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Originally posted by Galeongirl
thanks for the quick updates I really like this story!
but just in case, watch it for not breaking the FAQs here
yeah I have like 30 something chapters of this already. I just need to re-read it and stuff
I don't think i'll need to worry about that. I don't get too grapic. Is that what you meant?

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ooo, yes the quick updates are very nice

can't wait for the rest, i really like it

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Thanks to all for reading

Chapter Eleven

The walk to our room seemed unbearably long and I broke out in a cold sweat. This wasn't happening. It just wasn't. The hotel wasn't the grandest in town but it would do. The walls were covered in wallpaper from the 50's that reminded me of my grandma's house. What would she think if she could see me now? Oh God I didn't want to think about that. Too quickly we reached our room and Adam pulled out the key and opened the door.

Inside I set my suitcase down on the end of the only bed in the room. I stared at it like it was my doom and pictured Adam and I on it...later. My hands started to shake and I took a deep breath. Adam came up behind me and slipped his arms around me. He started nibbling on my neck gently.

" smell good." He murmured and I felt his lips caress across my sensitive skin. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. His hands caressed up my sides and cupped my breasts. My breath hitched. Oh God this was really happening. I wasn't ready. No, I just needed to calm down. This was what Adam wanted.
His lips traveled along my jaw and I turned to meet him for a real kiss. This was more familiar. Something I was comfortable with and I melted against him. Our tongues met in a hot frenzy and his hands cupped my butt and pulled me up against him. I felt him through his pants and nothing had ever excited or scared me more in my life. I shivered and gasped against his mouth. He growled deep in his throat and rubbed himself against me. Panic. Real panic rose in me and I tried to force it down.

Adam pulled away long enough to say, "I want you so much. Can you feel how much I need you? Feck, I love you." He went back to kissing my neck passionately. I thought about what he said and I stiffened. He loved me? He needed me? He must've felt the change in me because he pulled back to look into my eyes.


"You love me?" I was filled with anger and confusion and I pushed away from him. "If you loved me then you wouldn't be making me do this!"

He looked confused. "Make you? What am I making you do?"

"This!" I waved my arms around. "You're making me sleep with you!"

"How?" His brows furrowed in further confusion.

"Oh don't give me that! If I had said I wanted to stay in a room with Aids what would you have done?" I was in his face now and mad as hell.

He shrugged, "Nothing. You would have stayed with her and I would stay with Edge. What's this about?"

I gritted my teeth in frustration. "It's about us! You're forcing me to do something I'm not ready for and I can't take it!" I couldn't believe it. I'd finally said it. After a month of being pressured and confused, the truth was out. Tears were rolling down my face and Adam looked shocked.

"I didn't realize....I didn't know I was doing anything like that."

"Well, you have been! Every night you kiss me until I have to practically pry you off and you always want more and more. I'm not ready to give you more, so stop it!"

"Does this mean you want me to stop kissing you?" He looked totally stricken and I would have felt bad if I wasn't so upset.

"No..I like means that you need to stop pressuring me. If you know it's happening or not it IS."

"I'll try to stop. I will. I didn't realize that I was making you feel this way. Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

My eyes widened as I stared at him. "WHY!? Adam do you even know how hard this is for me to tell you? I don't do this! I keep things inside...I've been hurt so many times before and I'm trusting you. I'm finally opening up to you and this is a huge step for me. I need you to listen to me...please." I sat down onto the end of the bed and hunched over protectively. I never opened up to anyone but the most important people in my life. My own feelings were so hard to share and now that I had I felt unbelievably vulnerable.

Adam came over and sat down next to me. "I didn't know how hard this was for you but now I do, because you told me. You have to try and tell me things as you're feeling them, instead of bottling them up. Then we can talk them through and deal with whatever is bothering you. Okay?" I nodded numbly and he put his arm around me. I leaned into him, feeling relief. I needed comfort now and Adam was the only one who could make me feel better.

" you think we belong together? Are you happy with me?"

He sighed "I know that I love you and want to be with you, but if what you're trying to say is that you want something else..I'll try to be supportive and hope that we can stay friends. That's not what I want though. What do you want?"

I thought about it hard. I would hopefully be going off to college in a year and where would that leave Adam? He might be off on some adventure with U2 and I'd be halfway across the world living my own life. Could we make it work? My brain hurt from all this thinking and I laid my head on Adam's shoulder.

"I don't know anything right now. Except that I love you and I don't want to lose you. No matter what happens I want to be with you, but I'm not ready. I'm not ready for sex yet..I'm sorry." My voice almost disappeared into silence by the end.

Adam sighed wearily and kissed the top of my head. "You don't have to be sorry. It's all right. We'll wait until you're ready and not a moment sooner. No more pressure, I promise. If I do then you have my permission to whack me upside the head. Okay?" I was blown away by this. I'd never expected him to be so understanding and I'd never underestimate him again. I lifted my head to look into his eyes.

"Do you mean it?"

He smiled and kissed the end of my nose. "Course I do. Now I'm going to take a long cold shower off." I glanced down and blushed. I'd almost forgotten about that. Adam grinned and stood up. "Don't worry. You're safe from my advances." He winked. "At least for now. I better get under that freezing water..I hope the water heater is busted. I'll be back in a bit."

I smiled as I watched him head into the bathroom. I wiped the last of my tears away. I felt so much better now that I'd gotten things off my chest. Adam was so much sweeter and kinder then most people thought he was. I couldn't imagine my life before I met him..or if I didn't have him now.

"I want to be with him." As soon as I said it out loud I knew it was true, and I felt stronger having finally realized it.

I hurriedly changed into my pj's and waited in bed for him. He'd taken all of this extraordinarily well. I'd thought that there would at least be some yelling from him. He'd been calm the whole time. Did he ever get angry? I couldn't remember ever seeing him yell at anyone. Except maybe Bono, but that didn't count. Everyone yelled at Bono sooner or later.

After a short while the bathroom door swung open and Adam walked out wearing a clean pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. I felt a jolt of panic run through me.

"Aren't we going to sleep?"

"I would love to. I really would, but I don't think I can sleep in the same bed with you and control myself." He grinned shamefacedly. "I think it's better we don't stay in the same room." He grabbed his cigarettes and wallet and stuck them in his back pocket. I pulled the covers off and got up.

"Are you mad at me?" I was terrified that he might be leaving me for good. Seeing the look on my face, Adam put his arms around me and leaned his forehead against mine.

"No, I'm not mad. I want to keep my promise to you. I don't want to take the chance that something might happen when you don't want it to. I love you too much." I relaxed against him.

"Where will you go?"

"Don't worry. I'll bunk with Bono." He gave me a quick kiss and smiled. "See you in the morning." I shook my head and reached out to stop him.

