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Old 08-14-2002, 08:51 PM   #1
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A Beautiful Mind..AT LAST!!! Friday 16th August 2002, RC, INXS, MH & EP

Sicy started a topic recently about how good the new Austen Powers movie is. She was surprised to hear I was STILL waiting to see "A Beautiful Mind" I went and asked at my local cinema what had happened, and the manager said they would try to get a print for one night. Well!!!ask and ye shall be given and WHAT A NIGHT it is!!!

Friday 16th August 2002.

I have made a new friend in the past couple of years. Our first conversation revolved arounf INXS and U2, she has been admiring Michael Hutchence talent thru the same years I had been admiring bono's. We have become firm friends. She is THE big Russell Crowe fan around here, she that got the tickets for us to his concert last year. It also happens her brother suicided years ago , she told me that when Michael Hutchence died. She didn't tell me until A Beautiful Mind was released that he did it because of schizophrenia. We have had a long standing date to see that movie for ages. it will be powerful. The moment has arrived
I also have made a new slightly mad friend who is a hard core Elvis Presley fan.
So tomorrow night, 25 years after INXS had their first gig, 25 years after Elvis Presley died
I am picking up the gals in their finery, taking them to the movies and then on to the night club to get the DJ to play 'Little Less Conversation" about 10 times in a row. Viva Las Grafton!!!

Not earth shattering news, but I have been very patiently waiting and feels like it has been WELL WORTH WAITING FOR!!!

That's funny...a guy is on the radio now talking about Elvis' health. He is saying his whole life was a "battle of the bulge". He had been fasting for a week before he died.
Ewwwww I don't want to hear this.

My dad will be 85 on saturday too, so it's going to be grooving weekend for me. I hope smething fine happens to y'all too.

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I serve MacPhisto
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Good for you Cass, I hope you have a wonderful time. It is good stories like this that I like to hear.

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I fell asleep during a beautiful mind

Very cool cass! Have fun!
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I hope SOMETHING* fine happens for y'all too

Thanks you two

I meant to say earlier,
Thank You to the ppl who posted Russell pics for me last week. I'll put them on a disc and show the girls on Friday. We don't get together that often and only one of them has a puter and no net connection, so these moments are the precious too.

Actually, that may be good news Sicy, that you fell asleep. I am getting a bit too anxious again eh? I rarely go to the cinema and I prefer comedy to be honest.
Anyway I shall set her up a Michael Hutchence Russell Crowe Elvis pic file.....this gets better...thanks guys.

I'll send a cheque to the other Elvis asap next Tuesday, only a small Aussie one, but hopefully it all helps to keep things afloat. Viva Interference
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cass, I bet you will enjoy the movie very much. It is really good...I love both, Russel Crowe and math, LOL. I recently saw a videoclip of Russel Crowe´s band...can´t remember the name...cool song.

Have fun amiga!

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Old 08-15-2002, 04:44 PM   #6
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Best laid Plans of Mice and men

well what a difference a day makes.
won't go into it, but so many things can happen eh? (oh well just tell this bit, my friend's elderly mum found out yesterday she may have to have her leg amputated due to complications of diabetes) And just because my son has a bye in soccer tomorrow, the others don't...8.30 am kick-off, no late night possible.

One nice thing though...I love reading our local Thurday paper. it has the entertainment supplement and the gig guide for the week. I love reading all the bands biographies etc.
Because my husband plays in a band, and when he does have a night off from that, the last thing he wants to do is go and see a band, I don't actually go out much( just when I do , you guys hear about it,,BIG time!! sorry)
Anyway, there is a solo singer/multi instrumentalist plays here every few months, his repertoire has always fascinated me. One of the bands he lists is U2. I finally got to see him a couple of years ago and requested his U2 song. Only a few people were there and he carried me away with his rendition of All I Want Is You...just beautiful I was floating, until.....TWANG!!!! one of his guitar springs broke. Shocked us both out of the reveree, he was very apologetic and said that doesn't usually happen(ahh the power of U2)made it even more memorable.

so anyway to make a long story longer...he is playing in town tonight, we will be out of the cinema by 9 pm,it will be abee line to his venue. I'll request another U2 song. maybe he has learnt one from the new album. He is a brilliant musician (some people in the UK know of him, he supported Allan Stivell and Christy Moore and Maddy Prior amongst others when they toured here)

So no mad dancing to Elvis Presley songs tonight, much more subdued..but still special imho.

Safe in the loving arms
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Last time I'll drag this one up

Russell Crowe as John Nash brilliant.
It was a nice surprise to find the girl who starred in Labryinth, a movie I :heart is the actress who plays Aliesha Nash. She's a beautiful woman.

I ended up at the venue I mentioned up there and asked the musician to play that song again. He played a heavenly extended version of "All I Want Is You" and then went into "Love Me Tender" Magical.

It was a funny old night, I wish we could get together more often.

I had a thought earlier I hope to see through. I realised today I could have at least bought that musicain a drink for playing my request. I was thinking next time he's in town I'll take him in something but what?I'm pretty sure he doesn't drink alcohol and eats healthy food (no chocolate goodies, always a good standby)...I remembered I bought extra "U2 Best of" videos, when they got really cheap last Christmas, and I have one left!!! I hope he likes it

Some U2ey content
"boggie oggie woogie "
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Sounds like you had a great time - great to hear!!


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