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(03-27-2004) Layton keeping track of PM's record for Bono - Toronto Star*

NDP leader sends letter to U2 singer
Says Martin not keeping promises


OTTAWA—Paul Martin, be warned: Jack Layton is telling Bono on you.

In an open, six-page letter, Layton tells U2's lead singer that the Prime Minister is neglecting the causes they purportedly share. Martin has met the rock star and discussed helping developing countries. Last fall, Bono spoke at the Liberal convention, promising Martin he'd be a "major pain in his ass" if he didn't deliver.

Layton may be a bigger one.

On issues such as cheap drugs for Africa to foreign aid, Layton tells Bono he is using his speech to point out Martin's "progress on your words."

On the United Nations' global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Layton tells Bono: "You asked for: `three times the current amount.' The result: The global fund was not referred to in either the throne speech or 2004 federal budget."

On trade, Layton writes: "You said: `We talk about free trade, but we refuse to let the poorest people put their products on our shelves.' Result: Canada continues to be one of the most aggressive proponents of unfair trade agreements."

PMO spokeswoman Melanie Gruer called the letter "another Jack Layton gimmick."

The NDP brought up Bono's name in the Commons Thursday with MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) asking Martin about the bill that would allow cheap drugs to go to poor countries. Canada is the first country to introduce such legislation, but critics say the bill will let patent-holding drug companies compete against generic firms negotiating contracts. "If helping Africa is a priority, why has this prime minister done nothing to fix this bill?" Davies asked, prefacing the question by noting, "we are sending his answer to Bono, so I hope he thinks about his reply."

In 2002, Bono founded DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa). Its executive director, Jamie Drummond, has urged Martin to drop the bill's "right of first refusal" for brand-name firms.

In the letter, Layton says that: "With an election looming, I obviously have an interest in pointing out some of my party's disagreements with Mr. Martin's Liberals.

But the looming election also provides an opportunity to help Canada take a place in the world that truly reflects Canadians' values and hopes, largely by putting your words into action."

The letter is signed, "Sincerely and with thanks, Jack Layton, Ph.D., Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada."


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And so continues the politics ... But Mr Latyton is correct I am glad to know the PM's silence is reaching across boarders.. unfortunatly the medicines are not .. I only wish Canadians that held the votes can hear it to.... A spring election for Canada looms and this is our chance to tell them what we think , to let them know yes we are Global Citizens not just Canadians.. I wonder where all the supporters that listened to Bono's Speech and promised to help have gone.. This lies not just on the shoulder of the politican's but us the citizens to let hear our voice... playing small on this serves no one!!

"The Canadian voice is hard wired in my heart. I'm a fan because a certain kind of idealism still seems to be alive in this country. You're not an insular place, you've always looked outside yourself, beyond the line of the horizon," Bono at the Liberal Convention

We didnt do a very good job of living up to that idealism, we really have to pick up our socks.. maybe we do need more drama

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Well, I know for sure that I am voting NDP. This is just further justification. Paul Martin is too arrogant, conservative, and capitalist for my tastes
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I am VERY heartened to see people stand up and BE COUNTED FOR TRUTH!

The whole area of generic drug availability and its strategic importance in successfully fighting the AIDS pandemic and other global health concerns IS PARAMOUNT to the future of so much of the developing world, especially Africa. It is NOT an area where the world's politicians can play games with people's lives and get away with it!

BIG UP to Mr. Layton for "pulling Bono's coat" to the happenings in Canada and for keeping the rest of us informed.

TOGETHER we CAN STOP the AIDS pandemic!

And keep up the good work, Katey and all in Canada!
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