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Touch pt 8

Disclaimer: Absolutely not true. Just a fun little fantasy inspired by but in no way meant to represent the true actions/feelings of any person(s) mentioned within

Don’t go away by Oasis
Don't go away say what you say
But say that you'll stay
Forever and a day..
.in the time of my life
Cos I need more time yes I need more time
Just to make things right …
Damn my situation and the games I have to play
With all the things caught in my mind
Damn my education I can't find the words to say

“I’m her husband.”

A million emotions fought for control inside of him, and Ceili could see it in Larry’s eyes as he turned to her. He wanted her to say it wasn’t true. Everything would be ok if she could just say that it wasn’t true. She wanted to say something, anything, but she couldn’t. Their eyes locked for a long moment and he could see the guilt she felt. The pain in his eyes was too much to bear, for a moment. Then even as she looked into them, she saw his silvery eyes grow dark as he shut her out.

“Ceili?” Bono nudged her, hoping desperately to shake her out of her daze and make things all right again. She turned and blinked up at him, the tears spilling out of her eyes and running down her cheeks and off the tip of her nose. She turned back to Larry, shut out now, as he frowned down at her with dark eyes.

“I’m… so sorry… I never meant…” she managed to say in between the sobs which threatened, taking great gasps for air in a last attempt to keep from bawling like a baby. Larry shrugged away from the security guard who still had his hands on Larry’s shoulders and stormed out of the room.

“Hey! Hey don’t let him go far, when the cops get here I’m pressing charges!” Roger demanded, trying to free himself from the security officer who held tight to him. Edge was standing just a few feet away from the man and turned to glower at him. Roger stilled and straightened in his posture, thinking he was about to be struck again.

“Don’t make it worse, please.” Ceili begged, grabbing Edge’s hand as she was finally overcome by the sobs she could not control. Edge wrapped an arm around her shoulder and led her out of the room, tossing a menacing glance over his shoulder at Roger on the way out the door.


It was chaos, that night. The concert had to be canceled at the last moment, creating a massive crowd of annoyed fans. This didn’t help the band’s relationship to the police, who were afraid of what the disappointed crowd at the Palace Of Auburn Hills might do. They had made international news when the fans at a basketball game between the Pistons and the Pacers had gotten into an all out brawl with some of the players. Ever since then, just the possibility of trouble at the Palace got the hair on the back of every local police officer’s neck to stand up.

So Bono’s usual charm did little in the way of getting Larry out of being arrested and taken into holding. Ceili did make sure they took Roger as well, for the violation of the restraining order as well as the assault, but it was cold comfort really. Larry and Roger would be placed in the same holding area while their complaints were processed, and until they faced a judge who would set bail.

Somehow, (Ceili suspected Roger had tipped them off long before he’d even arrived), the paparazzi had already arrived at the police station in time to take photographs of Larry and Roger being led into the police station in handcuffs. Roger hadn’t landed a single blow to Larry’s face, just his torso, which was covered by his shirt. It looked almost as if Larry had badly beaten a man who had been completely defenseless. To make matters worse, they photographed Ceili as well, her eye puffy and bruised and bruises on her throat.

When Bono failed to convince the police officers of Larry’s innocence, they had immediately called Paul back to the tour. He was returning from the business meeting he’d been on in New York with several high priced attorneys, but all they could do for several long hours was wait.


“She really got to you, didn’t she?” Roger was saying from his seat on the hard bench one cell over from Larry’s. He had been given first aid, but his face was still badly swollen from the broken nose, and his pride was even more bruised. Larry glared at the man through the bars, continuing to pace.

“She’s something else, I tell you what.” Roger said, stretching and acting as casual as if he were seated in a restaurant or waiting room at a doctors office. He’d been in jail more than once before, and had grown considerably more familiar with the process than Larry was.

“She was just supposed to get a shit-load of dirt on you guys to sell to the press. Maybe some incriminating pictures or whatever. I shoulda known she would go after a little something for herself , it’s not like it’s the first time she’s cheated on me.” He kept talking, and the more he talked, the sicker Larry got to his stomach. Was it possible? He’d never in his life felt so betrayed. The pain inside him, the heartbreak, turned into a dark and sick feeling that ran through his entire body. It hurt, it made him restless, anxious. Angry.

“Lawrence Mullen Jr.?” A police officer asked as he approached Larry’s cell, holding a file folder, which he read his name from.

“Yeah.” Larry replied through gritted teeth.