"What about Larry? He's staying with Bono."

He scowled. "Feck...I could stay with Edge."

"Aids and he are sharing a room and I don't think they would want you barging in."

He sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands. I suddenly got an idea and smiled.

"Why don't you stay here and I'll stay with Larry. That way you and Bono can share. They have double beds right?"

"Yeah." Adam didn't look happy at my suggestion. "You and Larry..sharing a room?" He actually sounded suspicious and maybe jealous.

"Aww how sweet. You're so cute when you're jealous, but you don't have to worry. It's only Larry." Adam eventually agreed, but only if I promised to keep my pj's on the entire night and he would be walking me to the room. I packed up my things and we headed out.

"If Larry tries anything..." He scowled and puffed nervously on a smoke. I rolled my eyes and pushed him along. Adam knocked when we reached their door and Bono answered. He beamed when he saw us.

"Hey! Out for a night stroll?" Adam sighed heavily and turned to me.

"I don't know if I can take him for a whole weekend."

"Yes, you can." I patted his arm reassuringly. "Unless you want me to share with Bono? I'd be more than willing to if that's what you want."

His eyes narrowed. "Forget I said anything." Adam was very agreeable after that. Bono didn't take much persuading either. I promised him I would owe him a favor and that was that. I didn't want to know what he might want in return. I shuddered to think.

Larry was a little harder to get to agree but eventually he did. First we all had to promise never to mention anything to his Da because he would go mental if he knew his son had shared a room with a girl. We all promised on our parents lives and Larry was satisfied.

Adam and I said goodnight and it was a little awkward to have him leave me with someone else. He gave me a soft kiss and whispered that he loved me before he left and I felt better. After Adam and Bono were gone I was all alone with Larry. He was laying on his bed with his hands behind his head, watching TV. I sat down on the other bed and lightly bounced up and down.

"I guess we're room mates for the weekend." Larry grunted in response. "Do I need to be worried?"

"Bout what?" He still hadn't taken his eyes off of the TV.

"About you ravishing me in the middle of the night." That got his attention. He turned his head my way. He eyes caught mine and widened when he understood what I meant. He blushed and looked away.

"You know I'm not like that." There were several smart ass things I could say to this but I knew none of them would be appreciated right now.

"I know." I smiled and flopped back onto the bed. The mattress was harder then I was used to but it was a place to sleep. My stomach growled loudly and Larry laughed.

"Hungry?" He grinned playfully.

"No, not a bit. Seriously, is there any food in here? I'm starving."

"Yeah I think so. I'll look." He got up and headed to his bag. He dug around and came up with two apples and a sandwich wrapped in plastic. He walked over to me and smiled shyly. "My Da made this before we left. It might be edible." He brushed the hair out of his eyes and handed me an apple and half of the sandwich.

"Thanks." I wolfed down the sandwich but took my time with the apple. "This is good." I sighed happily, now that I had something solid in me I felt much better. "Thanks for sharing."

"It's no problem." He laid back down and started flipping through the TV channels. I snuggled under my blankets and felt my lids drooping. I must have fallen asleep briefly because the next thing I knew I jerked awake suddenly. Before I could wonder what had woken me up, I heard it. The TV was blaring some corny infomercial. The noise got louder and louder. I cried out and covered my ears.

"AHH!! What the bloody hell!?" Larry yelled and jumped out of bed. The room was dark except for the illumination from the television and the light from the bathroom.

"Something's wrong with that thing! Turn it off!!!" I had to practically scream over the noise. Larry marched over and smacked the off button. The sound faded and I slowly dropped my hands. My head was still ringing.

"What happened?" I asked shaking my head to check that I could still hear. Larry stared at the TV in the shadowy darkness. Then he shrugged and got back in bed. There he found the problem. He held up the remote.

"Shit. I must've laid on the buttons and turned it up."

I rolled my eyes. "Great. I wanted a wake up call but not at one in the morning."

"Sorry...I guess I fell asleep."

"So did I...are you good at going back to bed after you've been woken up?" I didn't get an answer and squinted at him in the dark. "Larry? If you're asleep already I'm going to murder you."

He snorted loudly. "I'm awake. I was just thinking..."

"About what?" Silence again and I rolled to face him. I could just make out his profile in the dark. "Lar?" He shifted and I heard the rustling of his covers.

"I was thinking...tomorrow's a big know?"

"Yeah it is. Are you nervous?"

"A little." He admitted. Which was surprising to me. Larry was always the last one to say what was really going on in that drummer head of his.

"You don't need to be. U2 is the best band around and I know you're going to win."

"Maybe..I'm not getting my hopes up."

"Well, I am so you'll win. I know it. What you guys have is special. Something goes off when you play together and I'm not the only one to notice that."

"I've noticed too. It's odd, but it seems to work well."

"Hell yes it does, and you'll rock tomorrow. Don't worry about it."

"Mmph. Shouldn't you be getting your beauty sleep?"

"Lawrence are you implying that I'm ugly?"

He snorted. "No but you might be if you stay up any longer."

"So will you, pretty boy." I huffed.

He chuckled, "Goodnight Amber."

I smiled in the darkness. "Night Lar." I rolled over to my other side and sighed. Tomorrow was the biggest day to date in U2's career and I couldn't help but be nervous for them. No help in letting them see that though. They had some competition yes, but I doubted anyone else would have the same magic they did. No one else was quite like U2.
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Chapter Twelve

The next morning I found out that Larry liked to sleep late. I woke up before him and grabbed a shower. Twenty minutes later I walked out and he was still snoring away. Not that he really snored, more like snuffled loudly once in a while. It was kinda cute in it's own way.

I approached his bed and peeked. He was curled into a fetal position with a hand cupping his cheek.

"Aww you're so cute." I leaned over him and lightly brushed his hair away from his forehead. His eyes fluttered, he groaned and rolled onto his back.

"Larry." I pushed him lightly and he grunted but didn't move. "Laaarrry! Time to get up! You want to be late for the competition?" I jumped onto the end of his bed and started bouncing.

"Feck off and die." He grumbled and pulled the covers up over his face.

"Fine, but when U2 has to forfeit because they're missing their drummer, don't you come crying to me." I got off the bed and walked to the door. I didn't need to deal with a grumpy drummer this morning. "If you're not up soon I'm sending Bono over to talk to you until you do."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh yeah? I'll tell him specifically to not stop talking until you are up out of that bed. I mean it." I folded my arms over my chest and waited.

Apparently that threat was going to do the trick. Larry shoved the covers off with a loud "Humph!" His hair was shooting out at all directions as he got up and marched to the bathroom, shooting me an evil glare on the way. He slammed the door behind him and I smirked. Larry was always easy to deal with if you had the right bargaining tools. I just had better watch my back, because Larry never let a score go unsettled.

