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Exclusive: More U2 Album News -- Interference.com *

Exclusive: More U2 Album News

Interference.com has received word from a reliable source that that the next U2 album is nowhere near completion and has a tentative release of September 2004. A very massive tour is tentatively planned to start in February 2005.

We have also heard from a source with Universal France that that label has not gotten any official word on the title or release date of U2's next album.

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... nowhere near completion...
... tentative release of September 2004.

... very massive tour ...

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A load of tripe that was (Oh yeah, this is my first time here in Interference. So hi )
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...waiting is so hard. Wonder what happened?

But hey, more time to save up money. . So that's always good. And it'll be worth the wait.

Massive tour, eh? Wow. Interesting......

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Old 01-22-2004, 11:14 AM   #5
The Fly
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Well we already were kinda expecting this...The "massive tour" kinda offsets the September release...i suppose I'll live. Hopefully we'll hear the Sky Hawk song this summer. At least things are starting to fall into place now
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Old 01-22-2004, 11:34 AM   #6
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god grant me patience and i want it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi dragonfave!
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hey hey hey now, ill just have graduated college when the tour starts!, yippeeeeeeee freeeeeedom! road trips everyday
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More time to save for concert tickets....
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First is not coming out until next winter. Then its coming out in May. Now its coming out in September at the earliest?

Who is the "reliable source" for this information. Don't name, just who they are and how and why they would know?

If the band does not put an album out until September, it will be the longest it has taken the band to put out an album in their history.

The begining of September puts them at the 3 year and 10 month mark since the release of the last album. U2 has never taken more than 3 years and 8 months between album releases!
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Dang, thats quite i wait though But hey moonlit_angel is right, a lot of time to save more money.
This my fist time here so i dont know what to say, but im an Edge
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Hi all
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This is frustrating to say the least, why is it taking so long to finish this album?

Why did we have all these mis-leading quotes from Bono about it being "almost done", if it is not?

I can wait (I have to!), but the band has to realize that the longer they wait, the more pressure that is on them to deliver an outstanding album....if they don't, it would be the end for them.
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Originally posted by STING2
Who is the "reliable source" for this information. Don't name, just who they are and how and why they would know?

Sorry, we didn't name the source or the position on their request. This is a 'reliable source'.
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Originally posted by nbcrusader
More time to save for concert tickets....
and to bank vacation time needed to follow massive tour around
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im kind of relieved...more time to save for concert tickets, hotels, flights, etc...

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