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I agree with many above. I'd be annoyed, and there's this whole issue of trust & that my generally good & responsible child went behind my back. Unacceptable. And what's the rush?. Like PlaATheGreat said, in Florida, and I believe Calif., you need parental consent to get anything pierced.

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In CA you have to be 18 or have parental consent. An honest tattooist or piercist? lol.. will honor that.

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I agree with a lot of what has been said here. I live in California and when my son was 16 he was DYING to have his tongue pierced. I was so sick of hearing about it so I called a couple of piercing places and asked about it. Sicy is right, "good" tattoo/piercing places will NOT under any circumstances pierce without parental consent. One artist went so far as to explain to me why piercing a 16 year old's tongue is not such a good idea and it's because until you are over 21 your facial features are still growing and developing, not to mention, a poor pierce job (to the tongue anyway) can cause some pretty damaging health problems. I admit I was stupid for having dragged my son to the piercing artist --twofold. One to piss off his father (we're divorced) and to hopefully shut my son up. I didn't think he would go through with it. Well he did. The piercing guy was really good, he was the same one who had given me all the extra info. I signed the consent and he went through the whole thing a number of times thinking my son would back out. It was so gross, I stood watching. Long story short, my son's tongue did swell and he couldn't eat for 4 days. Many of his friends thought it was stupid. Right after he had it done he started telling people if they were considering it NOT to do it. He also played JV roller hockey and had to remove all jewelry for practices and games (he'd also had his ear pierced at age 8 but by this time wasn't really wearing the earring so much).

Now he says there will come a day soon where he will permanently remove the tongue ring. It's scratched his teeth and every dentist my son has seen has advised to remove it.

As a parent, if I had this to do all over again I would have adamantly refused. It's one thing to do these things to your own body (as I have well over the age of 21 with multiple ear piercings and several small tattoos), but a young person should respect their parents, not succumb to peer pressure by doing things like this because it's the current trend or rage. At least in my situation my son and I talk about it all the time. He says occasionally he wishes I'd been stronger and said NO, but then he doesn't know how long he would have held out before finding some illegal piercer to have it done.
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Here in the UK you have to be 16+ to get anything pierced (although thats quite lax) and 18+ for tattoos.
The place I went for my lip piercing isn't ideal, anyone that wants anything from my school can get it done there. They ask for your details and date of birth etc, but I think they will only check it if you look younger than 16. I'm 15 but look older.
I'm glad that I could do that, because my Mum would never have actually given me consent for it (she said thats okay but she wouldn't have gone as far as signing anything for me). But I still think thats pretty poor of them, and this business will get caught out one day because some angry parents are bound to complain one day.
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Re: A question for the parents out there.

Originally posted by partygirlvox
How annoyed would you be if your 15 year old daughter (who is fairly responsible and very nearly 16) went behind your back and got her lip pierced? When you made it quite clear that you rathered she didn't?
Is it the sort of thing you think I could get away with should I promise to do the washing up every night for the rest of my life?
Or will my parents kill me?

(Had no idea where to post this so I'm sure it needs moving!)
Your so rock n roll

If i was a parent i'd kick ya ass.

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