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Old 03-20-2006, 07:09 PM   #16
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ok i only have two but there good!!!

1. i went to see bif naked..omg best day of my life!!i got front row in front of the bass player and i got to like touch his bass and i like flirted with him

2.a pink Floyd tribute band, i got tickets for my 13th birthday, it blew my mind..it was awesome..it got me into pink Floyd and made me a rocker

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I don't know who bif naked is.

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Originally posted by martha
I've got a Bruce show for this list as well.

It was The River tour, my first time (or second; I can't remember how many times I saw him on that tour) for a Bruce show. Our seats were on the risers, just off the floor. For the encore, the audience rushed up to the stage. I spent the entire encores just feet from the stage. It was extra bitchin'.

Martha, can I say again how jealous I am of the concerts you've seen?
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Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel
Ok, this is a tough one...

10. Weezer, July 2002 Columbus, OH - One hell of a fun show, period.

4. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 2002 - Waiting all day in the hot August sun on the side of a highway (thank you, Palace! ) was more than worth it when Kristina and I snagged the front row. Seeing Bruce sweat and swing on a mic stand and having Little Steven grin at you and give you the thumbs up was worth every second. Also, yelling out to Dallas (who was LS's tech for this tour) and having him call us back before we left to give us the setlist and some picks was pretty damn awesome, too!

1. U2, Elevation Tour, Chicago 2001 - It was my 3rd time seeing them and my first ever time in the heart. We got second row and it blew me away, being so close to the band I've loved since I was little. It was special to me being a post-9/11 show, and also because at the very end of the show Larry sat down on the edge of the stage and handed Lady Lemon and I his drumsticks. I'll never forget that show, as long as I live.
I'll probably look at this later and want to edit, but that's what comes to mind now.

I love that I was with you for three of your top 10 concert moments ever

I'll have to think about mine.
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Originally posted by martha
I don't know who bif naked is.
shes a canadian singer!!

she is kinda hard rock i guess!!!
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I can't name 10 but here are a few that stand out in my mind:

The Who 12/10/71 Long Beach, Arena - my first Who concert.

Bruce Springsteen & the ESB October 1980 LA Sports Arena - my first Bruce concert 4 hours+

Led Zepplin mid 70s LA Forum - Last night of the tour 3 encores!

U2 11/5/05 Las Vegas #2 - First time seeing UTEOTW live. A lot of different songs from the previous night.

Rolling Stones 3/6/06 LA Forum - 4th show of the ABB tour for me and they broke out several rare songs that night including Sway and Faraway Eyes.

NY Dolls mid to late 70s? Roxy (Hollywood) - scheduled to do a week of shows at the Roxy but the band got off to a late start on opening night. I mean a couple of hours late. Great show but the promoter cancelled the rest of the shows.

Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson early 80s? Roxy - did a lot of Mott the Hoople songs and solo stuff.

Kinks late 70s? Universal Ampitheater - We were in the first 5 rows.

Billy Idol July 2005 Wiltern - Play a lot of new songs and old classics.

Thanks for making me go back and pull out some great memories!
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I'm jealous of anyone who saw Springsteen on either the Darkness or River tours.

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1. Jellyfish: Chance Theater. Poughkeepsie, NY 1993.

Got to stand right up front for the whole show and watch the most amazing musicians play the most amazing songs. I was in college so I was with tons of friends. Even met the band after and had the singer/drummer sign my social security card!

2. The Boo Radleys: Brownies. NYC 1997.

Found out about the show last minute. Went down to the village to find it sold out. So we decided to stand and wait. After 10 minutes the door guy took pity and said come on it. Stood right up front. Rocked! Met the band after and had beers with them in the basement. Got a tee shirt signed and gave it to my bro as a graduation present.

3. Grant Lee Buffalo. Irving Plaza, NYC 1998.

They played for 2 hours and 15 minutes and rocked the face off me.

4. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Garden State Arts Center, NJ. 2003.

Had lawn tickets. It was raining. Which sucked. But we were enjoying it and dancing. Then a couple came up to us and said they were leaving, so we could have their seats under the pavillion.
We wound up really close.

5. The Velvet Teen. ? Brooklyn, NY. 2003.

Velvet Teen played in the basement room. It was like watching a show in someones garage. So tiny. And those kids played their hearts out.

6. Aimee Mann. Toads Place, New Haven, CT. 2004.

Chelsea and I spent the day wandering around Yale. Ate pizza. Drank beer. Got a nice spot at the show and both fell in love w/ Aimee Mann.