"Hello? Anybody home?" I knocked again and waited. I'd decided to visit Aids and see how she was. Besides I didn't really want to see Adam just yet. I needed to talk to her first.

"Coming!" Aids called from inside. The door opened a crack and her face peeked out at me. "Hey." She smiled in a distracted way.

"Hi. this a bad time?"

"No! I it's not." She glanced over her shoulder and opened the door all the way. "Come in."

I stepped in and took in the scene. The room was spotless except for the bed. The blankets were rumpled and the pillows were on the floor. What the heck happened here? I didn't see Edge anywhere in sight either.

"Where's Edge?"

Aids grinned at me. "You just missed him. He's taking a shower." She bounced back on her heels and was practically vibrating with excitement.

"Okay, whatever happened last night must have been good."

"Yep! It was amazing." Oh my God she didn't!

"You didn't...Um...." I waggled my brows suggestively. "You know...did you!?" She took my hand and led me to the bed.

"Sit. I've got tons to tell you." I sat and turned to her excitedly.

'Come on. Spill it."

"It was amazing." She smiled softly. "I never knew it would be like that. No matter what you think before, it's nothing like that." She got a faraway look in her eyes. I still couldn't believe that she'd done what I thought she had.

"Aids...did you and Edge...did you?" I couldn't even bring myself to finish the sentence.

"Yes, we did." She blinked away some tears. "When we were together I knew right then that we were meant to be with each other forever. It was magical and perfect. I love him so much." She wiped her eyes and grinned. "You're lucky you didn't get here five minutes ago."

"Why? What was happening five minutes ago?....wait maybe I don't want to know."

She laughed. "No. Nothing like that. Well, almost. He was doing this cute dance...naked." My eyes practically bugged out of my head and she giggled.

"Naked?! Edge danced for you...naked? Or did he dance with you?"

"Both actually. It was weird at first but now I think it's my favorite thing."

I shook my head. "You are officially in love with Edge. No one else could get you to do something like that."

She laughed. "I know! It's exhilarating and I've never been happier." She smiled goofily then grinned. "Enough about me. How did things go with you and Adam?"

I blinked and laughed. "They didn't. I spent the night with Larry."

Aids eyes widened. "Larry? You slept with Larry? Our Larry?" She looked skeptical and I couldn't pass this up.

I smiled seductively. "Oh you know how it goes. I couldn't resist him any longer. The heat between us was too much." I flipped my hair back and sighed. "I know we don't always get along but believe me it's a totally different story under the sheets." Aids mouth was hanging wide open as she stared at me. I held a straight face for about ten seconds before I lost it and cracked up.
"I'm joking, but you should have seen your face."

"Oh that's cruel! I knew you wouldn't do that." She snorted. "So you didn't sleep with Larry?"

"I did but not with him. We shared a room. I finally told Adam how I felt."

"Was he angry?"

"No..I don't think so. He didn't think we should share a room though."

"Why not?" I grinned. She looked thoughtful then she grinned too. "Oh. I guess that would be a problem."

"Yeah, just a not that it was little."

"No?" She teased and we both dissolved in laughter.

"Seriously though. I need to talk to Adam and I don't know what I'm going to say." I filled her in on all the facts about last night.

"Sounds like you just need to feel right about it. What's stopping you? You love him right?"

"Yeah." I sighed. "But something stops me. Every time."

Aids frowned, "Maybe you need to talk to Adam more about it. If he's the root of the problem then it could be something he did or didn't do."


Just then the bathroom door opened and Edge walked out. He was looking quite relaxed and I could guess why. My cheeks heated up when I pictured what must have been going on when I knocked on the door...or even last night. Oh God.

Out of the two of us I never thought that Aids would be the first one to go this far. Edge and Adam were very different people though and maybe that had something to do with it. If Edge was with me then maybe...I cut that off at the pass. No way was I going there again.

"Morning." Edge said smiling and having that pink freshly scrubbed look. He sat down next to Aids, put an arm around her and kissed her on the mouth tenderly. They looked so cute together. Aids turned and grinned and winked at me. I smiled back, feeling a little like a third wheel. I suddenly missed Adam and wanted to be near him.

"Morning Edge. I better go see if Adam is up and ready." I stood up. "I'll see you guys in a while. Bye."

"Bye. See you at breakfast." Aids said and Edge waved. I slipped out the door, into the hall as fast as I could. That had been uncomfortable and a little weird for me.

"Wow." I leaned against the door and closed my eyes. Aids and Edge had done it. After all that talk about wanting to wait she'd done it anyway. Why? Maybe she was just ready to. Or maybe she was tired of waiting. I felt like that sometimes but I didn't want to rush things.

What if the only thing that was keeping me from Adam was my own fears? I might be wasting a perfect opportunity and pushing Adam away all in the same weekend. I sighed and pushed away from the door. Why was life so complicated sometimes?
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I wasn't sure what would be acceptable as far as love scenes go so this is edited. If anyone wants the unedited version just leave your email and I'll be sure to send it to you.

Chapter Thirteen

I knew I needed to talk to Adam. But after last night I was feeling vulnerable. Talking to Aids hadn't helped...not when I saw how happy her and Edge were. Maybe if I waited a little longer. What could it hurt?

I forgot my purse in my room so I headed that way before I went downstairs for some breakfast. Larry was just adjusting his jacket collar when I walked in. He glanced at me over his shoulder.


"Hi.." I got my purse and flopped down on the end of my bed. I watched Larry watching himself in the mirror.

"What are you doing?" Larry asked irritably.

"Nothing..watching you."

"I can see that. Why? Isn't Adam waiting for you?"

"I don't know." I shrugged. "He can wait a while."

Larry was looking at me curiously. "Did you guys have a quarrel?"

"A quarrel? Jeez Larry what is this the 12 th century?" He shrugged and turned away.

"Just trying to help." I could tell I'd hurt his feelings and I sighed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. With Adam and's complicated."

"Isn't everything?" Larry asked and started trying to fix his hair. It looked scraggly today and everything he was doing was making it worse.

"Here, let me do that. You look like a porcupine." Walking over to him I took the comb. I was a little surprised that he was actually letting me do this. "Turn and look at me." He turned his head but his eyes stayed on the mirror.

"I'm not going to bite Lar." I smiled when he looked at me. Close up his eyes were a lot bluer then they seemed. Sometimes I thought they looked like light blue slate, but now they were more like a winter sky. Very attractive..for Larry.

