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wtf happened on the ZooTV Washington bootleg??

on the bootleg for ZooTV washington.. i guess 1992... theres a part during New Years Day where everything seems to be fucked up starting with Edge's piano... then Bono and Adam come up to him and listening.. and thenbono gets up, shakes his head.. i guess ticked off.. and then edge seems pissed off and the piano is way off key... and then bono's vocals get all whacked off sync with the rest of the band.. and then he stops singing, and starts clapping to someone.. like a tech or something? what happened? their click tracks in the in ear monitor or something malfunction?

i must say, that was kinda funny, but wasnt sure what was going on.

anyone know?

no, not out of sync... i should have worded that differently. it seems from the very beginning they were having a technical problem. larry starts the drums and you can see him saying something to someone. then edges piano goes weird.. or something. then adam comes over... seems confused or something and bono looks like hes pissed off.. but.. goes over to the other end of the stage.. stops singing fo r a minute and starts yelling out "1, 2, 3, 4!!!" towards edge... (which i thought maybe was to help keep him on sync, like iof his ear monitor fucked up... to help him along? i dunno..) then we see bono later hanging onto this thing at the side of the stage, as it appears hes looking for someone, or a tech or something.. out into the crowd... kinda waiting. shakes his head kind of.. and walks back to edge. then kinda just stands there.... looking at edges guitar.. and then starts singing. then after the song, i hear bono yell "hey!!" and not sure to who or about what.. but i was under the assumption they were having a problem and the people behind the scenes were having a problem getting it fixed or bono trying to get their attention.
throughout the song, they all seemed off-pace, i should say.. kind of. from the very beginning. so i tjhought it was some in -ear monitor thing.

then during "i still havent found" you can see something weird going on there too.

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Wrong forum

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Matt, for what is possibly the 5th time from ME with at least a few more from Neutral and who knows how many times from the other mods

Please DO NOT crosspost your threads. You opened one on Everything You Know... which is the proper forum. You have been around here long enough and have been warned enough times to know that this is not acceptable.

Now, please stop playing dumb. I have lost my patience with this.
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