“Looks like you got some friends with clout somewhere. Got your bail set and paid pretty damned quick.” The officer told him as he opened the door to his holding cell. Larry stepped out and followed the man out into the lobby where Bono and Paul waited with half of the security force to fight of the press. Not just the paparazzi anymore, either. Rumors were already flying.

The officer behind the desk returned Larry’s belt and a large envelope containing his jewelry and everything he’d had in his pockets at the time of his arrest. Larry dumped it on the counter, taking a cigarette out of his nearly empty pack and putting it in his mouth.

“Can’t light that inside.” The officer told him, but Larry just nodded and held on to it. He didn’t plan on staying in there any longer than he had to. He was slipping his watch back on his wrist and stuffing everything else back into his pockets as they walked across the lobby to the doors and the limo that waited for them. Beside the door there was a large open trash can, and as they made their way passed it Larry tossed the small velvet box into it without breaking his stride.

Bono almost didn’t even realize what he was seeing in time. He had to stop and take a step back to scoop the engagement ring out of the trash, putting it in his own pocket. He didn’t know what exactly was going on, but he wanted to keep Larry from doing something which he would regret later. Nobody knew what to say to him, and he didn’t want to hear anything from anyone.

He stopped at the bar in the lobby and made it clear the only person welcome to stay was his security officer. And that was because he would sit quietly doing his job and not bother him. It was more than an hour later when he made his way back to his room on shaky legs. He stopped short in the hallway when he saw her sitting on the floor waiting for him. She looked up when she saw him approach, and he winced inside at the sight of her black eye. His own bruises wouldn’t allow him to reach out to her, to try and comfort her.

“Hi.” She greeted him weakly. He just stared at her, unable to conjure the words to capture the turmoil inside of him. “Can I … I mean I want to explain…” she told him awkwardly.

“And how do I believe you, Ceili? How do I know what you say is the truth? Hell, is anything you’ve told me true, even?” He demanded, his voice cold, even, but covering an inner rage.

“Larry, I love you… you said you love me. You know me, just give me a chance…” She stammered, fighting the surge of fear and sorrow which threatened to overwhelm her again.

“Love? Ceili, I don’t even know who the bloody hell you are!” he told her, pushing past her into his room and slamming the door.


The next day when he woke up, it was well after noon and he felt worse than he had the night before, thanks to a hangover in addition to his bruised body and broken heart. He turned on the TV to see his mug shot staring back at him, as well as photos of Roger and Ceili. He turned the TV off with a curse and turned to the mini bar for something to get rid of his hangover.

The next several days were filled for Paul and the others with press statements and legal questions, but Larry spent his day trying to avoid it. They did manage to get the judge to allow them to leave the state to continue their tour, and so they continued on to New York. It wasn’t until afternoon soundchecks were underway that he found out Ceili had not come with them.

“What do you mean she didn’t come?” He demanded, peering at Adam through bleary eyes.

“She quit. She seemed to think you didn’t want to see her again.” Adam informed him coolly.

“Bollocks, that’s not what I said.” He mumbled. Running a hand through his messy hair. “Doesn’t matter I guess. Probably for the best.” He said with a sigh, standing to leave the stage. The others exchanged a worried look, no one sure how to handle the situation. It was ugly, that was for certain, but it seemed to look worse to Larry than it did to them.

“Wait, Lar. A few days ago, you were…” Bono started, jogging to catch up to him. Larry reeled around and stopped him before he could say what he was about to say.

“The woman I knew a few days ago was a lie. She wasn’t real, Bono. Don’t you get that?” He demanded. Bono stared at his friend in concern, but bit his tongue. He found it hard to believe that Ceili was really so different from the woman they had all known. It was definitely something he would have to look into.


Roger was in his glory, surrounded by eager lawyers and reporters and whatever other human vultures gathered when they saw the chance to feed off of scandal. The bigger the people involved, the more carrion gathered to fight for a chance to get something out of it for themselves. He was already scheduled for interviews with several entertainment based news personalities, and his lawyers were about to serve the band with a multi-million dollar law suit.

So he was feeling cocky when he saw Bono waiting in the lobby of his lawyers office. If he had done as his council had advised, he would have avoided the man at all costs. Instead, he walked right up to him with his smile firmly in place.

“Come here to break something else? Go ahead, I’ll be living in one of your mansions by the end of the week.” He told the man smugly.