"I thought you were going to fix my hair." Larry mumbled and broke eye contact. I realized I'd been staring. I blushed and started on his hair. What was wrong with me? First his eyes..what was next?

"Jeez, Lar where did you get such beautiful hair? I know some girls who would kill to have hair this soft."

Larry scowled and I rolled my eyes. "Oh right. I forgot. You have very handsome hair." He grunted and shifted.

"Hold still. I need to get your bangs right." I bit my lip and twirled a strand of hair just right to frame Larry's face. I stepped back to admire my work. "Perfect. You'll have the girls going mad for you. Take a look."

He turned to look in the mirror. I stood behind him and looked over his shoulder. He turned his head this way and was that.


"I like it. Thanks." Coming from Larry that was pretty high praise.

"Your Welcome. Oh wait..." I reached over his shoulder and plucked his bangs out of his eyes. "That always drives me crazy."

Larry smiled and turned around. I didn't realize how close we were. His shoulder brushed mine and our hips bumped. When Larry didn't pull away right away I didn't move either. Larry could've gotten mad or embarrassed but he didn't. I stared into his eyes wondering what I should do. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"I like your jacket. Is it new?" I reached out to touch his sleeve, then realized how stupid I was sounding. I blushed and dropped my hand back to my side.

"yeah it is new. I got it before we left..." Larry said. I finally took a step back and smiled.

"I'm starving. Lets go get some breakfast." I said and Larry nodded. When we were leaving I thought that once upon a time I didn't think Larry liked me, and now it was like us staying in the same room had made our friendship stronger. At least one good thing had come out of this weekend so far.


"We won! I can't fecking believe it!!" Larry shouted for the tenth time that night and gave me a big bear hug. I laughed joyfully and squeezed him back.

"I can believe it! I told you it would happen didn't I?" Three hours ago the votes had been counted and the winner announced. U2 were first place and won the money and a record deal.

I'd been sitting next to Adam right as it was announced. When their name was called we were all shocked into silence. Then the world exploded.

Bono screamed "I knew it!!" Edge and Aids held each other and jumped up and down. Larry was too stunned to do anything but shake his head. Even two hours later he was still having trouble believing it was true.

When they won Adam stood and pulled me up with him. We hugged tightly and I had to yell in his ear to be heard over our ecstatic friends.

"You're brilliant! I love you!" Adam held me close for a moment longer and then pulled back.

"I love you too!" He grinned. "And I just realized that's the worst pun in history." We laughed and then kissed and went crazy with the rest of our friends. U2 went up on stage to collect their prize and my chest swelled with pride for our four brilliant Irishmen.

When the excitement died down and the crowd started to thin we went back to the hotel. The soonest train home was the next morning so we have one more night to go.

Back at the hotel we all crammed into Adam and Bono's room for some celebrating. Our celebration was pretty mellow though because we couldn't be loud and disturb the other guests.

We ended up sitting on the floor, the bed, wherever we could find room. Going over everything over and over again we talked about it all.

"Edge you know you're a genius don't you? You just get better and better." Bono was saying and Edge blushed.

"We're lucky." Edge said. "There were other bands that looked well put together. I honestly didn't think we would pull it off."

Aids rolled her eyes and brought his hand to her lips for a quick kiss. "You won because of your talent to play. Fashion had nothing to do with it, and if it did you have plenty of that too. With a little help from me." She leaned over to kiss his cheek.

He smiled and caught my eye. I thought about him and Aids and how much happier they were after they'd...oh God. I'd promised myself I would stop thinking about that! As if Edge could read my thoughts his smile widened and he winked. I blushed and tried to look innocent and failed miserably.

Bono, who kept going around the room, beaming, hugging each of us and kissing our foreheads, made his way to me again. He smacked his lips against my cheek and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Hey why are you blushing Red?" Bono asked looking at me closely. He turned to look at Edge who was also blushing now and he raised a brow. "What's going on?"

My stomach squeezed painfully but I managed to keep eye contact with Bono and smile. "Nothing B. Maybe it's the lighting. I think I'm going to get some fresh air." I escaped towards the only window and cracked it an inch or two. I leaned down and closed my eyes as the cool air swept across my face.

Today had been everything everyone had hoped for and more. Good friends, good music, and a grand prize. I felt happy. Like for this little space in time I could take a deep breath and relax. Everything seemed right in the world.
I felt eyes on me and turned to look around. I spotted him leaning up against the far wall with his legs crossed at the ankles and a smoldering cigarette dangling from his lips. His eyes shone silver in the half light and my heart skipped. I knew that tonight was the night. I'd known it from the moment I saw him right before U2 was set to perform.


Earlier that day...
He was nervous and jittery and doing his best to try to not let it show. I got a moment alone with him moments before and took both his hands in mine.

"Adam I know you're nervous. I know you and I see what you're going through. I want you to know that I believe in you and no matter what happens that's never going to change." All kinds of emotions were fighting for control over Adam's face but before he could say anything, U2's name was called. I gave him a quick kiss and wished him luck. His bass was put on and with one more look he headed out to the stage.

I watched him go with tears in my eyes. Only seconds after he'd gone he was back and I gasped.

"Adam what-" The rest of my sentence was cut off by Adam's mouth. His lips were soft and his kiss hard. My knees turned to jello, I saw stars and Adam gripped my hips with his long fingers to keep me standing.

Shouting from somewhere cut off our moment and we parted. Adam's heated gaze met mine. "Love you." He panted and then he was gone again. I knew that second that tonight would be the night. I loved Adam more then anything else in the world and I was finally ready.


Now, as he watched me from across the room I couldn't think of anything else. I wanted Adam put out his cigarette and made his way towards me. When he reached me I smiled nervously,

"Nice night." Adam said, looking out the window, then back at me. There was something between us tonight that made my heart race and shivers run up and down my spine. I couldn't wait anymore. I had to try and tell him.

"yeah it's beautiful..I bet it's even more beautiful from my window." That was as close as I was going to come to out rightly telling him. This was it. if he didn't get it..thank God that wasn't a problem.

Adam's eyes darkened and he took my hand. He turned and started for the door, practically dragging me behind him.

"Adam, I didn't mean right this second. We haven't even said goodnight to everyone."

He stopped and turned to face our friends. "We're turning in everybody. Larry you'll be staying with Bono tonight. See you all in the morning. Cheers."

Aids started clapping as everyone else cheered and Bono started giggling. I gasped as I was jerked along towards the door.

"Adam!" Laughter and snickers followed us out into the hall, and even a few indecent suggestions from Bono and Gavin.

Once we were out in the hall I pulled my hand out of Adam's and walked by his side. I was a little angry Adam had announced it to all our friends that we were sharing a room.

"Did you have to say that in front of everybody?"