7. U2. Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT. 2001.

Went to the show with my Sister, Brother, Chelsea, and 2 of my bandmates. Met like 3 or 4 different old friends waiting for the show to start.
My Bro and I were on the floor. They played Kite/Gone and I was satisfied. My bro and I were 2 white dancing fools that nite.

8. Sylosis. Some bowling alley. Buffalo, NY. 2002.

We were doing a mini tour of upstate and did our first radio interview that day. That evening we played "Punk Rock" nite at the bowling alley. The band after us were in the middle of their set, playing SO LOUD, that the PA speakers caught fire.
They were so proud and happy about it. Twas something to see.

9. Radiohead. Irving Plaza, NYC. 1997

A day or 2 after the Tibetian Freedom Concert. RH did a surprise show. Buddy in the industry got tix, but couldn't go, so we went. Awesome show. OK hadn't been released yet, but "AirBag" and "Paranoid Android" felt like old friends. Saw Bono, Mike Stipe, Marilyn Manson, Damon Alburn, Noel Gallagher all rocking out on the balcony.

10. U2. Fulton Ferry State Park. Brooklyn, NY. 2004.

Spent the day with Mac and had a grand time. All for free. The band played great and the crowd ate it up.

11. Catherine Wheel. The Academy, NYC. 1992.

They were opening up for The Charlatans, the band we actually came to see. We smoked the largest joint in history before the show. Had never heard CW, but the 3 of us we transfixed. We literally stood completely still infront of one of the stacks for their entire set. Never even blinked an eye. We were sonically soaked.

12. Neil Young. Jones Beach, NY. 2003.

Took my Dad to this one. He's the one who got me into Neil Young after all.

Honorable Mentions:

Suede. NYC 1993.
Oasis. Danbury, CT 1995.
Verve. NYC. 1995.
The Wonder Stuff/Miles Hunt. NYC 1994/1998.
U2. Yankee Stadium. 1992.
Paul Weller. NYC/Boston. 1997/2002.
Roger Waters. NYC. 2001.
Dinosaur Jr. Danbury, CT. 1993.
Doves. NYC/Northampton, MA. 2002/2005.
David Bowie. Jones Beach. 2002.
Aimee Mann. Keene, NH. 2005.
Tool. NYC. 2002.
REM. NYC. 1995.
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes. Mansfield, MA. 2000.

I could go on.
"If you needed my autograph, I'd give it to you." Bob Dylan
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Originally posted by Hewson
You could change your screen name from "bored" to "wrong"

As for compiling my own top 10 list, it'd take some real brainstorming. We're talking 25+ years of concert going and hundreds and hundreds of shows to try an narrow to 10. I'll give it a shot when I have a bit of time.
i'd say ha, this is the only place where i have an advantge, having less than 25 years of being alive, let alone concert-going, but i know the jealousy factor will just lead me to being wrong again. can't have that. then i really will have to change my screen name.
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No real order or anything. I've been to over 20 shows in my limited years now and these are just the best ones that jump out to me without really thinking. I don't have all my old ticket stubs here at university so I'm sure I could change this list a lot with proper memory jogging.

1. Coldplay 1/31/03 (very, very, very back row of 4,000 seating theatre)
2. Coldplay 9/23/05 (first person into the pit, front and center)
3. U2 10/19/05 (inside ellipse, on rail, Edge side)
4. Sigur Ros 2/27/06 (third row orchestra)
5. The White Stripes July, 2003 (stage left, on rail)
6. Crossroads Festival (Clapton, Santana, BB King, etc.)
7. The Arcade Fire 9/25/06 (ACL Festival)
8. Wilco 9/25/06 (ACL Festival)
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I have only a top 2. All the other shows I've attended could be lumped together.

Pink Floyd - Dec '87. Oakland Arena (not stadium). I remember being in awe of the sound and the spectacle...so much so that that show is STILL with me almost 20 years later. I saw Depeche Mode 2 nights later, pounding on their keyboards and Gahan grabbing his crotch all night, and remember thinking how juvenile they were after seeing PF. And, I'm a DM fan.

U2 - 4/20/01 - This was the best U2 show I've ever attended. It had that magical feeling were the band and entire audience were in synch. The U2 shows I've seen before and after, though quite good, haven't been able to touch that one night.
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in no particular order:

1. fiona apple/2005/house of blues, las vegas

- originally i had front row balcony seats but i decided i wanted to be a lot closer so i scored two GA's on ebay for $10.50 and stood five feet from her piano instead. i. love. fiona.

