the word "clucky"). Chickens reproduce sexually. They lay eggs without roosters, but a hen must mate with a rooster in order for an egg to become fertilized. The eggs in a grocery store won't hatch into chicks because they're unfertilized since hens aren't (usually!) kept with roosters unless they're being bred.
I want to have a farm with you one day


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Can we have a talking pig?

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Jesus Online
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i was married at the age of seven. my new wife made me throw out all my toy cars and blocks.

don't forget your husband needs manly time to play with cars and blocks, tv, beer and various sporting events.
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem

I reckon you need to be a good person to know how to raise a child to be a good person too. And that isn't always fullproof, but it helps. Do you know any inspirational and brilliant single parents? I do. They show that you dont need to necessarily be a good wife or husband first.

I'm still unclear on how you guys do this. Sorry, bls. What makes me know that my children are without a doubt the most important is not through the hours they seek from me every single day. It's not knowing that they need nappy changes which cannot wait, or that when they fall over they need comforting in an instant. It's not the daily ongoing needs which they drain energy from. It's not weighing up who gets more of my time in a day which determines who is most important. That only means who is most pressing. I know that mine are happy and that I have a husband who doesn't feel neglected. I also get 'me' time. What changes with them is knowing that I simply could not live without them. I would, if god forbid, something happened, but I feel that I cannot. That doesn't mean that I dont feel the same about my husband. But he is not my flesh and blood. He is my best friend and companion. He is my personal diary. He's not what children are. I guess the best way I can sum up how I worked this out is knowing that they are the ones I would go furthest for in this life. They are the ones I pretty much have no boundary on. Whatever it takes, will be done without question for them. I, like anyone, have a long list of important and loved people in my life. My own family, his family, our shared family, my friends. You guys would be the same with the addition of God to that list. In your ways of doing this, does this mean that what you'd do for God and your partners exceeds what you do for your children? If some ridiculous scenario could paint this properly, they (God and the partner) are the ones who will take that bit extra from you, before your kids?
I think my definition of who comes first, is which relationships I need to make right first.
In order to have a good relationship with my husband I need to be right with God, because when Im not right with God I feel guilty and off and it would affect how I interact with my husband.
If my relationship is off with my husband I will feel out of balance and the kids would feel the tension between the parents. I always hated that as a kid. I would have rather my parents worked out whatever they were having problems with all the time than pay attention to me. It was the most stressful thing for me when they werent getting along (most of the time) and I was a really strung out and unbalanced kid.
And yet my dad devoted practically everything he had to me but it didnt make me a happy kid. I cant remember being genuinely happy until recently.
So I might go all out taking care of my kids but my relationship with my husband needs to be worked on before my relationship with them.

I can honestly say campbellMSU that I have that one under control.
On sundays I make him lunch, get him a beer and watch football all day with him. And I try not to bother him too much when he's tinkering on the computer but I cant help but go over there and pester him all the time Somehow I dont think he minds!

And I think Im one of his favorite playtoys anyway so yay for me

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