"Don't be mad at me love." Adam put his arm around my waist and pulled me up against him. "I'm thrilled we're taking this step. Why shouldn't our closest friends know how happy we are?" He started nibbling on my neck and rubbing my side through my shirt.

"Stop it. You know I can't think when you do that."

"Hmmm...What if I don't want you to be thinking?"

"I'm always thinking. Ah...that feels nice." Adam was moving on, kissing along my collar bone. My stomach was tied in knots and what I could only describe as sexual tension was starting to simmer between us.

We made it to our room and I excused myself to freshen up. In the bathroom I tried not to think too much. I was afraid that if I did I would change my mind.

I came out and saw Adam was standing with his back to me, admiring the view from the window. I stayed quiet and watched him. He looked deep in thought and I wondered what was going through his mind. I didn't want to disturb him but the burning low in my stomach was getting stronger and I knew it had to do with Adam and how much I wanted him.

I stood next to him and he turned to me. I noticed that he'd taken his glasses off and his face looked so much more open, his eyes more alive then ever before. The tension that had started simmering, finally boiled over when our eyes met, and within moments Adam's mouth covered mine.

Warm and soft and wet our mouths meshed together again and again. My hands moved up to dig themselves into Adam's curly hair. His hands felt like they were everywhere. Touching me in a way that made me feel like an electrical current was running through me. I suddenly wondered why I had held back before because so far this was the best experience of my life.

I must've fallen asleep for a minute afterward. When I opened my eyes Adam was laying by my side now with his arm around me.

He pulled me close and kissed me gently. "How do you feel?" Adam asked.

I blinked drowsily and snuggled against his chest. "Tired."

He chuckled. "Me too..are you happy? I mean, you don't regret it do you?"

I pulled back enough to look at him. "I'm the happiest I've ever been and I would never regret being with you." I smiled at the look of pure joy and relief on Adam's face. I laid my head back.

"Sweet dreams." Adam whispered and kissed the top of my head.

" you." I shifted enough to place a sloppy kiss on his chest before laying my head back down. The last thing I thought before I fell asleep was that Aids was right. It was nothing like what I thought it would be. It was much MUCH better.
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me likey unedited things *rubs palms together evilly*

i'm loving it btw
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oh, i would love it too!
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Yes please, I love unedited versions too

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metoo thanks

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Chapter Fourteen

The morning after was always supposed to be awkward and embarrassing. Or so that's what I always thought, but as I woke up in Adam's arms with his face nuzzling my hair and neck I knew that it was going to be anything but that. I pulled away from Adam and rolled over. My internal clock was telling me that it was way too early for me to be getting up, but I was happy and ready to share it with the world. Or maybe just Adam.

I opened my eyes and grinned. About a foot in front of me was Adam's face. Half of it was smashed into the pillow and his mouth was hanging slightly agape. Nothing had ever looked sweeter. I glanced around the room in surprise. I thought, going to sleep last night, that I would have woken up before this. I wasn't used to sharing a bed, but with Adam everything seemed to be perfect.

I had a sudden urge to use the bathroom and slipped out of bed. When Adam groaned, I stopped and looked back. Adam rolled over onto his back and mumbled something I couldn't make out. Grinning like a loon I stood there and watched him sleep for a while.

As soon as I had gotten out of bed I'd noticed a couple things right away. One was that every muscle in my body was screaming from our activities last night. I had a dull pain between my legs but I guessed that was normal. It didn't hurt too badly, but enough to make me wince at the thought of sitting on a bumpy train all morning.

Thinking about last night made me want to start crying. Not because I regretted it, but because it had reaffirmed the love that Adam and I had for one another. If anyone else saw it as anything less, then that was their problem.

With Adam still sleeping soundly I headed for the shower. I was so occupied glancing at Adam every ten seconds that halfway there I stubbed my toe on the dresser.

"Ouch! You bloody piece of crap!" I glared at the offending piece of furniture. "Why'd they put you there in the first place? That's not even where you should be. You should be by the window." I rubbed my throbbing toe and flinched.

"Should I be worried that you talk to furniture?"

My head whipped up and I saw Adam laying in bed with his hands behind his head, watching me with a sleepy smile. My stomach twisted into a knot and my insides grew warm.

"You've got nothing to worry over. I only talk to the furniture on Saturdays." I grinned at the sound of Adam's laughter and his sparkling eyes.

A part of me had been worried about how Adam would react when he woke up and remembered what we'd done, but I didn't think he felt bad about anything. Especially judging by the toothy grin and happy disposition he had all that morning.

We took separate showers, although Adam had other things on his mind. I would have loved to but if I got anywhere near Adam now we probably would never leave our room. Adam had to go back to his room to gather his things and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek but he wasn't satisfied with that and pulled me back. We kissed for so long my lips started to go numb. I'd created a monster in Adam..unless he already was one and love blinded me to it. Either way I wasn't complaining.

Later on the train Adam and I were practically glued at the hip. We snuggled and held hands while the scenery rolled by. Edge and Aids were sitting behind us and I could hear Aids laughing every once in a while.

When Adam left to go to the loo, I sighed and laid back. I'd just closed my eyes when I felt a tap on the top of my head.

"Psst. Hey, can I talk to you?" Aids whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked up. "Okay...but why are we whispering?"

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled. "Edge is sleeping. All the excitement wore him out."

I snorted. "Yeah. I'm sure that's what it is."

"Shh! Not so loud. That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Aids disappeared for a second and then she was sitting down in Adam's empty seat.

I frowned. "What going on?"

"I don't want anyone to know about me and Edge. Not yet. It's kind of nice keeping it a secret."

I huffed. "How is it that you and Edge share a room and no one even bats an eye but when Adam and I do everyone assumes the worst?!"

Aids laughed. "Are you saying that Adam is the worst?"

I snorted. "No! I'm not saying that. Just that Adam's reputation seems to follow him everywhere."

"Well, he's a very memorable person, and Adam and Edge are two totally different people."

"Tell me about it. So you really don't want anyone to know?"

"Nope. You're the only one that knows. Unless you told Adam?" Before I could answer she quickly went on. "It's okay if you did. He'll find out soon anyway."

"I haven't told him anything. There hasn't been time. With everything else..." I smiled.

Aids eyes widened in delight. "You and Adam? I thought last night that maybe you'd tell him off or that you were joking. You and Adam!?"

I grinned excitedly. "We were both serious and it was unbelievable."

"Oh my God! I'm so happy for you." She hugged me and we both laughed.

"Are we celebrating again?" Edge asked sleepily as he sat down in the seat across from me. He looked well rested after his nap. The color in his cheeks and the sparkle in his eyes was back.