2. duran duran/2005/the joint, hard rock, las vegas

- this show was not the best show i've ever seen, but i would absolutely say it was the most fun. i was a teenage girl when this group was at their most popular and i never got to see them live so this show was just an awesome experience for me.

3. jane's addiction - 4/1989 - john anson ford theatre, hollywood

- i could never say enough about this show. it was mid-april, hollywood hills. it was an outdoor theatre, perry's dreads were blue. the stage was lit by candles, and they played most of the set acoustic. this show was near perfection as far as shows go.

4. INXS - 1988 - san diego sports arena

- i saw INXS on the kick tour. what else can i say.

5. U2 - 11/18/1987 - los angeles coliseum

- i saw three shows on the joshua tree tour but this one was the most emotional for me. the dalton brothers confused 90,000 people before the show and bono released those red balloons during bad. it was nearly twenty years ago and most of the details have left me, but the feeling of that night never will.

6. U2 - 4/15/2005 - glendale arena, phoenix

- this show was very, very special because i had a terrible experience at the opening vertigo show in san diego. when my sister-in-law who worked for the ceo of sony found out, she sent me the most incredible seats to this show, about five rows off the floor on edge's side.

7. stevie nicks - 1986 - los angeles forum

- mick fleetwood was on drums. awesome.

8. nine inch nails - 2/5/1991 - stardust ballroom, hollywood

- pretty hate machine was pretty much their only album at the time. think about it.

9. REM - 9/11/2003 - thomas and mack center, las vegas

- yelled at michael stipe outside after the show.

10. siouxsie and the banshees - 1988 - universal amphitheatre, los angeles

- my brother and i got drunk together for the first time after this show.
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1. U2- Atlanta 11.18.05--- My first GA experience! First row tip of the ellipse.

2. Sigur Ros- Nashville 2.14.06--- Those guys are amazing!
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my list is forthcoming, I will say that Wilco at the Ryman in Nashville last Friday (St Pattys) was an immediate top 5....
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I won't bother with the 10 and the order (apart from the first one), but here are some special concerts for me.

U2 - 4 December 2005, Boston
The Flagship. What more do I have to say about it.

U2 - 13 July 2001, Cologne
This was the first U2 concert my sister was attending. We got into the heart and also front row right in front of Adam. The show was excellent too!

U2 - 13 July 2005, Amsterdam
Four years after that concert with my sister we went again to a U2 concert together. Arrived at 6 AM at the venue, waited all day to end up at the front row of Edge's B-stage. The show was good, but really took off with All I Want Is You. That's when Bono made a small gesture which ended with my sister being onstage!

Bruce Springsteen - 9 April 1999, Barcelona
It was my very first Bruce Springsteen concert and it was his official Reunion Tour opener (so with the whole E Street Band). I was in Spain at that time and decided to go to Barcelona. Scored a ticket the morning of the show (from a fellow Dutchman, no less!) and ended up in the second row, right in front of Clarence. I got converted that night. Whoa!

Jasper Steverlinck - 17 November 2005, Utrecht
I'd seen him three times before over the past year and he played more or less the same songs every time. The first time I thought it was OK, the second time (in Amsterdam) some magic was there, the third time it was quite weird (with the club being quite empty). But the fourth time it all fell together. The audience was up for it, he was up for it, it had that spark.

Tröckener Kecks - 30 December 2001, Leusden
I only discovered them on their farewell tour, but got to see two concerts by them in those months. This was their next-to-last concert and was in a small club in a small village. But the hardcore fans were all there and I was glad to have seen them at all.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - 24 January 2005, Utrecht
The first time I saw him (in October 2003) he was excellent too. But that one was with just his pianist Steve Nieve. This time it was with the full band. I was just a few meters away. When he started the concert I did hear that his voice wasn't in the best shape. He apologised for it a few songs later, said he had a sore throat. He said that he could stop now and reschedule the concert, or play on for as long as he could with his throat. We -the audience- voted for the second option. Two hours later he finished (after a few encores). And what a show it was! Filled with hits, oldies and plenty of his (then new) album The Delivery Man.

Urban Dance Squad - October/November 1994. Geleen
This was the first time seeing them and I wasn't prepared for what I was going to see. So energetic! And the crowd too. I was totally up front, but only on the last song before the encore could I scrape together enough courage to do a stagedive. What a feeling!

R.E.M. - 21 June 2003, Utrecht
After 14 years they finally played the Netherlands again! It was their Best Of tour opener and in a small club of 700 people. The atmosphere was a bit weird. I guess most of those present still couldn't comprehend that they were seeing R.E.M.... in a small club.

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