“No, I didn’t come here to break something, although I think I’d be doing the world a great favor if I were to break your jaw.” Bono informed the man, keeping his voice cool even though his distaste for the man shone clear in his eyes. “Let’s talk Rog.” He said, gesturing to the Limo which waited outside.

“You’re not going to be able to buy me off, if that’s what you’re thinking. Anything you offer me, my lawyers can get twice as much. Plus what I can get from media deals.” The man told him as the limo pulled away from the office building.

“I see your point.” Bono told him, acting as if he were disapointed by Roger’s attitude. He glanced over at Edge who sat beside him and then at Paul who was directly across from Roger. “But I think you might want to reconsider.”

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“For one thing because we’ve had a private investigator looking into your background. I’m sure your attorneys warned you about that, didn’t they? That all the other times you’ve sued people will be mentioned, your criminal record for both assault and your reputation as a con artist will make it pretty difficult for you to win anything.”

“I’ll take my chances.”

“And there’s the little matter of fraud for the last five years on your income taxes. Back child support from the woman who had your baby a year ago. Of course, there’s also the fact that even though Ceili served you with the divorce paper more than a year ago, you still haven’t signed them”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“You’re still married. She gets at least half of any settlement you might win. More than half, if the judge has anything against men who abuse their wives. Men who get their mistresses pregnant while abusing their wives. Men who abuse an already overworked court system.” Edge replied, staring Roger down like Clint Eastwood in a dirty Harry movie.

Roger was beginning to sweat now.

“So what are you offering here?” He asked, and Bono and Edge chuckled sarcastically looking at each other as if he had just said something hilarious.

“The guys a bleedin genius, isn’t he?” Bono muttered.

“We’re offering you the chance to leave quietly and not end up with everything you get which doesn't go to the IRS going to Ceili and the woman with your bastard son while you rot in federal prison for fraud.” Paul informed him.

“Besides, our investigators have only just started. Who knows what they will find as they keep digging. And keep digging they will, just as long as you insist on carrying through with this plan.” Edge added. Roger’s face was pale now, realizing he had not thought this through.

“Give me a hundred thousand and I’ll disapear.” He offered weakly.

“He really is thick.” Edge said to Bono who nodded and leaned forward to address Roger.

“I tell you what. I’m not about to pay you off on Larry’s behalf or for anyone else in our organization. I will give you fifty thousand to sign a confidentiality agreement, disapear and on the contingency that you sign the divorce papers and never go near Ceili again as long as you live and breathe.”

Roger’s eyes were full of hate, but he knew his odds.

“Done.” He replied bitterly, and Paul ordered the driver to take them back to the Lawyers office.


Adam looked around Larry’s hotel room and shook his head sadly. His friend was in a worse state than he’d ever seen.

“What do you want?” Larry asked with a scowl.

“I want to talk to you. You can’t keep this up, Larry. You’re killing yourself, drinking like this. Not eating. Taking everything out on your drums… we’ve already ordered a new set of your custom drum sticks, but I don’t think the company can make them as fast as your breaking them!”

“Don’t try and tell me how I should be feeling or living, Adam, you don’t…”

“Don’t bloody tell me that I don’t know what you’re going through, Larry, because I know damned well what your going through!” Larry stared at Adam in shock for a moment as he realized that if there was one person on the planet who had a clue what Larry was experiencing, it was Adam.

“I’m listening.” Larry finally agreed.

“We hired a private investigator to look into Roger’s past in order to fight him in court. They also looked into Ceili for us.” He informed his friend. “And I know what you think, but there is no reason to suspect she had any intention of this when she interviewed for or accepted the job. She filed for divorce more than a year ago, six months before we even started looking to hire for her position.” Larry rested his head in his hands as his friends words settled into his mind and painted a picture which left Larry feeling like an idiot.

“I’ve really fucked myself, haven’t I. What a bloody idiot!”

“That’s what we’re here for, to pick up the pieces when one of the others is acting the fool.” Adam informed his friend with a smile, handing him the telephone. “She went back to Wisconsin.” He informed him, handing him Ceili’s business card and patting him on the shoulder.

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Wow!!! What a loser Roger is. Excellent chapter!

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Very nicely written! I'm enjoying this a great deal, and am eager for the next chapter. Thanks very much!
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How I'd love to bash in Roger's

Great story! More!!
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This thing is excellent. Keep it up!
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great story, i can't wait to see what happens next
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More more more!
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Ick...Rodger is a total Douche Bag! What a Loser!

But really...this is an amazing chapter...and I would like to read more soon.
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I hate Roger.

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