"Um..not really." I blushed. This wasn't really a topic you discussed with a boy.

"Aww come on. Can I tell him? He wont tell anyone else I promise." Aids stuck out her bottom lip pleadingly.

I threw my hands up "Well, you might as well tell him now because he's so smart he'll figure it out anyway."

"He's the smartest person I know." Aids grinned at Edge "Her and Adam are a couple know" I rolled my eyes and tried not to blush. Edge blinked a couple times and then smiled widely.

"Well, congratulations. I'm happy for you both." Edge reached out and squeezed my knee affectionately. I groaned and sunk down in my seat. Nothing could be more embarrassing then this. I was wrong again as usual.

Adam picked the worst time, when I was trying to get my color back to normal, to come back from the loo. He sighed as he sat down next to Edge. Aids and Edge were both grinning at him and he smiled lopsidedly.

"Hey..what's everyone so happy about?" Edge and Aids both snickered and Adam raised a brow at me. "What are these fools going on about?"

"Um..they're just being silly. Ignore them."

"Whatever." Adam shrugged and leaned back to get comfortable.

When Edge and Aids got themselves under control I breathed a little easier.

"I can't wait to get home." I sighed.

"Me neither. It's nice to get away but I miss home." Aids said. "What about you Adam? Will you be glad to be home?"

He sat up and shrugged. "I guess so. I haven't really got a home to go back to. My old man kicked me out."

"What!?" I squeaked in surprise.

"Yeah." He said causally. "After I dropped out and wouldn't get a 'real job' they told me that I'd have to figure it out or leave. So I left."

"Just like that?" Edge asked, frowning in concern. "Where will you live?"

"I'm staying with a friend in the city when we get back. All I've got to do is move in my stuff."

"Well, thanks for telling me!" I said angrily. How could he not tell me about this!? "Who is this friend?!" Visions of some tall blonde beautiful girl entered my head and I scowled.

"It's Evan. You've met him...last month I think, and he'll be at the party tonight."

"Oh..." I calmed down and my thoughts shifted to thinking about tonight. The big celebration party. My parents were out of town for the weekend and my Aunt was watching us. My Aunt was nice and would pretty much let me get away with anything as long as I cleaned up after myself.

Later that day, once I knew for sure that my Aunt didn't have a problem with the house being full of people, I called Adam to tell him everything was ready. People started arriving within minutes. By seven the living room was full of all our friends and I was busy running around trying to keep things in order.

"Will you stop pestering everyone and relax?" Adam came up and hugged me.

"I will. I'm tired of cleaning anyway. We're celebrating because U2 won and I shouldn't be running all around." I sighed and laid my head on Adam's shoulder.

"That's not all we're celebrating." Adam whispered in my ear and my knees turned to jelly.

"Oh..right. I almost forgot about that."

"You almost forgot?"

I giggled at the look on his face. "Well, I've had a lot on my mind. You can't expect me to think about you all the time."

He tightened his grip on me and moved his hand to lightly caress my stomach.

"Yes I can." He whispered hoarsely.

"Adam stop that!" I hissed and pulled away. "We're in front of all our friends! Have a little control would you?"

He grinned. "Sure, but I want a kiss first."

I eyed him warily. "I've fallen for this before with you and it never ends with one kiss."

"It will this time. I promise. Seeing my doubtful expression he held his hands up. "No hands even. Just one." He closed his eyes and puckered his lips. I smiled and leaned in. I pressed my lips to his briefly but when I tried to pull away his arms came around me and our kiss deepened. I sighed against him mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck. We were just getting to the point where even the top of my head was tingling when a loud cough interrupted us.

We broke apart guiltily. Adam slung an arm around me and grinned cheekily. It was Edge who'd coughed and Aids was with him.

"Hey Edge, Aids. What's up?" Adam asked. Before Edge could answer Gavin stuck his grinning head into the room.

"Adam we need you out here. There's some blokes who don't believe you wore a skirt for two days..."

Adam sighed dramatically. "I told you to take a picture didn't I?" He kissed me quickly and grinned at Edge and Aids. "Sorry mates. Duty calls."

I went to the door and listened as the guys tried to get Adam into a skirt again. I sighed and shook my head. It was amazing what some guys found funny.

We were all sitting around the table with fresh drinks and I got the feeling that Edge and Aids were up to something.

"So are you guys having a good time?"

Edge looked a little flushed and Aids was grinning widely. Okay now I knew something was going on.

"Yeah. Only we kind of have a huge favor to ask..." Aids said.

"Oh..what?" I looked back and forth between the blushing couple and wondered if I was about to regret this.

Edge shifted, looking uncomfortable and said, "We...Aids and I would ike to be alone. And we can't go to her place and my place is out of the question. So..we were wondering..." Poor Edge was as red as a tomato now and Aids was starting to look a little desperate. I felt my own blush surfacing when I realized what they were asking.

" guys need a place to..shag?" I knew I was making it worse for them but I couldn't resist. I was the only one that knew about them so I had that privilege.

At Edge's pained nod I finally took pity on them.

"Sure Edge. It's fine with me if you guys want to use my room. Just um...don't make a mess or anything." I laughed at the look of horror on Edge's face. Aids broke down and laughed with me. "You guys go have fun." I winked at them and excused myself.

I was still giggling a while later in the living room when Bono came up to me and slid his arms around my waist. It was a little more familiar then I was used to, but this was Bono. He kissed me sloppily on the cheek and pressed his nose in my hair.

"You look hot tonight Red. Is this a new dress?" His fingers brushed my side softly. My eyes widened. What the feck did he think he was doing?

I gently pushed him away and watched his face closely. "Uh..Bono there's not any alcohol here is there? My Aunt would lock me up for the rest of the weekend if she found out."

"Nope! There's no alcohol. Not that I've seen...or tasted!" he chuckled deeply. "Why? Up for a little excitement?" I was still trying to recover from the feeling of him so close when he grabbed my hands and pulled me out to the middle of the room.

"Lets dance Red!" He pulled me close just as the song ended and a slow song started. I cursed my luck and glared around to see who was in charge of the music. Bono sighed and his breath brushed against my ear. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This was awful. It wasn't like it was a bad thing to be held close my Bono, but really...did I need to be subjected to his charms right now? After last night I felt like my senses were altered. Now that I knew what it was all about, I'd started looking at my male friends in a whole new light.

Bono swayed even closer and I caught a whiff of his cologne. Oh God. I didn't even know he wore cologne! It smelled slightly sweet and musty and reminded me of a warm summer night. My over sensitive body tingled wherever we were touching and I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Oh God please let the song be over soon. Please. Please. Please!

Bono wasn't helping at all. He leaned in and buried his face in my hair. I heard and felt him inhale and exhale noisily. I jerked back in surprise.

