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Old 06-06-2002, 07:32 AM   #16
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In a word: Traffic

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What/Who and things that-

-Drama queens who think they're a perpetual victim.


-Stingy people


-Smarty pants that are always trying to 'one-up' one another.

-Sexies that steal my clothes.


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Old 06-06-2002, 09:24 AM   #18
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I hate (in a New York State of Mind):
--people on the subway who play their music through thier headphones WAY too loud in the morning (usually Salsa)
--sitting in an office with no natural light
--taxi cabs
--taxi drivers
--small apartments
--dirty laundry (see above)
--dirty dishes (see above above)
--boy bands
--girl bands
--most music not written by the people who sing it
--most music played on objects other than drums, bass, guitars, and microphones
--bad Chinese food
--bad pizza
--the cost of everything in NYC
--not having my car (old Jeep Wrangler - no roof - no doors)
--having to show ID, give a blood sample, a retnal scan, signatures, promises of my first born, my mother's maiden name, and bank account numbers just to get into my building at work.
--not having $142,396,876.23 in my bank account
--not being able to wake up everyday at 10:23 AM, walk out my front balcony onto a beach and sit in the sun for 6 hours every day while I watch the ocean and listen to the Joshua Tree for a living.
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Old 06-06-2002, 09:25 AM   #19
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i'm in a horrible mood right now so everything in the universe pisses me off. probably the top annoying things of the morning alone would be: my alarm clock, ironing work shrits, wearing uncomfortable shoes, taking a million years to straighten my hair only to have it start fricking raining, crappy chicago weather, the god-awful bus, the bus driver, everyone on the bus but me, being late, my lame-ass job, the crappy coffee at my job, and anyone who attempts to talk to me before 9 am and before i've had my crappy coffee. that's it for this morning. i'm sure i'll have more crap to post in the afternoon.
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Originally posted by kariatari
[*]The phrases "irish rockstar Bono" and "whose real name is Paul Hewson" (almost as annoying as the phrases "back to basics tour" and "stripped down concert set")[list]
Yes like "wearing his trademark wraparound shades"

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  • -slow drivers
    -way to fast drivers
    -drivers in general
    -assh*les who hit my car and leave
    -not coming up with my million dollar plan yet!
    -going to bed early
    -shorts in Express - they expect women to fit into those things?!
    -people who are perpetually late
    -boys who have ISSUES
    -how women are portrayed in the media and how that false ideal carries over and hinders our life!
    -mushrooms and mustard
    -terrorists/nuclear bombs/extremists
    -having to conform to this rat race world

eh,i'll stop there.
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Old 06-06-2002, 03:21 PM   #22
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Big Grin

Drivers who don't understand courtesy
People who do not understand courtesy
HR People
Job hunting

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