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i am moving onto other things for the moment just think more time to save $$$$$$$ with

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Normal too harsh

Originally posted by JOFO
"The Greatest Band In The World" could surely takes a bunch of great ideas and come up with a finished product without going through a raft of producers to get it "just right".

They are starting to fucking bore me.

This is not the u2 I know and love. There are major problems in the studio right now, and they are not admitting it. Go ahead and say "you're assuming there are major problems; you don't know that." you're deluding yourself if you think that.

the major problem is in the songwriting right now....I know it.....a producer does not make or break an album. They are being over-protective and timid about taking chances ever again.....so apparently, POP really did bite them in the ass. what a shame.

I am really, really dissappointed at this situation. what a bragging idiot bono sounds like right now. the only thing that's worse is that there are virtually no bands out there right now who could assume the u2 mantle.

I'm sorry this post is incredibly negative....but they are being pussy-ass millionaire egomaniacs at this point.
More producers can get more ideas, many of U2's albums had several people co-producing.

We don't know what's going on - yes Bono mentioned a "snag in the recording" but that could be anything from putting finishing touches to a few songs or having problems with the majority, if not all, material. (I doubt we'd still be promised a 2004 release if that were true, though)

Sometimes taking chances pays off (AB) and sometimes it doesn't (like it or not, POP). After 20+ years, I don't know how realistic it is from people to expect another punch on the music scene like JT was, or another brand new sound like AB was. I'd rather have good songwriting than desperately trying to re-invent themselves over and over again - only to get burned. (the last album did have several new ground for the band)

It's not the first time U2 has been around the 3 year+ mark when it comes to releasing new albums, they often take their time. If the result is good, that's fine by me. If one half of what we've heard about the coming album is true, it'll be well worth the wait.

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(Sorry, just wanted to sound like all the other self-centered folks that expect art to appear on THEIR schedule)

Quality over quantity? You betcha...



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