"Bono what are you doing?"

"Smelling your hair. How do you get it to smell so good?" He leaned in, sniffing around my ear and I gasped and stepped back.

"What is wrong with you!? Where's Ali?" I looked around.

"She's not here. Her parents wouldn't let her come." He looked sad now, and I swore I saw tears in his eyes. Suddenly everything clicked.

"Bono..." I put a hand on his arm and looked into his eyes. They were bloodshot and out of focus. "Have you been smoking anything?" He grinned suddenly

"yeah! Adam gave me this great stuff. I think I still have some...want to try it?"

I sighed wearily. "No Bono that's Okay." He leaned in and put his arms around me again.

"We didn't finish our dance!" He put his hands on my hips and pulled back to look down. "You have to move like this..." He moved my hips from side to side and then pulled me forward to rub against him. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked around frantically for help. This was getting way out of hand, and I suspected that Bono wasn't as high as he was pretending to be. He could be a real prick sometimes.

I sighed in relief when I saw Adam walking towards us.

"May I cut in?" Adam smiled when I latched onto his hand as soon as he was within reach. Bono looked disappointed but hid it by grinning playfully and shrugging.

"Course you can Adam. I need to piss anyway." He turned and started down the hall. The bathroom was that way, but so was my bedroom...and Aids and Edge.

"Oh my god!" My eyes widened when I pictured Bono walking by and hearing what was going on behind that door. Maybe even going in to investigate. Oh NO!

"Hey, I hope I'm somewhere in that mess of thoughts going through your head." Adam teased and pulled me into his arms. I instinctively put my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder.

What I really wanted to do was fling myself away and run like crazy down the hall to stop Bono. But if I did that then Adam would ask questions and I'd promised Aids I wouldn't say anything. I'd have to improvise.

"Um..Adam I need to talk to someone. I'll be back in a few minutes." Oh that was brilliant! I rolled my eyes at myself as I hurried off. I didn't stop to look back or I would've seen the frown on Adam's face.

Once I was in the hallway I tiptoed to my room and listened. I blushed when I realized this could be seen in a very bad way if Aids or Edge was to open the door right now.
"Hey Red...what are you doing?" OH FECK!
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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I'd like it too, Amber!
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Chapter Fifteen

"Hey Red....what are you doing?" OH FECK!

I flinched guiltily and closed my eyes. I'd been caught red handed and now I had to face the music. I sincerely hoped that I could come out of this with all my friendships intact but knowing my luck....

And the next time anyone asked me to help them keep a secret I swore I would tell them to buzz off and leave me in peace!

I braced myself and turned to face Bono.

"Hey B." I tried my best not to look too guilty.

He squinted at me suspiciously. "What are you doing lurking in the hall?"

"I'm not lurking!" Actually I was but he didn't need to know that. Good thing I was a talented liar. "I wasn't lurking. I was just...." I glanced around, trying to figure a way out of this. Then an idea struck and I smiled in relief.

"I was looking for you. Or waiting for you actually." I brushed my hair back and smiled brightly.

Bono still looked skeptical. "Why?"

Why!? Oh great. My brain was working overtime as it was and I wished I'd had that second boiled egg with breakfast. I could really use the brain food right about now.

"Because..I wanted to talk to you." My stomach was in knots but I managed what I hoped was a convincing enough grin. Bono's face cleared and he brushed his bangs out of his eyes and smiled back. He got that look in his eye that told me he'd turned the charms back on. Fantastic. Like I didn't have enough to deal with now Bono was going to start flirting with me! Now was not the time for this! That didn't mean I couldn't enjoy it though...I'm still human after all.

Bono stepped closer to me and his smile warmed considerably. "Oh. What did you want to talk about?" His eyes sparkled and I inwardly groaned. A trickle of sweat ran down my temple and I hastily wiped it away. I glanced at my bedroom door and thought about Edge and Aids on the other side. After all I was going through out here they had better be ready to make a hasty exit when the coast was clear.

"Red?" Bono's slightly annoyed voice pulled me back and I blinked at him.

"Huh? Oh..I wanted to catch up a bit that's all. It's been a while since we sat down and really chatted." Bono's eyes widened in surprise and then he looked at me closely. I fought the urge to squirm and kept smiling.

"Are you feeling okay? You look a little pale." Bono leaned forward, looking intently at my face.

"I'm fine. What in the world would be wrong with me? We have so much to be celebrating!" I casually waved his concerns away and reached out to take his hand. Maybe I could distract him long enough to lead him safely back into the living room.

He looked shocked and stared down at out clasped hands."What are you doing? What's got into you?"

"What are you talking about?" I demanded to know. He was acting pretty scandalized for a guy who was sniffing my hair five minutes ago!

Bono pulled his hand away and frowned. "You're acting strange. It's not like you to want to talk to me. Usually you'd be running in the other direction by now." He grinned lopsidedly and I snorted.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm not still your friend. I don't think people give you enough credit B, you're a good bloke and I'd still, as a friend, like to know what's going on in your life."

Bono was practically preening from my praise and I congratulated myself on wrapping him around my finger so easily. "Really?" His grin widened, "Well, if that's how you feel, then lets chat." He slipped his hands into his jacket pockets and leaned against the wall.

Oh brilliant. I try to get Bono to leave the hall and what does he do? He fecking moves in and sets up house! I was at my wits end now and I really didn't care anymore if Bono found out Aids and Edge's secret. I sighed wearily and slumped next to Bono against the wall.

"Sure B. Lets chat..." Thankfully I was saved from making up mind numbing conversation when Bono flashed a cheeky grin and excused himself to take another piss.

Finally the break I'd been looking for! I watched Bono until he slipped into the bathroom and disappeared. I rushed over to my room and lightly taped on the door.

"Psst! Can you guys here me!?" I leaned in to listen and heard rustling. The door opened a crack and Aids stuck her head out.

"Hey." Aids glanced down the hall, looking worried.

"Don't worry. He's in the bathroom, but he wont be in there for long so get your butts out of there!"

The door opened all the way and Aids rushed out, dragging a disheveled looking Edge behind her. His clothes were wrinkled and his shirt was lopsidedly buttoned. Edge flashed me a wide grin and a wink and then they were off. I made sure they were safely out of sight before I leaned back against the wall and tried to catch my breath. All this excitement was starting to get to me. Crap I need a holiday.

I'd just closed my eyes when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. When I looked I saw Aids coming back. I'd hadn't seen before that her hair was sticking up everywhere and her clothes were no better then Edge's had been.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

"Shh! I forgot my bag in your room!!" She walked past and slipped into my room again. In moments she was out and grinning. "Found it!" She swung her bag over her shoulder and paused in front of me. "Thanks so much for covering for us. Edge and I really appreciate it. We owe you one." I was caught between grinning and glaring and was about to give her a piece of my mind when the bathroom door opened, signaling that Bono was coming back.

"Feck! Get out of here! If Bono sees you looking like that he'll know something's up!"

Aids nodded and fled the scene. She hadn't yet made it out of sight and Bono was getting closer. I didn't even stop to think as I stepped forward and gripped Bono's arm. I hauled him into my room.

"What-" Bono grunted when I let go and closed the door behind us. I leaned against it and sighed. "What the bloody hell just happened?! What are you doing?" Bono looked beyond irritated now and glared at me.

I smiled. "Nothing Bono. Everything's fine. I thought we'd have more privacy in here is all."

Bono scowled. "What's so important that we have to be alone to talk? Is something wrong?" He looked a little concerned now and I didn't blame him. I was acting strange..even for me.

"" I was coming up empty. I looked around, hoping that something interesting would come to mind. "Um...well...."

Bono rolled his eyes in irritation and walked over to sit on my bed. He balanced his elbow on his knee and cupped his chin in his hand. I tired not to focus on how cute he looked like that. I needed think to of something!

"So are you ever going to tell me what's going on?" He raised a brow. "Or is this a way to get back at me for something I've done..." Bono faded off to silence and frowned. He sat up and shifted uncomfortably. Then he reached underneath himself and his hand came out holding...oh God. He was holding a pair of underwear! And obviously they belonged to a guy with the little flap in front.

Bono shrieked like a girl and threw them across the room.

"Feck!" His wide eyes turned to me. "Why have you got guys knickers in your bed!?" I suddenly wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. If I wasn't personally involved in this I would be rolling on the floor in mirth by now. As it was....

"Um..I really have no idea..." I blanched and bent down to pick them up. I held them at arms length and wrinkled my nose. I couldn't believe that I was holding Edge's underwear. Talk about getting a bit too close to a friend. Gross.

"Who's are they?" Bono stood up and pulled my covers back. After closely inspecting my bed and finding no other strange men's garments he cautiously sat back down.

"Well...I.." I realized that my choices were limited. I couldn't say they were Edge's. So saying they were Adam's seemed like the only logical choice. Besides everyone already knew about us anyway so I wouldn't be hurting anyone. I took a deep breath.

"They're Adam's of course. Who's else would they be?"

Bono looked at the garment, which I was still holding at arms length and snorted. "If they're Adam's then why are you holding them like that?" Bono folded his arms and smiled. "And I know for a fact that Adam doesn't wear dark colored knickers. He only wears white ones."

I could only blink at this information. Bono know what kind of underwear Adam wore!? " would you even know something like that?"

He smirked. "There are some things that you don't know about Adam. I probably know more about him then you do."

I rolled my eyes at his arrogant tone. I had to admit that he might be right. He had known Adam for longer then me, but I still didn't know how I felt about Bono knowing my boyfriends underwear preferences. Right now I had to do deal with Edge's underwear though. Yuck.

"All right so these aren't Adam's then." I shrugged. "Maybe they're my brothers and they got mixed in my laundry." Bono seemed reluctant to accept that answer but eventually he shrugged and stood up. Thank God it was finally over! I put my hand on his back and started pushing him toward the door. The faster we got out of here the faster I could murder Edge, but not before I asked him how he could have forgotten such an important piece of clothing! "Come on. We're missing all the party fun!"

"Wait." Bono halted and I gritted my teeth and turned to see what was wrong now. But Bono wasn't looking at me. He was looking at the underwear I still had in my hand. He reached out, grabbing them from me and studied the elastic band closely. His eyes went round as saucers and his face paled.

I bit my lip hard, only guessing at what he must have found. I was in trouble now. This night just got better and better! Crap.

"What the feck?" Bono whispered hoarsely. I looked down and saw the bright red letters sewed into the lining. It had the initials D.E. and around here that could only stand for one person...David Evans. Just when I thought I had gotten away with everything too! Bugger!!

"You and Edge!!!???" Bono exploded and I flinched. His face was a mottled red and the vein in his neck looked ready to explode.

"Bono calm down. It's not what you're thinking."

He started muttering under his breath and pacing the room. I didn't think he'd heard a word I'd said.


"I can't believe this!..I saw them earlier and they looked happy! They were snogging each others faces off..and now THIS!! I don't understand!!!" He whirled and flung the underwear at me. I yelped and ducked just in time. Bono slowly advanced on me, looking furious. "What about Adam then!? Does he know? Or maybe he's too busy shagging Aids behind your back!?" He snorted sarcastically. "That'd be perfect wouldn't it? Things would've been so much easier if it was only Aids and Edge shagging..." His voice trailed off and he froze. The light bulb finally went on.

His face was inches from mine now and his eyes bored into mine. I swallowed noisily. "Oh feck..." He whispered. "Is that what it is? Are Aids and Edge shagging then?"

I decided that I'd done my part long enough for now and nodded weakly. I was more then glad when Bono laughed and grinned. "I knew it! This is brilliant! I never thought...wait but why are his knickers in your bed then?"

I rolled my eyes. "Think about it Bono."

He looked thoughtful for a moment, then his eyebrows rose so high they almost disappeared beneath his shaggy bangs. "I knew those two were up to something but I'm surprised at this! I didn't peg you as one to cover for them."

I huffed defensively, "Why not? They're both my friends and they asked me to do this for them."

Bono scoffed. "So? They took advantage of you so they could have an easy place to shag. Aren't you pissed off at them even a little?"

I scowled. "What are you getting at Bono?"

He slowly grinned and I caught the mischievous glint in his eye. Uh oh. Whatever this was, it was going to be good and I could use cheering up. I did feel used by Aids and Edge but I was always glad to help out friends. And besides, letting Bono think I was on his side would work out perfectly for the little revenge that Aids and I had planned.

The little devil on my shoulder snickered evilly and I found myself grinning widely back at Bono.
"What'd you have in mind B?" This weekend was about to get very VERY interesting.

(Larry's POV)
Feck...I really need to stop listening to half finished conversations. Larry thought grimly as he slowly backed away from Amber's bedroom door. One day he was going to hear something he really didn't need to know. Like how in the hell Edge's underwear ended up in Amber's bed!? Maybe he was better off not knowing. He shook his head and snorted as he made his way to the loo. Why did he hang around with these people anyway? They were rubbing off on him. He was starting to think that everything was so fecked up around here it was actually making some sense. He sighed and shook his head. He could really use a holiday.
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The Fly
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unedited for me too, thanks!
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I'd like the unedited as well. Great story so far.


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